Seems like the reply system has changed and some of my past threads are all messed up. Sorry if you asked for a reading and didn't get it. I tried to sort it out but it gives me headache.

I will start a new thread and will only PM the answers.

So this reading is called on free question

So if you wish a reading please comment and also add me as your fine so that I can pm you the answer.

Shanti Joy

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Hi Joy
I want to know which Goddess would be best for me to work with. Thank you!!

Can you give me an insight into my past lives and synchronicity that is happening in my life right now? What is my spirit's calling in this life? what do I carry from my past lives that needs to be cleared in this one so I can move towards that call?
Thank you :)

Hi Joy :)

I would like to know which planets (other than Earth) that I've on in my past lives.
Thanks in advance!

Love, Light, and Peace.

Hi Joy, could you tell me anything about my E.T spirit family and/or guides? Where do we/I originate from? Thanks:)

Hi Joy! The question I have for you is, what is my soul origin? Thank you so much <3

Hi :) I'd love to know about my soul origin

May i have an answer in Pms

Hi Joy, I was wondering if you could tell me if my soul has any connection to the greek, celtic, or norse mythologies. Like if I knew several of the "gods" or heroes.

Hello!! ^u^ I would like to know what species I have incarnated into in the past. Thank you so much!!

Hi there! I would like to know about one (or more if they come forward) of my guides. I am having trouble connecting with them.

Thank you!

i already asked this once but im wanting to get a second opinion what is my star origin where did i come from?

Where is home/my soul origin?

Thank you !

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