Hell again

I wanted to offer 3 card readings in the style

1 Block/challenge/theme
2 helpful attitude
3 helpful action

And added numerological analyze of the energy present.

We can use the traditional raider Waite, but if you wish also archangel oracles, Gaia oracle, whispers of love oracle, archangel Raphael healing cards, mermaid cards or animal oracle. Choose one deck Or a free style mix.

Shanti Joy

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first in line :P to your choice :)

generous of you as always :)

I just like reading your tarots

Go ahead and flip another for me

Thanks in advance

thank you so much for all your help. whatever deck/style you choose is great! merci

I'd love another one of your readings, Joy. <3  Thank you for offering your services yet again!  A mix of decks would be lovely.

Blessings, love, and light to you, dear. <3

Hey Dorina

1. Restriction
2. Honor the masculine divine
3. Creating abundance

Your blockage lies in using your own power to manifest. You are being restricted by your own fear of taking action and putting yourself out there. Actually you have received inspired ideas about how you can address your issue but you are afraid to to step into your own power. The masculine force represent our own manifestation power. With the feminine we can receive guidance or help help but with the masculine we can learn to help ourselves. Act on your ideas, how can you provide for yourself while following your own passion.?

Nr 9 relating to Soul mission, service to humanity, leading by positive example,
Hey Empress beyond infinity

1. Receiving love and appreciation
2. Remember who you are
3. Zen garden

Your challenge lies in receiving the goodness from the universe. Remember you are the light, remember that God loves you, in such way God wants to give you only love and goodness. He wants to shower you with happiness like, you are his child, his creation. Connect to your own core of light more often. In the shadows and illusions of fear in the world connect to the truth inside of your own heart. You need to be reminded. In such way you can open up to receive more help and dare to believe that your dreams actually can be manifested. They are bound to as they are also gods dreams. Connect to your core light, from this light open up and see how much blessings are being showered upon you each moment.

Numerology 9, Nr of the light worker and enlightenment
Hey Firenze

1 Honoring my body's natural rhythms
2 Corals wisdom
3 Give the Angels your burdens

Your challenge lies in the wisdom of the coral, great things take time to build. You want to charge forward like a knight on a horse and conquer all you challenges and manifest all your dreams in a heartbeat. This physical world does not move as fast as your head. Listen to the natural rhythms of your body, the body represent the nature and is your connection to the physical world. Slow down. Nature doesn't rush, neither does it force anything that is not ready it just blooms. Mediate and connect to your angels. Underneath this is a fear that is driving you to push more then is needed. Even if things take time it doesn't mean it won't manifest. All is well. The Angels will help you to find a more peaceful pace. Avoid caffeine for a while. It create unnecessary stress for you as your attitude is already speeded.

Numerology 4 concerning manifestation, the material world and grounding.

I would love a reading please :) <3

I would love a reading!
Any deck of your choice...:)
Thank you again!

Hey Joy! I'd love to hear one :)

Thanks in advance! KJ

thank you, I really needed to hear this, very accurate! 

Would love one

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