Hi there to anyone Reading this. I was wondering if there are anyone here who identify as an otherkin; specifically that they're a darker being(demon/dark fae, vampire etc) but not necessarily evil in that way. Or anyone who practices the left hand path and would call themselves a dark witch? :) I would love to talk to others I can relate to as I've recently begun to understand I can't repress my darkness anymore and that it's part of who I am. As a balance keeper I must find balance in both/everything.
Much blessings and hope someone out there is drawn to message.

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Otherkin wise I'm of a "dark" alignment, not in the sense new agers think they know, just more in the sense my energy can manipulate its own dark energy (elemental energy) I don't really practice the whole right or left hand path, I just do pure energy work. But in terms of kinity with dark energy (elemental wise) there is no balance there's more of a just is.

In my experience there are Plutonian people. Astrologically it means to have your ascendant conj Pluto, or Pluto touching midheaven. These people like 'things that society call evil'

AT the same time, these people must use utmost caution to not become fully evil. Their shadow is too large. It can overtake their life, and bring misery to others.

They are often in love with death, demons.

And they will share that all the time, instead of love, if not careful. Thus hurting others (and they dont care ... if others dont like it)

Their lesson is evolving more away from their desires, and towards their heart.

Plutonian energy can help using the darkest shadow aspects to aid world, but it can also destroy the person's soul.

If the person overdoes the darkness just a little.
Soon only listens to demonic music. Depressed. Suicidal. Eat pills. Recommenddangerous thing sto others.

That's plutonian people.

Sharing evil things wit others, and think it will aid te world.

They think evil is only good.
But that is a grave mistake.

There is good and evil. Just as there is light and dark.
It is important to use our heart most.

Our desires are not who we are. It can be fun to listen to dark music, and have dark friends.

But do it all the time, and the person tends to turn fully dark.
Depressed. Angry.

No human is demonic.
You come from the heavenly realms.
But thinking one is demonic, can mean one is possessed. Perhaps a child trauma.

Our thoughts say a lot about us.

The evilest people in this world, often consider them demonic, or death inflicting/death loving. Hitler was in love with death, annihilation i.e.

So dark,demonic is not good.
We have a shadow that we can use (yin,yang). But the soul lesson is to not get trapped in our darkness.

Realize our darkness. So we can be kind people to others.

If we ignore our darkness, and only love dark in life, we will be evil to others.
Hitler is a prime example here.

I believe that man was possessed. Demon.

You dont want to invite demons into your life.
Be careful with Witchcraft and speaking to entities
Once they're in your life, body, you cannot get rid of them.

Demons tend to bring selfishness.
Carelessness about body, other people.
It is recommended to get a soul retrieval /find a shaman if oyu think you got demons.

Did you know that 60% of world or more have tried being possessed?
So darkenergy, not unusual

This is about otherkin, not religious new age banter lol.

I agree, please peace2theworld stop trolling people like this.

What he said is more sensible than someone who does not identify as a human but clearly is.

You cannot just say I'm Vampire, and be that because that's what you feel like you are. That sounds like teenage identity issues to me.

It's much more logical for someone to say I am an E.T. from Pluto than I am a Vampire or Demon and not human. Because anyone who is a member of this website is a human.

I don't get why anyone takes "otherkin" as anything serious or relative to spiritualaity. It's nonsense that children and outcast have made up to fill a need for belonging.

Yet you claim to be a starseed with 0 proof of their existence, that can be the same thing as someone claiming otherkin. It doesn't work for you to be a hypocrite you know. Otherkin exist on other planes very much like starseeds exist on other planets. Last I checked both have groups (possibly like yourself) that complain about going home to a place they don't even know exist.

Atleast with otherkin they know they're physically human and not claiming to secretly be alien physically. I'm very much a believer in both existing with my own very existence and the knowledge I have of my own core, but the question still stands for both parties which otherkin is just a broad term for non human entities from another plane reincarnated here, same as starseed.

If by starseed you mean an E.T. soul, then yes I do claim that. I go about obtaining my knowledge astrally which I consider to be "proof" or close to it. If you have vividly seen your past lives and felt that connection and communicated with beings you once knew, you would get it.

Otherkin by definition do not identify as human. Which is purely ridiculous if you have no validation. I can feel like I'm not human but that doesn't mean anything in the real world. You can feel a lot things that are inaccurate.

Most people who claim they are physically not human are completely wrong. I acknowledge that I am human 100% but I know my soul did not originate here. If there was any E.T. DNA in me, my government would be all over me.

In all honesty, I feel it's moronic that you would say I have no proof. If you have not seen it spiritually or physically you don' either.

Most otherkin acknowledge they are human in body but, like starseeds, identify has having origins other than on Earth or as having a soul that is not human in some capacity. You are just misinformed about otherking.

So relax.

Otherkin by definition identify as nonhuman in soul, you seem to misunderstood something, again which brings up a hypocrisy on your end.

It's moronic that you would call one impossible while boasting what you think you are. When otherkin in some cases is a general term for beings found in mythology and ETs. My proof is the many spiritual readings I've gotten that aligned to my own discoveries that took over 13-14 years.

The only one here that seems to have misunderstood something is yourself. If you do not understand what otherkin are it's best to ask before trying to condemn something that is literally the same thing you seem to claim.

Well that's not what I, and many others know as the definition of otherkin.


I don't doubt that people have souls that do not come from past human lives at all. What I'm doubting is the existence of fairies and vampires. There is zero scientific evidence to back their existence up. While ET's are bound to proven as some point and it is impossible for them not be real.

Thirteen or fourteen years of discoveries sounds interesting and I'd like to hear about them but I do not understand how that makes sense on a logical level to identify as being or a soul of a being that you can't be sure exist. I know that sounds hypocritical but most ET souls and others who are similar have gotten spiritual proof I.E. Akashic Records or spirit guides. Ya know?

I apologize if come off as rude or too critical, I just don't get what validation you have for your beliefs. No disrespect

That image the descrption is partially true but it was wrote by a troll to downgrade the belief of being otherkin. All otherkin believe they are by SOUL otherkin, some believe it's psychological, just like there's starseeds who believe they are physically alien, soul wise alien, or psychologically alien.

Science has only been able to prove a very small spec of existence, where as otherkin come from other planes of existence where our human science hasn't touched yet (I don't think) but I assure you, we aren't any different from starseeds. Of course I do agree with you, everyone is 100% physically human.

None of us can be sure what we claim exists, we can only go off what we have found out about ourselves and what others have confirmed, for me I have spent these years in occult practices, studying energy work, projection, the likes, after I sought out other psychics to confirm.

I do not give information to the psychic or anything about what I find out about myself to prevent tainted information on their end.

and no need to apologize I am the same way when someone claims physical starseed, I apologize for coming off rude also.

Ntohing you've said so far came off as rude. You are laying out a frank opinion w/o being insulting. I don't see you calling names or insinuating things. I think it might be interesting to start a group for otherkin here. *shurgs*



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