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It is most likely that what you see/know is true.. and always more difficult if it is in Astral form as sometimes gets confused with dreams.

So share what you feel you should with us.

Each day ask your Spirit Guides for protection with the only other beings allowed to interact with you are ones that give you a positive experience. Those that are not good ask your Spirit Guides to keep them away from you. You can ask the same for this website too... :-)

Good Luck..

Oh there are a few souls here that may criticize you. We all here feel sorry for them as they have no life. So just ignore them..

Cheers Dave..

thank you for understanding
i accept good and bad comments/ critics on my videos , everyone have them own opinion

Do you have any of the information you received posted somewhere to read? If so can you provide a link.. otherwise are you intending to post it in the future.

Sounds interesting..

L & L Dave

i post it on youtube and then copy link and past there
about other ways i dont know :(

Thanks for sharing your stories Elmira :) really enjoyed... i have connections to andromedans as one of the groups , this being one of my main 3-4 attributes..

your welcome. do you enjoy connecting with andromedans?

I got 3 partial memories of ufo dreams or contact, but they just stop.
1 i was walking near the store i usually buy groceries, remember walking towaars it in color. Store was closed, o lights, no people. Above a light pole hang a grey ufo. Dream stops.

Another one, woke up in bedroom and couldn't move at first but got up. Panicked a bit as I saw it outside. Should I run towards it or out the frontdoor?. I decided to go towards it, dream stops after opening balcony door.

A last one. Felt it 'out there', intensely curious, light as a feather i ran out towards it. Backyard had changed, nothing nearby no houses,bushes in usualplace, things were 'changed'. Different reality feel. It lande after i think it should land. Read my mind. Silently. It was white bell shaped ufo. A being came out. Took a device out in its hand of some ind. Had long convo in mind. Felt normal. Had some deep connection to that being. Felt like myself. Woke up amazed and just had to draw it. Still cannot believe it. But it felt so real. And it left imprint in my mind.

Still to this day, got 3 dreams in color in mind. While i usull y have zero dreams since 2012 awakening experience. Or nightmares only. Usually zero reams except a ufo dream every 2 years. And it's really clear. Also had a unpleasnt dream with someone touching me and i couldn't move, it actually hurt. But woke up in last minute, drenched in sweat and heart beating out of chest. Couldn't move or scream.. that pain. Someone touching me all over body. Mostly in head, nose, face.

I found out my mom had some dreams, 20 yrs ago, after mentioning mine.

I don't remember much details from mine, except it felt real. Remember being at home when it happened. And remember the other one at the store.

I dont take dreams as real, but it does feel like i have contact to some advanced civilization with the last dream too, not sure .... there was something strange...telepathy and all
and the joy... indescribeable

i felt like 5yrs old again... magnetic to the ufo

i certainly didnt want to wake up

I remember zero of what that being told me, cant even remember its shape
thats the weirdness

but remember speaking to it

usually cannot remember shapes. It could just be a strange dream.

Later come to talk to other experiencers, they are often very similar to me, not in dream necessarily, just in consciouenss, what they value in life. How they talk. Wht they do for living.
For some reason I've come to believe in that these ets, whoever they are, help upgrade mankind. Also due to my moms dreams. And due to my awakening where I started seeing them in dreams.

But also believe there are both good,bad ets out there. Greys may not want to help us. Mostly help themselves.

Resonate a lot pleiadian.

In fact when I talk to a pleiadian, its like 100% my thoughts,words,emotions ... like they can read my mind. Eeven over the internet.
feels like my soul.

never tried that in my life with humans.

My mom said they cured her of cancer, and she was sucked up through some tunnel, and talked so someone sananda or such named.

She confirmed a time,place where I had my first sleep paralysis in my life. 1996. 20 yrs ago at time of asking.
She had been to doc many times.

Ovarian cancer. Gone next day.

