Hi all!

My name is Kyana and I am offering free mini Tarot readings (3-card overviews) to everyone on this site every Tuesday. I have studied the Tarot for over 4 years now and work as a reader professionally on my site at www.NewWorldTarot.com

I'm really excited to offer this to you guys and gals. You can leave me a question below or PM me if you don't want a public reading.

My readings are intuitive and I do see this as an opportunity to expand my intuition and spiritual development. I look forward to working and growing with each of you! Please note that these readings are only overviews. If you want a more in-depth private reading, you can book an online reading with me on my site. Sorry, but I've got bills to pay, too!


- The Tarot cannot provide names of other people or guides. If you wish to know what your future partner will be like, I can only give you his/her personality and emotional state. Physical descriptions are tricky and not always available.

- I do not believe in having only one twin flame or soul mate. Actually, my view on this subject is rather unique and I will be writing a post on it pretty soon. Therefore, I will not tell you whether someone is your twin flame or not. But I can give you the level of connection you and a person have, how your energies match, as well as any past life ties.

- The Tarot is not meant to tell you what to do. Only you are responsible for the actions you take before and after your reading, and the cards are meant to give guidance only. We all have free will and the ability to change the outcome of any situation.

- The modern Tarot deck is designed for insight on our lives here on Earth. Until such a deck comes out that describes different planets or star systems, I cannot give you definite answers on what planet you're from or where your soul origins are.

UPDATE 1/8/2014: I have officially closed this discussion. Thank you all for participating! It's been quite a ride. If any of you want a professional reading from me, please visit my site.

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Hiya Joyce! For you I pulled the Wizard card:

This relationship represent a very significant part of your life, and has really helped to open up some major doors for you in your spiritual journey. There's a man carrying a ring in this card that really stands out to me, so I feel that this represents that pretty soon you can expect your relationship to be taking a very conventional approach ;). There's a big possibility of engagement or marriage, and overall I feel that this will be very successful. Even though things may feel like they're moving very fast, this card is a pretty big stabilizing influence, so I hope you're prepared to settle down :). Thank you for your request, and I hope this helps in any way! 

Joyce said:

I would like a free reading about my relationship please. Thank you.

Hi, I would like a reading when you can :))

Haha, thank you for your questions, Brikea :). Unfortunately, 1 Tarot card can only answer so much, so I'll try to concentrate on just one aspect of your life.

Okay, so I pulled the Mother Goose card for you (or the Empress card in traditional Tarot):

Children are most definitely in your near future! This is the card of motherhood and pregnancy, so perhaps you may even want to run tests now to see if you're carrying. If not, it's only a matter of time, perhaps in the next 3 - 5 months. You are in the perfect time to transition into this new stage of motherhood in your life, for you've developed all your nurturing and mothering instincts working with the birthing process already. So it will come very naturally for you and I don't see you having much trouble in this area of your life. You are actually more ready than you think you are ;)

I can also answer another question with this card: the first thing I feel is, try not to get hung up on soul age all that much. Technically, souls cannot age and there is no hierarchy, so it doesn't really matter anyway ;). But to answer, I feel that your soul is neither "young" nor "old" in the sense you're talking about, but somewhere in the middle. Where you have an amount of incarnational experience under your belt to the point where you can turn back and assist a great many other souls in understanding the material plane. But there is still much more to learn, which is true for everyone, no matter their soul age. But in your case it would be about the material plane, specifically.

Thank you very much for your request, and I do hope this helps in any way :)

Brikea O Searile said:

Peace and Abundance to you sister. Thank you for offering your tarot readings. I would like to have a tarot reading done . I am a healer, a birth-worker, and I feel that represent fertility. I would like to find out how soon are children n my future with my soul mate. Also, does my future have Africa in it? Where will I build my birth center and home at? I suppose only I can answer that question. Will becoming a midwife help me bring back the righteous power to all womb-men? Can you readings tell me anything about my past lives? I would like to know if I am a young soul or older soul? I also want to know if I am ready to transition into motherhood.

Hey there, Namaste :D

i would love a reading as well whenever you get the chance :D

Thanks for your offer ♥

Hi Valentina! I went and pulled the Fairy Godmother card for you:

You are a very intuitive person. All throughout your life you may have had experiences that many would consider strange and "out of this world". There is a very deep connection with your dreams, so it helps tremendously if you pay attention to these visions and use them for guidance and insight on your life path.

All of the spiritual experiences you've had throughout your life are actually preparing you to build something out of it in the future as we all progress deeper into this new era of enlightenment. For example, you could start up an intentional community or organization that raises awareness and helps other people get more in touch with their own dreams and subconscious. However you decide to play this out, whether that's by teaching seminars, writing books, holding workshops, etc., is all up to you, but I really feel that you are destined to lead in some way in this lifetime. So don't be afraid to get out there and be the center of attention every now and then, because you definitely have a lot to say.

I hope this helps in any way, Valentina :) and thanks for your request.

Valentina said:

Hi Kyana and thank you for offering these readings!


Could you do a reading for me about my life in general and/or twin flame issues? 




