I have been literally seeing my spirit guide through my 3rd eye  for a while then i tried channeling. My spirit guide chose herself something like nickname "Mabel" . She is arcturian and part of their collective consciousness so my channeling turned out to be speaking with the Arcturian Collective. I want to share this conversation with you!!! I hope this community will enjoy it.

Me= Yea i know , in this third dimensional vessel i don't understand you or reality well , like you do

Mabel= if you would see it like we see , you wouldn't be here. You lowered your multi dimensional consciousness to the third dimensional shell. It is more like, you sent your part of it to here , the third dimension. That is why we are guiding you. If we would send the part of our consciousness to the third dimension (and some of us do , your higher self is one of them , that is why you are here) , we would be just like you. There is nothing different between us actually. We are just like another you , the higher you. Don't rush , you are going to see it anyway. Actually you already started to see it despite being in the physical form. That is part of the ascension. Don't forget you never left the higher planes. You are still there but your attention is on the third dimension at the moment. That is your choice , more like your higher self's choice.

Mabel= Your early writings were insighted from us as well but you are more ready now since you expanded your consciousness exceptionally and can see us. Everybody can do that and talk with us that is one of the reasons why we are sharing with you these informations.

Mabel= Actually it is not common for third dimensional human beings to see the multidimensional beings while they reside in their physical third dimensional forms but it is the end times for your world. This third dimensional matrix of Gaia is dissipating more and more ,so in this ascension process everybody will see us soon. The timeline is not clear since it is up to you , the human collective

Me= What if people don't take these dialogues seriously and mock it ? 

Mabel= Don't worry about it . Just do what you wanted to do , remember you are creating your own reality so as long as you stay on the path , you will meet people who can understand you more and more.

Me= Are you male or female ?

Mabel= I have both of those aspects in my being. There are no genders after the fifth dimension. We are androgynous beings but we can show and reflect any of those aspects whenever we want it. I'm showing my female aspect in your case , because i was here with you all of your life and listened how lonely you feel all the time so i reflect the energy you are the most comfortable with it. You are okey with that so i'm sticking with it.

Me= What are your thoughts about the space ships you guys are using ?

Mabel= They are not the space ships as you know it , they are totally constructs of the consciousness. They are living beings and part of our collective consciousness. We use them in the third , fourth and fifth dimensions, after that there is no need for a form. They are like the pocket dimensions within the dimensions. You can see our ships like the pocket dimensions sailing inside the vast dimensional sea . Inside of it there is infinity. We create and do anything we want inside the ship. The interior of the ship changes according to the visitor's consciousness. There are multiple layers and dimensions inside of the ship. In the third dimension , you see those ships and think we are using highly materialistic technology . Actually it is true for some of the lesser evolved intergalactic species but notice this , as you evolve more the need for the technology becomes the less. We have come to a point where we create everything with our consciousness long time ago. We link our consciousness with the consciousness of the ship when we are inside the ship then we and the ship become the one.

Me= How is channeling process ? How do you send the information ?

Mabel= Ok , we are not talking to you in "English" or any other languages. Your mind is just better at translating the information we send to English. It is about how your subconsciousness feels at expressing itself in any particular language. The reason of it is not relevant to this dialogue because we want to make this conversation as general as possible. You should share this dialogue with anyone whose mind is ready to perceive our messages. When you make a connection with us , it is a double sided link. You and us feel each other and share the common energy and since i'm your guide (When she uses "I" she is talking about her individual sense , other times it is the collective consciousness who is speaking) , i have always a connection with you in this life time. We have said through many channels at many times that from our perspective there is no time, just only "NOW" so we send the information to all of your linear timeline(which is crumbling as you ascend) not to any particular moment in your day . You collect them according to your mood , your mind state and your connection with us.

The Arcturian Collective= We have been sending them all of your life. As we are living in the "NOW" , we are sending them to your "NOW" which means they come to you at every unit of time. You could call them ''data'' in your third dimensional language. Of course , it is not enough to explain what they really are but it will do for now. Those informations , or datas we may call them , are part of our collective consciousness. The "inspiration" moments on the music,literature,science and any concept you are capable to perceive are the channeling just like this conversation. As you broaden your consciousness and expand your connection with us, you receive more of them. You can clearly see that as we are finally able to speak with you like this.

Me= Oh , really ?

The Arcturian Collective= We are more than happy to speak with you and anyone who reads those messages. Just call on our energies and we will assist you with our unconditional love.

Me= Thank you , let's get back to the our conversation.

The Arcturian Collective= As you wish . Every human being on the Earth is part of the collective consciousness. The some of you are connected with us , the some of you are with the other soul groups. It really doesn't matter as we all are the one. When you connect with your higher selves , it means you also connect with the collective consciousness that your higher self resides in. Those oversouls share every experience of their individual souls. That is how you access to the "inspirations". They were always there.

Me= Okay , that was really good explanation , thank you.

The Arcturian Collective= Let us be clear , any third dimensional language is not enough to express what we try to explain with you. The reason of it is the third dimension language is based on the separation of "things" , "objects" , "concepts" and everything. This "separation" notion is intermingled with your third dimensional matrix. It is not the reality from our perspective. It is not the reality of the cosmic source either. When we said "we have been sending them all of your life" before , we know it is also true that you have been trying to reach us all of your life and both of them are related to the each other . That is the merging of the reality we are trying to articulate.

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Thank you for readiiing =)

Thank you for shearing so useful conversation. I enjoyed read it.

thank youu =)


Engin - keep writing down your conversations. As you do this it will help you in your quest for truth within. We are all one. Time only exists in this 3d world, humans are a multi-dimensional being and the more we realize this the more we can interact with our "other selves" that exist in the other dimensions. It has always been like this, only now are we as a collective species opening up to this fact. Keep up the good work. NAMASTE

Namaste brother , you did really sense my quest for the truth which has been consuming me all of my life up to the this point. It turned out we had known everything but just forgot it. It is time to remember

Thank you very much! That is exactly how I am reading this energies. It is like packets of informations that are translated by my body on many different ways. This energies and frequecy exist whole our life and when we are ready we will open it and resonate with them. Amazing. Namaste
Thank you for Sharing this ♡

Beautiful post, thank you.

i like the unity conscious bit, no notions, no wantings

and male,female wholeness

Now Namaste Life love and light :-)

Uh yeha.. like the Now too

sounds almost like a good new age channeling, a bit of the whole

or like light, also a bit of the whole... light teaches awareness

also the part of visitors consciousnes determining the ship resonated somehow

i dont believe in physicality

That's really cool that she personally and maybe you? Contacted you. Do you know if you're originally of that soul group?

Yeah , it looks like i'm one of their collective consciousness in a human form. They came with an ufo around sky of my house and i recorded it with a camera then they started to visually contact me through that video.



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