Have you ever noticed days were you feel a certain way but have no idea why, and through out the day you find everyone else feels it to? Having a really bad day suddenly and everyone else is too but with no apparent reason for it? Every single thing goes wrong for you and everyone else at the same time? I use to work in a DQ in my home town for a couple of years. I have always been hyper aware/hyper listening (I can't stop paying attention even if I wanted to.) I grew up in a house with a narcissistic so I also became an observer fairly young in order to survive. With this I noticed some really strange stuff working at that DQ. First off about 50% of costumers were locals and 50% were just passing through, a very busy store. At first I just noticed the usual, Full Moon oddities & Everyone being cranky on the same day. Then something started happening that disturbed me. People would order the same thing all day. Only one kind of blizzard only one hot food item and only one type of soda nothing else being ordered all day. There were no ads no sales and no incentive. It got to the point that I asked the OWNER about if he was putting ads up were I couldn't find them and he said that we are informed about every ad they put out and that there were no ads at that time, it must have been a coincidence. It started happening once every 2 or 3 months. Weird fact: Even when we had major sales no 2 people ever ordered the exact same thing. On the days this would happen people would openly say "I have no idea why I'm ordering this , I don't even like it." or "I have the strangest craving today that I've never had before." Some people would even struggle for 10 minutes to make up their minds and always ending up choosing the same thing every other person had ordered that day...... This is not oneness surely, this is mind control. What do you think? Also I'm having a strangely bad day today which is why I remembered this. Am I alone here?

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Yes of course its mind control, what they're doing with the brains. The only protection is to go as high as possible. And banish.

"Am I alone here?"

Not at all; mind control, or seeking to control the thoughts in someone's mind, is commonplace. For the most part we see this in the form of subliminal programming. Subliminal programming, such as that in ads, inclines us to think a certain way about a certain thing so that we "want" to buy it. Such as, a fast food ad showing a happy family eating Big Macs. Subconsciously you'll associate eating Big Macs with being happy, unless you bring conscious awareness into the picture, to combat the subliminal programming. Since the reality is, what a Big Mac will do to your health, is not terribly likely to make you happy in practice.

There are also other levels of mind control, where someone will use certain types of radio frequencies through technological means to manipulate the wavelengths at which human thought occur. And of course, there are a number of more advanced methods involving telepathy. It appears what you observed, may have been in this last group. Of course, most will tell you it's all a "coincidence." Or that you're "crazy." Often enough, it may be wise to disregard these people; ultimately, only you can know your own experience.

In any event, it is possible to use any combination of these previously mentioned methods in order to make a business more successful. Mind controlling people so that they suddenly "want" to buy a particular product is an age-old secret art. In some instances, if it's a salesman doing it one-on-one, an individual may get the impression that such an individual is 'irresistable' or 'charismatic.' As if you "cannot refuse" them. 

In all likehilhood, the nature of your situation simply be one where you saw the nature of things more clearly, without distraction, and were actually able to connect the dots. Not too many people can do that, even as simple as it might seem.

The fact that you having a bad day inclined you to remember and write about this, is also not a coincidence; however, that is another matter for consideration.

There is a type of mind control were mass amounts of people's astral bodies are being drawn into camps on the subtle planned during sleep for conditioning and mass maintenance on the collective. I have seen this. This is not something I found online. Over entire cities there are massive fields of condensed radio activity to keep the negative ions flowing, this keeps the air rich in paracitic entities that don't really go away. you know what I'm talking about. We can only really shield ourselves from them. Every year these bombings are sacrifice. These wars are mass sacrifices. These shooters are domestic terrorist perpetrated by at home oporations. These rituals feed the forces assuming power physical and non physical. Then there are individual ethereal abductions. I sat through an ethereal abduction, but not as the abductee, I just happen to have been there to witness this trapped girl, trapped within a matrix with these creatures appearing to be men and forced to endure being bound to some malicious spirit as she was held captive. They say there is no violating free will, yet in these cosmos there are puppets and these puppets want to make more puppets and Earth is a playground. Life is really a game, but sadly every one is not born with equal opportunity. Then we are told it is because the soul has to learn. The problem is that not every soul gets to learn and through out life one goes through ongoing cycles of death and rebirth only to be reduced, reused, and recycled until it is nothing but a slave in dark spiritual hirarchy. So the truth is, many are being called in who are more advanced to break this cycle.

Snowflake, you are saying what I think and do the same work. Incredible. You don't happen to be an atlantean too?
It's true, it's all programming. Put it to the test, if in doubt.

Snowflake I agree with you totally. I was sure it was like radio waves or something, people always looked lethargic on those days and complained of headaches including myself and the other workers. I also thought it was strange that I had not thought about what had happened in a long time. It came about not just because it's a bad day but I feel totally shorted out and frustrated with the most minor tasks. The second I broke from it and realized "Wait a minute, somethings up here" the memory of my time at DQ flashed before my eyes.... Overwhelming. Now I'm an emotional person , I feel all kinds of stuff all the time, but this type of frustration is intense. My brain feels fried. I may have also experienced a Glitch today. My friend is out of town and I'm home alone taking care of his dogs. I let them out to pee and let them back in. We all went in the living room and sat down for 5 minutes before I decided to lay down because I couldn't even concentrate to watch a movie or anything. I looked right at them and then went to my room. Nearly an hour later I get up to use the restroom and then called the dogs to see if they wanted out again....... And they were already outside.... No one came in my yard and did that. Did I do it? How could I have looked right at them, walk to my room sit down and have no memory of letting them back out. Another thing is they never barked. They always bark if you take 2 seconds to long to open the door. I wasn't asleep in my bed either, just taking a quiet brake and I never heard a thing. In fact at one point I got on the computer to write this discussion in the middle of all this. (I feel horrible by the way, they were fine but I'm sure they didn't understand being shut out, they live in the house.)