Hi Mihah! I pulled the Seeker of Swords reversed:

Okay, so in a past life you were very restless and kind of acted on impulse. You said whatever popped in your mind and never really gave it thought whether your words would potentially hurt someone's feelings. I don't feel like this was out of spite, you were just "naturally selfish", I should say :P

Your mouth could have gotten you in trouble, and you had a pretty bad reputation for stepping on people's feelings. Many people saw you as a bully and maybe even a little bit of a rebel. In your current life, you could see this playing out as you feeling like you need to sacrifice your needs emotionally and give, give, give to others so that the balance between selfishness and selflessness is stable once again in your karmic energy.

But sometimes, there are those people who love to receive and never give back. This isn't always apparent and can be very subtle, but it does have an effect on your emotional health, because you're draining so much of your energy without rejuvenating yourself. It's always important to give to yourself first and foremost. You learned that in your past life, but now as you continue to evolve you're only expanding your circle of whom to give to, not eliminating the need to care for yourself as well.

I hope this helps in any way, and thank you very much for your question :)

Mihah said:

I have curiosity about my karma.

I was born emotionaly weak(I'm not anymore),with a lot of problems.I want to know why.I have the sensation I could had be a bad and judging person on another life,

and abused of drugs too.But I'm not sure about.

Hi Adam! I pulled the 7 of Wands:

So it appears that you'd do very well in any line of work connected to competition or that represents the overcoming of challenges. It's all about the demonstration of strength, whether physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual strength.

Since I feel you are more of a spiritual person, I see you working very well in healing, helping other people overcome their illnesses or other maladies. You may also be interested in flower remedies, body attunement, and chakra clearing. You are very connected to the nature world and many of your best ideas or "remedies" could come through there.

I hope this gives you some ideas to ponder over :) thank you for your request.

Adam Jacob Saltzberg said:

Hi kyana, thanks for doing this.  I would like a reading about my life's purpose as far as work and travel are concerned.  I am at a standstill regarding personal interests and motivation right now, and could use some guidance.  Thanks.


Hi Elijah! I pulled the Big Bad Wolf card for you:

Due to your desire for a spiritual cleansing, what you are currently experiencing in your life right now is an emotional and mental purging of all past addictions, self-destructive tendencies, and negative thoughts or belief systems that have been buried below the surface of your conscious mind.

This can be a very trying period for you, because it involves lighting up the shadowy aspects of your mind as well, and so there is a risk of being tempted back into those modes of behavior. But it's just energy that's ready to be released, so even though it can feel like situations keep arriving in your life that remind you of the past, know that this is only a mirror of what you're dealing with in your subconscious.

I do hope this helps, and thank you for your request :)

Elijah said:

Hello! I would love to receive a 1 card reading from you if you are still up to it!

Thank you for offering your services! It is very selfless of you.



Hi Hannah! I pulled the Guardian of Swords for you:

You are a speaker of truth. You have experienced much as a soul and hold a great amount of wisdom that can be used in benefit for yourself as well as others. You can really utilize your awesome ability to communicate to spread the message of Spirit across to a great many people, and your voice will be heard and listened to.

You also have the ability to intellectualize concepts that are harder to grasp on an intuitive level, so people may find your level of communication sensible and easy to understand, which can only aid in boosting your reputation. If you are not already doing so, start demonstrating your knowledge on certain subjects you're interested in, as this can get you a lot of recognition and many people may start coming to you for practical advice and guidance.

I hope this is useful for you :) and thanks for your request.

Hannah said:

I'd like to try this out :) I love things like this. Its fascinating. I'd really like a reading, please.

It can be about anything that's easy for you. Surprise me, lol.

Thank you in advance <3

Thank you soo much! I now have clarity as to why I have been facing these upheavals. Knowing that this is truly all part of my life path brings ease to my mind. This is greatly appreciated:). It's very selfless of you to be using your energy and time to do this, I realize that these kinds of things can be energetically depleting. I will be sending energy to you next meditation!

Much appreciated:) Namaste


Hi Igor! I pulled the Seeker of Swords for you:

There is a lot that needs to be done, and sometimes it may feel like it's too much to handle. But you have the energy and fortitude to push through and succeed at anything you want, it all depends on where you direct this energy. Just be careful that you don't burn yourself out. Try to find a balance between working and playing hard; if you need to rest, don't hesitate to slow down. But if you know that something needs to be done, try not to procrastinate and leave it until the last minute. Make a choice of which direction or task you will choose to concentrate your energy towards first, and then just push through.

I hope this helps in any way :) thanks for your request.

Igor Mandač said:

Hi, I would like a reading when you can :))

Hi Lady Grace! I pulled the 3 of Swords reversed:

You may have recently gone through a rough patch in your life or had a difficult experience that affected you deeply. But now this stage of your life is completing, and you're finally taking the steps to release the pain you feel and move on to a greater state of being. This is a pretty big process, since I feel this also represents the ending of a major cycle in your life.

You are learning to forgive and let go of that which no longer serves you. Not to say that it doesn't still affect you emotionally, because it does, but it has served its purpose and was necessary because it helped you awaken some part of yourself that you were probably not aware of.

I do hope this has helped you in any way, and thank you for your request :)

Lady Grace said:

Hey there, Namaste :D

i would love a reading as well whenever you get the chance :D

Thanks for your offer ♥



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