If you have ever pulled a 40 hour work week (or even a 20 hour) it is likely that you have already come to embrace a single horrifying truth: if something is going to go wrong it will likely be on a Monday. So what's your memorable Monday moment?

Working as a receptionist I get to open letters, and just to be fancy I decided to use the letter opener. Sure enough I accidentally cut a 3 page invoice, AND a receipt in half. After ten minutes of anxiously positioning tape over the torn paper I presented my mistake to the big boss, but fortunately my mistake resulted in a gut wrenching laugh from upper management.

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Well, lets see...
1. You forget to set your alarm, so you're running late.
2. If you live near the city, traffic is pretty bad. Like usual, but worse since everyone is running that much slower.
3. You have a hang over from the night before.
4. You forget to do simple things resulting in events catching up with you.
5. Because everyone else is around you is either also running late or is always the early bird to avoid running late, there is tension around you the entire day
6. Your boss cracks the whip on you while he's watching you do all the work to recover from himself running late.
7. You say sorry for stupid reasons more so than usual.
8. You're tired 2 hours in to your shift. Exhausted 4 hours in. And at break, you almost fall asleep because of how unmotivated you feel as all you want to do is go home and not think about tomorrow.
9. Your mistake count improves if you're left alone, but as soon as you think about something else, you're distracted again so it climbs higher.
10. After work, you feel motivated to quit your job and continue working at the same time. So you don't have so much to do tomorrow.
11. After overtime, you make your way home, almost get into an accident and get arrested for speeding because the car behind you was going over the speed limit.
12. You go to the grocery store, pick up food, and make it to the check out only to see an hour long line up awaiting you.
13. After paying for your groceries, you realize you parked in a paid parking spot and you didn't pay enough. Resulting in you getting the second ticket of the day.
14. You finally make it home, only to realize you are now in debt because of the extra tickets you forgot to factor into your weekly budget.
15. You collapse into bed or on the couch watching a soap opera, forget to put the groceries away. By the time you realize your nap turned into a few hour slumber, it's too late to cook dinner. You put on a load of laundry you forgot to wash on the weekend, turn off the television, hop on the computer and try to catch up with your social life.
16. An hour goes by, and it's an hour before delivery stores stop serving food. You pick up the phone, order some expensive meal like Pizza or Chinese carry out, and wait to be charged a delivery fee and a tip while the food is being prepared.
17. You're still tired, so you go to the door just as you're rushing out of the bathroom as the delivery guy came sooner than you thought. You forget the groceries you placed there earlier were still there, and you trip over them while the guy impatiently knocks again.
18. You forget you leave your wallet on the coffee table with your keys and mobile phone, so you go back to retrieve it. Not realizing the delivery guy is looking around the entry way to your house with a disapproving look on his face when he sees the mes of grocery bags everywhere.
19. You apologize for the mess when you catch him out of the corner of your eye staring at the food you are sure by now is probably spoiled. He hands you the food in the bag and makes sure you don't trip a second time over the groceries, commenting you should really put them away before they expire, they look expensive.
20. He reminds you of being a scolded child considering your age in comparison. But you thank him for the concern, and set the bags down to pay him and then close the door remembering to at least lock it.
21. You put the groceries away first, thinking you're doing yourself a favor. Yet in the long run, by the time you finish, the food you ordered for delivery has gone cold.
22. You look at the time, think it's going to be another long day at work tomorrow, as you sit down to eat your delivered food, only to realize, you ordered from the restaurant you dislike the least. Now all you think about is the debt you have to pay along with the taxes your work takes from your miniscule net pay to just cover the week of expenses you have racked up furthest away from pay day.
23. You sigh, finish eating, and take the disposable containers out into the garbadge. But then realize your garbage is over flowing from last week as you left to visit a friend for the weekend. Memories of the two nights before, seem more of a dream than a happy time, because of the life you forgot to take care of briefly ran away from you.
24. You put a smile on your face knowing today is just another crazy Monday and that you'll probably thank yourself for taking care of things today, rather than tomorrow. It's just then that you realize you forgot to put away the clothes you placed in the laundry, so you let them go until you realize your bedding and tomorrows work uniform is among them.
25. Wondering why you even bother, you retrieve them. Now at this point, you can't wait to sleep. But remembering your alarm clock needs new batteries, your phone needs to charge and your teeth needs to be brushed before you can even consider climbing into bed, you put your mind and your body to work for the final task of the day one last time before drifting off into a dream filled slumber of numbness and achy relaxation.

