Hell again

I wanted to offer 3 card readings in the style

1 Block/challenge/theme
2 helpful attitude
3 helpful action

And added numerological analyze of the energy present.

We can use the traditional raider Waite, but if you wish also archangel oracles, Gaia oracle, whispers of love oracle, archangel Raphael healing cards, mermaid cards or animal oracle. Choose one deck Or a free style mix.

Shanti Joy

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Can I have a reading too? Thanks Joy! :)

accurate as always. thank you Joy :)

Hi Joy,

As always I'm interested. Pick whichever deck you feel is best.



I would like one your choice ^_^
Thank you for your generosity
Ashanna EL Iriel


1Law of attraction
2 wholeness
3 rising above with peace

Hey your challenge lies in transcending the law of attraction. You have a lack of feeling the wholeness to the universe around you, that will block the flow of that you wish to attract because you essentially aren't in peace with the wholeness. When you truly believe that the universe loves you as a part of it, especially feel the connection to Mother Earth you will be able to manifest your highest dreams into reality by floating with the universe and not struggling. The solution is to rise above this feeling of fear by accepting your wholeness to the earth And universe this is the clarity you are seeking, you have to connect to the emotional level of wholeness.

Numerology Nr 3 creativity, wishes and magic

Shanti Joy
Hey Krish

1 Gaia
2 archangel Michael
3 indigo

Your challenge lies in you being an indigo. Your connection to mother Gaia and your mission as one of archangel Michele's warriors. Remember your intention for coming here part of your mission is to help the nature. Eco work. You are guided to connect with Michael and to keep your real intentions manifested into your daily life so that you will live more aligned with your soul.

Numerology Nr 5 archangel Michael , teaching , challenges, travels

Shanti Joy
Hey Neph

Snow leopard
Fairy wren

Your challenge lies in having belief to follow your intuition into unfamiliar territory.

In manifestation of our dreams we sometimes walk blindly in faith. It is in this darkness we can have help of snow leopards ability to navigate in the darkness keeping her feelings ice cold and just sensing the way forward.

Suggested attitude. There is mystery in the air. Be creative ourselves is also vital, this opens up to lifted sustaining energy to flow into our life. Be creative. To open up to your own spontaneity in creating magic into your life you need sometimes to wander upon strange paths.

Suggested action. You are to familiarize with the dreamy and lazy life of the koala which is very calm and cool. It is the calm that supports the belief even when there is little visual proof we can with belief stay connected to the positive creative power. He stays connected by sleeping a lot and resting into reality.

You When we follow the path of our dreams there are many challenges that will test your belief. Stay connected to your most certain belief in here you can stay calm.

Shanti Joy

Thank you very much! 

I would enjoy a reading if you have time. Any deck you choose will be great. Thank you!

Hi Joy, 

Thank you so much for offering this reading. I would love one. I personally like the Rider Waite deck, but I think I would rather leave it up to you. 

~ Kristy

Hi Joy, I would like one. I understand we can pick from different decks, but please choose whatever you think is best, I have no care.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Hi, Joy I would like a reading and you can choose which deck of cards to use for the reading. Thanks

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