In my dreams, I normally have complete and full control over the world around me. I want something I have it in moments. Even though I normally leave the subconscious dream inhabitants alone, I had someone in my dream last night that was far too powerful to have been created by me.

Everything was fine last night until a male in a white shirt showed up, I couldn't really see his face for some reason but he began to immediately act aggressively. He seemed aware of the state of everything and began to change things, I stepped in and tried to eliminate him from the dream but it wouldn't work and he began getting physically aggressive with me.

Since this is MY dream, the subconscious didn't take too well to something getting involved and making the dream unstable so a policewoman showed up and tried to drag him off, and... he pulled out a knife and killed her.

From here, I began trying to run from him and get something to happen, I tried to militarize and he broke my ability to change anything. Nothing in your dreams is supposed to be aware that it is indeed a dream, much less be able to change anything or go against your laws.

I'm certain this was an outsider.

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