Hi there to anyone Reading this. I was wondering if there are anyone here who identify as an otherkin; specifically that they're a darker being(demon/dark fae, vampire etc) but not necessarily evil in that way. Or anyone who practices the left hand path and would call themselves a dark witch? :) I would love to talk to others I can relate to as I've recently begun to understand I can't repress my darkness anymore and that it's part of who I am. As a balance keeper I must find balance in both/everything.
Much blessings and hope someone out there is drawn to message.

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In my experience there are Plutonian people. Astrologically it means to have your ascendant conj Pluto, or Pluto touching midheaven. These people like 'things that society call evil'

AT the same time, these people must use utmost caution to not become fully evil. Their shadow is too large. It can overtake their life, and bring misery to others.

They are often in love with death, demons.

And they will share that all the time, instead of love, if not careful. Thus hurting others (and they dont care ... if others dont like it)

Their lesson is evolving more away from their desires, and towards their heart.

Plutonian energy can help using the darkest shadow aspects to aid world, but it can also destroy the person's soul.

If the person overdoes the darkness just a little.
Soon only listens to demonic music. Depressed. Suicidal. Eat pills. Recommenddangerous thing sto others.

That's plutonian people.

Sharing evil things wit others, and think it will aid te world.

They think evil is only good.
But that is a grave mistake.

There is good and evil. Just as there is light and dark.
It is important to use our heart most.

Our desires are not who we are. It can be fun to listen to dark music, and have dark friends.

But do it all the time, and the person tends to turn fully dark.
Depressed. Angry.

No human is demonic.
You come from the heavenly realms.
But thinking one is demonic, can mean one is possessed. Perhaps a child trauma.

Our thoughts say a lot about us.

The evilest people in this world, often consider them demonic, or death inflicting/death loving. Hitler was in love with death, annihilation i.e.

So dark,demonic is not good.
We have a shadow that we can use (yin,yang). But the soul lesson is to not get trapped in our darkness.

Realize our darkness. So we can be kind people to others.

If we ignore our darkness, and only love dark in life, we will be evil to others.
Hitler is a prime example here.

I believe that man was possessed. Demon.

You dont want to invite demons into your life.
Be careful with Witchcraft and speaking to entities
Once they're in your life, body, you cannot get rid of them.

Demons tend to bring selfishness.
Carelessness about body, other people.
It is recommended to get a soul retrieval /find a shaman if oyu think you got demons.

Did you know that 60% of world or more have tried being possessed?
So darkenergy, not unusual

I agree, please peace2theworld stop trolling people like this.

As part of Draconian Wicca I practice the left hand path.

Me to

do you consider yourself evil? people can dabble in magic and not consider themselves left or right hand path, some serve their own desires,others purposely want to hurt others simply out of cruelty. trust whats in your heart at the end of the day,look deep inside yourself to understand the true nature,what intentions are you considering which is causing you to align yourself with the dark path?

Whatever people are doing to serve themselves by the cost of others or other existing things, is an action that is not in alignment with their true self. Because we have our personal self which makes up our individuality, it allows us to have our own experience in life. Then we have our impersonal self. The impersonal self is part of all that there is. Everything! Good and evil is also brothers and sisters. It is a form of judgement, it is also individual. On the greater scale it does not exist. This self, the impersonal, would not damage other things because it damages itself. This is a self destructive act and it is unfortunately not serving you or anyone any good.
Darkness is the silence, the zero point. It is not evil and has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is an aspect of existence just as we all are.
Also.. dividing yourselves into different categories and labels is creating boundaries for your own expansion. You put yourself inside a very limited box. If you just are, and nothing more, with doing the interests you have, you are open towards new experiences that will let you grow. To base who you are in this life on what you were before is not serving your creativeness. You are in fact all things on a much bigger scale. You can be everything at the same time. What you are ment to do in this life, your mission here can be very precise, but the way you take action towards it should not be so limiting, be open towards all of the infinite possibilities to go through with it.

I know a vampire. Well, used to be.

What would you like to know about the dark beings that inhabit the shadows?

--- Not all are evil. Some are filled with immense evil. Don't underestimate their greed or believe everything they say. Many tell very sweet lies. Many tell very harsh truths. Truly, you must be cautious as darkness is very seductive and powerful. I don't discriminate, but I do recommend exercising caution.

It is part of who we are, this is true. The closer you get to the light the bigger your shadow becomes.

Truthfully, you can suppress anything you wish: Desires, happiness, sadness etc. The only thing I've found you can't suppress is the Word of God. Like a boon of "I don't know what" it makes you feel infinitely small and just so, so small. Even your True Self will be quiet as a mouse in the presence of it.

Some thoughts. First, I do not identify as a dark otherkin etc. I'm not sure how I identify in all this. I am however not going to judge.

Second thought. letft hand and right hand mean different things in the east than they do in the west. The western occultists misunderstood what easterners meant, and now the west has our own conception of "right" and "left" hand paths.

Third, one possibility is that you are not a dark otherkin so much as a person currently expressing itself (a soul) as a dark entity. Either way is fine. You are you. Be you. Do you.

You may want to research the shadow self as well and see if you might want to do some work with that.

In any case, welcome aboard. Hope you find what you are seeking. Piece of probably unwanted advice, avoid the otherkin community. It's in a state now where you can no longer tell the trolls from the bananas. You won't find much insight there. It's sad.

This brings another point to mind, the words "dark" and "evil" like "light" and "good" mean so many different things to different people. These things are often difficult to articulate in more precise terms though.

Dude what are you even on about?

I just love how people see dark/light as good/bad like starwars...

Word of god? please. I wont be quiet like that.

Do you honestly think it's different here? It's like that anywhere

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