Hi there to anyone Reading this. I was wondering if there are anyone here who identify as an otherkin; specifically that they're a darker being(demon/dark fae, vampire etc) but not necessarily evil in that way. Or anyone who practices the left hand path and would call themselves a dark witch? :) I would love to talk to others I can relate to as I've recently begun to understand I can't repress my darkness anymore and that it's part of who I am. As a balance keeper I must find balance in both/everything.
Much blessings and hope someone out there is drawn to message.

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Well that's not what I, and many others know as the definition of otherkin.


I don't doubt that people have souls that do not come from past human lives at all. What I'm doubting is the existence of fairies and vampires. There is zero scientific evidence to back their existence up. While ET's are bound to proven as some point and it is impossible for them not be real.

Thirteen or fourteen years of discoveries sounds interesting and I'd like to hear about them but I do not understand how that makes sense on a logical level to identify as being or a soul of a being that you can't be sure exist. I know that sounds hypocritical but most ET souls and others who are similar have gotten spiritual proof I.E. Akashic Records or spirit guides. Ya know?

I apologize if come off as rude or too critical, I just don't get what validation you have for your beliefs. No disrespect

You're not coming of as rude so much as ignorant. Even the definition you post allows for one to identify as human while identifying as otherkin.

As for proof, you don't think otherkin have gone to their Akashic records and so on? You don't think many of them have "spiritual proof"?

I can't tell if you don't have a command of the English language at this point, or if you are just trolling. If it's the former, I'm willing ot help you.

Ntohing you've said so far came off as rude. You are laying out a frank opinion w/o being insulting. I don't see you calling names or insinuating things. I think it might be interesting to start a group for otherkin here. *shurgs*

Thank you for enlightening me, I understand the concept much better. The internet does seem to look down upon that type of thing more, so I know what you mean. And It's all good, I started for real anyways. I do get what your saying though.

One of my tintypes is Fae, a bit more darker of one than not. And I'm an eclectic hereditary witch as well. I wouldn't say an evil one, I simply do what I want how I want and don't believe in the wrath of gods or the rule of three or anything. So hexes, curses, necromancy... Its all fair game.

Yes, yes I am otherkin, and also have demonic spirit, who burns souls. I call him the Little, because he is shorter than me

No just otherkin, that is my dino side that makes me otherkin, demonic side does not express it self as seperated, its complicated

I'm actually a knight/angel so I'm not into what you call "demonic" things, I had bad experiences with such and I use my magic and spiritual warfare against beings who harm and try to hurt others. But I also like balance in life as well, as light and pure of a soul I am, I tend to like the dark as well, like dark fairies, gothic culture etc. I do not do black magic, the "darkest" being I have ever contacted was Lucifer. Besides that, I am careful with the witchcraft I perform, I mostly do Reiki, angelic healing and and I like to protect people. I also do spiritual warfare. Us knights are not just into the whole purity concept with angels, we also kill, fight and own weapons.

" as light and pure of a soul I am"

And humble!

"the "darkest" being I have ever contacted was Lucifer"

Lucifer means "light bearer".

" we also kill, fight and own weapons."

Raise your hand if you think angels don't kill things. Just sayin'.

That said, I approach you as in individual. No malice on my part. Here to roll up your sleeves and do good? Great. Then I should hope to have the honor of working alongside you. Here to enforce the will of a dictator? Kindly stay off my lawn.

a warrior angel, iam interested

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