It seems ufo dreams like synchronicity unfolds more and more. More details keep coming up. I remember bits and pieces here and there. But initially I only remembered first 2mins of waking, then nothing was remembered.

Then later day, dreams again/or intens einterest in et material.

Even started channeling pleiadians to find out.

It turned out my bro called me saying there is a ufo, up to my encounter. 15miles from where I live. But if it is a dream i dont know. He hasn't confirmed it. Such strangeness. Overlapping of reality and dream.
I tried asking him, he wouldnt answer.

But he was very scared when he called me. I wasnt really scared in my dreams.
I had to comfort him i remember, lol

He saw one at the beach where he lived. Days after my dream.

Such strangeness.
And much more strangeness, illness no doc can find, deaths, noting electronic in house working,,, 3 computers burned out, laptop batteries exploding, batteris exploding.
Synchronicity hell.
Flooding too.
Almost set building on fire a few times. Got lucky.
Severe pain. Never been in so much pain in my life. No doc can find it.

Then it turns out, many et experiencers have this pain too i later find out. Could be coincidence?
many are empaths like me too
many are intuitive too
and mny say they feel pain i their bodies due to being empaths, suck up from environment. So living in big cities can actually make them sick.

Not sure...
But I know my body is a computer, with cellular memory. It learns all the time.
I feel others pain more, worse than my own.

So not sure if that could be the cause of my severe illness, been REALLY sick since 2012. No doc could help me.
Pain no words can describe....

I had my first ufo dream in 2013, then 3 in total since it seems.


first story look like astral experience
second one- like you are was in another demention
i beleive that dreams is experience in another reality and another dementions, sometimes i have dreams about some life situation and they happened for real
watch out about beings who touch you , maybe they want to do something bad
your mom story sound common to me because et beings was making operation to my aunt on her dreams, she had some problem on neck since she was born, and doctors cant help but after aliens- she forget that problem
"Then it turns out, many et experiencers have this pain too i later find out. Could be coincidence?" my answer YES
sometimes contact take a lot of energy that why pain can come too
i think you got attention from bad aliens that why you sick

i dunno, not sure
but never been so sick in my life... 10/10 pain each day,, and if you've ever been in pain you know what that is like
i'll be lucky to be able to walk most days or do the simplest things

never had pain in my life before, never been sick
now sick for several years

back pain

Yes it often seems to go in families..... i got quite shocked about my moms story, she didn't only have one experience, she actually listed several places and experiences. But we both didn't like talking about it lol
Was more than I was ready to hear at that time

i've gotten scans and scans, no doc can find my illness

got other probs in body too, like some strange infection and marks all over body that won't heal

YES i know that last one
last encounter i was so joyful, then i woke up.... felt like i spent a whole waking dy in that dream
i woke up while talking to that being, which shape i do not recall
but i didnt feel fully refreshed, even though joyful dream
i felt like i wanted to prolong dream

so thats why astral exps are taxing to me
i always want to prolong them

so joyful...
"in my dreams last night i had wings" , but then i woke up to mundane life ;) - as kelly family sings

can only hope for better dream next time

love to dream :P

have to take large amounts of painkillers, or i wouldnt be able to even write here
but they dont really take pain. Sysstem is afraid of addicts, so if you're in pain you canot get pain meds.

they only allow me to sleep/lay down for pain, so lots of pain

but take a walk, get 10/10 pain back
or sit up ,same

but i am hopeful it will leave, tried most things by now though
never been sick before, so i could get healthy again
feel it is an infection.... due to marks on body that wont heal, cough randomly daily too/fever often and dizzy randomly

i have no idea what it is
just that im lucky when i can sit up for prolonged time/more than a few mins

it may be fibro,,, my mom has fibromyalgia...
which there is no pill for

but can give plenty pain

may be heredetary,,, she has a rare tissuetype, no doc could find hers

until spcial doc took blood sample

rare tissuetype...

peace2world yes is possible that here is medical condition but as you say you never feel it before you should think, maybe is really because of bad aliens



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