Hell again

I wanted to offer 3 card readings in the style

1 Block/challenge/theme
2 helpful attitude
3 helpful action

And added numerological analyze of the energy present.

We can use the traditional raider Waite, but if you wish also archangel oracles, Gaia oracle, whispers of love oracle, archangel Raphael healing cards, mermaid cards or animal oracle. Choose one deck Or a free style mix.

Shanti Joy

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Hey Jayren

1 jewel within a teardrop
2 farewell to the past
3 take back your power

Hey your challenge lies in letting go of the pain from the past experiences. The jewel within a teardrop symbolizes the gift that comes from hardship and the lessons and love we expand into when we learn from challenges that caused us pain. It is Time to say goodbye to that pain. Truly let it go and by doing so and accepting what was and that is now over you can take back the power to be happy in this moment. These challenges was a part of your path, it was not a mistake. It was destiny. Now these experiences gives your love depth and compassion. You are a rainbow warrior.

Shanti Joy
Can I have a reading too? Thanks Joy! :)
Hey Earthkeeper

1 seeing the true you
2 clear your space
3 spiritual counselor

Hey your challenge lies in fulfilling your soul mission as a spiritual counselor. This is your role, this is the path you are destined to walk. You need to believe in yourself more. I see you pick up some negativity from others and sourroudings due to your sensitivity, but know this is not you. You need to get better at clearing your aura of negativity and energy you pick up from others. Before you start analyzing yourself and get stuck in introspection clean your aura, yes you have things to work on too but focus your actions on your work.

Numerology Nr 11, Nr of the light worker

Shanti Joy

As always, would love it. Freestyle! ;)

Hey Phoenix

1 you are being tested
2 take a chance on love
3 emotional cleansing

The journey you are undertaking at the moment is a karmic challenge, it is hard and it is tiresome. Now remember your choice, to believe in love. Let go of the old attitudes and beliefs that do not serve you anymore. It is your emotional body that needs to be cleansed. Clean it with water. This is a purification process where you are entering the roots of your old programming. It is a test, and en experience that needs to be made.

Numerology nr 8, karmic challenge, power and strength

Shanti Joy

Yush! As I have seen the world without love, it can be free from illusions regarding to it but also very depressive and full of vague fears.
Now as ironic as it sounds, I find astrology supporting your reading; transit Saturn is touching my natal Venus and moving towards the Moon - a long tiresome test and emotional cleansing indeed, but life would be dull without challenges... without them, one can never become truly powerful.

Thank you!


Yes IT suits your namn.

Shanti Joy

Hi Joy,

As always I'm interested. Pick whichever deck you feel is best.



Hey Moonstarligth

1 limitation
2 the limitless of divine love
3 owls wisdom - see trough the illusion

Your challenge lies in breaking the feeling of limitation. Before you have felt limited through suffering and pain, trough depression. Now you are not anymore and you never was. Release the pain of the old programming. You have the wisdom now make the choice to believe that light and love always prevail, always win. This the universal truth but it needs to be nurtured. So that your behavior matches your belief. Invite love into your wound and let it be healed. It heals when the illusion is broken.

Numerology Nr 7, spiritual wisdom, philosophy

Shanti Joy
I would like one your choice ^_^
Thank you for your generosity
Hey Emily

1 Divinition
2 show simple acts of kindness
3 bee

Your challenge lies in progressing on your soul mission. You are indeed a card reader in this lifetime. The helpful attitude would be your apsiration to help, it is the intention that matters most, it is all you need to focus on. How can I help? The bee is a very hard worker. And he not only collecting honey for himself. He is collecting honey for the common good, his family.

Numerology Nr 11 the path of the light worker

Shanti Joy

I would enjoy a reading if you have time. Any deck you choose will be great. Thank you!



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