In this game of mastering 5D telepathy I have put out a. 5D picture on its own quantum realm that I have created just for this game related to my post "How many quantum fingers am I holding up?" Those who are gifted enough will be able to recieve the magic number. Note: the number of quantum fingers equates to any posible number of fingers I can physically hold up on my hands.

The rules: Each round, everyone gets one shot at this.
Untill the number of players who guess the correct equates to the number of quantum fingers I am holding up, the answer will not be reveal. When the answer is revealed, Each of the winners will then hold up the quantum fingers and everyone has one shot at each post. For each post in a single round the magic number will be reveald as fast as this procces happens for each of them but the next roind will not start untill the chosen are selected from all post. Then these chosen will post. The game will only grow and never shrink and there are more chances to take every single round but just one right answer from any post gets you chosen even if you are wrong on all other attempts.

My goal for this game is to create an exercie where telepethy is to strengthen and an exponential growth blesdings for all involed. Every one who posts, right or wrong that number must mean something to you. That number is calling you. We all are just masters in disguise. Let the games begin.

Internal blessings
Eterrnal light.

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Christian Oglesby said:
Though I have never tried to practice reading minds, there were I could have sworn it has happened completely unintentionally. It's like you can see some one doing something in your head, then 5 seconds later they do the thing its so weird in an amazing way.I would

3 quantum fingers

But I have played lots of games with friends on where we excercise this. I am making an attempt to do it at the level of 5D. Two have recieved the magic number so far. I have great faith that this will faith that this will unlock 5th dimentional telepathy for many.

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