Inspired by the northern lights seasonal return after more than four months of constant sunshine.

Oh stars that light the dark of night once again you're in my sight!
And what entrancing light keeps dancing by your forms as though romancing?
Behold the billowing curtains green who few have seen; what do they mean?!
My soul they lift and through a rift I'm pulled to where I use my gift.

In that place I have no face for all is as it were one race.
A flash of pink sets me to think that I am caught within a link,
So I pull back suspecting an attack only to perceive the skills I lack.
Still curtains wave in the sky causing me to gently sigh and ask in awestruck tone "Why?"

To my pondering mind appear memories of a past still near when light itself caused me fear.
The sun ablaze and through a haze refusing to set in the sky it stays.
From west to east one season at least the sun would see the days increased,
and my ever watchful eyes mourn each inglorious sunrise while the dusk each day denies!

How long I waited simply to enjoy an unobstructed view of those cosmic lights and you!
Betwixt the void and your shimmer comes a flash somewhat dimmer setting all the skies a glimmer!
Beginning as a dull glow into ribbons it does grow til as curtains over me they flow!
An answer in my heart I know so it is I turn to go when begins the first snow.

Tags: aurora, dark, green, lights, northern, pink, poem, solar, stars, summer, More…sun, winter

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