Lol...yes, all those things !
only i got my ticket cuz i pulled a slow running stop on an empty road, exhilarated at the OT i just got.......and had to give to the gov't : (
and...am i the only one....who always has insomnia the night before work, after a couple of days off ??

but i had to chuckle, Zasha...yes, it will go faster and faster...they weren't kidding when they said 30's over the hill...once you start downhill, your speed picks up !
love, addy

Oh Monday you struck again! I got an email from an elder who's interest in spirituality is unquenchable, so I wound up spending three hours looking up facts to aid in her journey. Meanwhile two of my upper bosses were away sick, the phone would not stop ringing, and the executive CEO plopped a nice stack of papers to be sorted on my desk.

My only ray of light getting me through the day was thinking of a nice piece of canvas, and a collection of paint waiting for me at a friend's house. Surprise; she's gone to bed early!

So okay I can go out for dinner with the fiance, and rent a movie to make the day alright... OOPS he chose the new Power Ranger's movie, and Thuy Trang would be spinning in her grave if she could see what's become of her legacy!

Well there's nothing bad about bedtime is there?... Oh sure the landlord finally decided to crank up the heat, and my fiance might as well be a furnace for all the heat waves stifling my efforts to catch 40 winks. Yet another night curled up in the lazy-boy.

...and the curse of Monday takes hold again...

So I roll out of bed at 10 am with vague memories of an enjoyable weekend lingering on my brain. Gratefully grabbing the ice cold cup of coffee my fiance made for me 4 hours beforehand I chug half of it, and remind myself of all the things I need to do.

Half an hour later I'm out the door, and sitting at the doctor's office explaining why I couldn't make last week's appointment. After that I zip on down to the OTHER doctor's office to make an appointment THERE, which is where I run into one of the few people I know who's usually busier than me. Fortunately they've got an extra 5 minutes to drop me off at home, and I add myself to this week's list of "community members who need a helping hand".

I walk through the door to see my fiance boiling half a dozen eggs for a surprise lunch, and allow myself an hour to veg with him in front of the TV. Then I grab my ski poles, jump into my boots and head out for an afternoon shift. No sooner to I walk in than my co-worker starts complaining about the deviled eggs from last week's open house needing to be eaten, so I figure the protein into my diet and begin praying that I don't stink myself out of my room later on this evening... and then I gorge.

So 4 1/2 hours into my Monday I'm still attempting to fuel up, and surprise surprise my fiance shows up at the office holding a parcel from the post office. I peek inside to find... a painting from my mother and a letter from my father. Boy those care packages sure bring up a lot of mixed feelings, especially when you're hoping for something practical from parents who are best loved from a distance of 5,000 km.

Now I've got a somewhat creepy abstract painting sitting on my desk, a Klingon of the non-ET variety hanging around the office, people calling to ask what dentist my boss prefers, and a belly full of aged deviled eggs doing their thing.

Uhuh it's a Monday thing.

It begins....

My first day as a full time receptionist has to happen on a Monday

It's just easier to list all the things that went wrong so far.

1: The shredder decided to spill half its contents onto my shoe while I was emptying it.

2: My printer is broken (which my boss knew since Friday, and failed to mention when asking me to print labels).

3: The bank called to say we needed to hand over a check for $1,000.00, but after half an hour of running around to find paperwork they discover that it's another company who owes the money instead of ours... wrong number!

4: I forgot to make a lunch and I'm nearly broke.

5: I'm swamped with files that suddenly appeared on my desk before the last receptionist went on holiday.

..... and it's not even noon......

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