Hi there to anyone Reading this. I was wondering if there are anyone here who identify as an otherkin; specifically that they're a darker being(demon/dark fae, vampire etc) but not necessarily evil in that way. Or anyone who practices the left hand path and would call themselves a dark witch? :) I would love to talk to others I can relate to as I've recently begun to understand I can't repress my darkness anymore and that it's part of who I am. As a balance keeper I must find balance in both/everything.
Much blessings and hope someone out there is drawn to message.

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Pm me if you are interested.
Sorry I am very busy so please no troll.
I am friends with two of Satan's demons. Their numbers are 17 &18. Demons have names but Re often called by their number. They are great fun.

People that allign with these things are weird to me.
I'm also all about balance.

i am a dark and light dragon. i have had much dealing with the realm of hell and being around demons and other creatures. my dark magick was learned else where no on this planet. same with my celestial magick. depending on what you are iam sure you have questions on some of the abilities you have and where they come from.. balancing the dark blooded abilities/traits and even the light is hard and has taken me many years...and still learning on some things. i hope we can learn from each other :)

Hello ajka.No need to repress your darkness but at the same time there is no need to take it seriously either ;) the thing with darkness is that it never brings lasting satisfaction..also it would depend on your idea of darkness..if you talking about been cruel then I would say you got some serious issues..But if you talking about darkness as in ignorance that which covers the light then I would say the power is totally in your control and to say you cant repress it anymore makes me think of somebody with no self control..Honestly how you can find a balance between dark and light is beyond me..you swaying between the 2 constantly unless you a master which I doubt or else you would not be here asking this in the first place..one day moment you happy next moment you sad..so from that perspective we would call that darkness those times when you are sad and depressed..that is caused by life situations..it is caused by external things..but what is in you is neither good nor bad..it is beyond all of those..

I really thought I'd said my piece on this, but I see a lot of people acting like the OP is on a sub par spiritual journey or something. The only real thing I think can be said to this is the ol' cliche, "Self knowledge is the beginning of wisdom." What is darkness to you? Why are you "dark"? How do you fit into the world around you? What is your role in life? Do you think this darkness serve you or others well, or is it something to be leg go? All these nswers are up for the OP to figure out and decide. gently clucking at the person with even the best of intentions isn't going to accomplish anything accept make this person feel judged. We don't know this person and her (?) internal world, struggles and successes. I don't think any of us can really tell where she is on her path. Take a breath. Don't assume. Live your life as best you can, and be excellent to each other.

One of my tintypes is Fae, a bit more darker of one than not. And I'm an eclectic hereditary witch as well. I wouldn't say an evil one, I simply do what I want how I want and don't believe in the wrath of gods or the rule of three or anything. So hexes, curses, necromancy... Its all fair game.

I consider myself Other-kin of a dark nature. I follow my own path, left or right means nothing to me. The only good/evil is in the heart of the beast. That's what I believe anyway.



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