That's a good point Lingyat Raja I just realized I never made clear that I believe in both mind control and a type of oneness. It just seemed the food was so bad for you there and when it's oneness it is usually for our health mind, spirit or body. Seriously, people got sick there all the time, including all who worked there because they payed us so little we were starving and had to .... eat for free when we weren't suppose to... We were slaves there. They made us do illegal stuff all the time to save a few dollars, like serving bad food. They are notorious for it. The owner was horrible too. He owns most of the DQs in Texas, hundreds of them. A millionaire. He just happened to live in my town. His Grandmother actually owned them and one day I showed up and she was past out in her car sleeping off a meth bender.... I had to be move from his favorite store to the location I'm talking about because my first manager abused me (He was from Arabia so they made excuses for his physical and sexual abuse.) I could have sued and got a pay off but all I could think about was his wife ( an american women from my home town.) and the 7 children he left in Jordan years ago that he sends money to.......... I also had the end of my right ring finger broken off in a 50lb 2 in. thick medal door because they refused to put a handle on it and forced us to use it. Then sent me to a doctor who told me he had to say that it didn't cause permanent damage or they would fire me for not being able to do my job....Had to be back at work the next day too or I'd get fired. Went back for 2 weeks before I just stopped going. Sorry for that 6 year old rant that's been sitting in wait lol. My point is that place was evil, and every day I went there I openly told my coworkers that it was slowly killing my soul. I was lucky though, I got out before people started getting stabbed there. This is also the location of one of the most intense UFO sitings I've ever witnessed. If people were being called there, it couldn't be for good. Thanks for listening to my crap :D

You're not wrong. Hive mind is a form of oneness. Just look at ants and bees. No individuality.

I experience somewhat the same at my work though not nearly to the level you describe.

In my point of view Oneness does not exists. That and similar stuff forced thru so called chanelings are all human made stuff talking about things people wants to hear so that people hook up to that and just wait. Half of people are talking about oneness and other half about wanting to go home so they will bravely sit and wait.

I love your comment. There is honesty here, and with the person who posted this. Mind-control, even subliminally is happening everywhere on this planet. It takes courage to break free of all the saying, and cliche phrases like all is one. Are we not all unique, and for a purpose, to be different and alike others? Should we not value ourselves when we find differences in ourselves and others? I think we should.
Makes me think of that government person who said, all men are created equal. What a crock that is. I really dot want to be equal, only unique.

Seraphim Angel said:

In my point of view Oneness does not exists. That and similar stuff forced thru so called chanelings are all human made stuff talking about things people wants to hear so that people hook up to that and just wait. Half of people are talking about oneness and other half about wanting to go home so they will bravely sit and wait.

Damian I agree there is individuality. I think the oneness we really have is like a base program we operate from but collecting different data from individual experiences and that's what makes us different.. Our consciousness originates from the same place and splits apart into equal individuals, then we go on our own way to experience all that is possible. The oneness is basic and the same for everyone so sometimes we do have the same cravings at the same time and stuff like that. Everyone on earth at this point including us have at least 7 identical twins that we are not related to. It is even possible our twins live a few miles away from us.. having this exact conversation.... lol too far? Why at a Billion do people start getting copied? Sorry that was off topic. Your right on about brainwashing, and once you start seeing it for the first time you can't unsee it. You start to realize it's in every sector of our lifes and it makes me sick. That restaurant I worked in was so messed up, there was definitely something eerie about it. It's the whole area really, there's a military base there doing funny stuff. Now there's ufo's every night, everyone is sick and there's a camera placed about every 10 feet through out the whole town. I could tell you some strange stories about that place but brainwashing is beyond just adds on tv there for sure.

This sounds like mind control or subliminal advertising.. has nothing to do with oneness.. however the energies do go up and down all the time on this polarity planet, so, there will be days when people may all seem more happy or unhappy..

We are one and many simultaneously We are all individuals with our own creativity and individuality; and at the same time we are all interconnected parts of a living universe. We are all part of source energy...we are one with the whole universe and the trees and animals.....we are one with life. At the same time we are each individual and unique.

In this age where information is flooding our being and people experiencing accelerated mind /thoughts, we are all invited to cultivate filter and discernment of what are self generated thoughts, and which are those passed around and picked up from others. Opinions are smashed around the clock at a high rate, and making up our own mind has become more and more of a challenge... Having a personal opinion, especially if controversial, often looks like an act of heroism with all the nay sayers, haters and conservative minded people these days....

Mind control is a thing and comes down to keeping people within a confined box of reality. Isn't all of this distraction eventually leading into the realization how important it is to be true to your own, cultivate discernment and come to value authenticity? All events are but a trigger and catalyst to evoke expansion.



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