Please share your past life memories of Egypt here. I'll share mine later. Please don't post anything other than memories. I'd like to paint a bigger picture of what life was like back then.

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You wanna hear about the turn to and turn away from Akhenaten and one Source?

I resonate with Thoth, Ra.
Mostly thoth, ra comes to me "at times" :-)

I like that with drinking the tears of truth. Self-sustained.

Well before fall of Egypt I was high priestess/princess, I helped people in the pyramid with my tf, to heal, and to achieve cosmic consciousness, mostly the priests/esses did not many else. Not many willing to pay the price of letting go of the material, and their fears, especially fear of death. But I was trained in it. It depends alot on your programming as well. We used the great pyramid for it. It was all dark in there and people met their own self and their own demons in stages. The very few endured. My tf was evil ruler in that life or a nearby, similar life, where we again were royals, high priest/ess and he went for the cosmic consciousness to use for evil. Somehow he was murdered before he got to use it. I was the only one he ever truated and listened to, but he still raped me as i didnt agree with the idea that just because youre royal you have to get together. Still. I saved many from death as he listened to me. He was used by evil as a puppet, when he decide to turn they killed him.
In another life the royals wanted to use us each and nearly killed him alive but somehow the aueen fancy him and put a stop to it. That was a dark life.
Akhenathen, we were again high priest/ess and two lives one where I was male, Ive not been male in most lives. I prefer the female shape. We helped Akhenaten inteoduce the one living Source, prime Creator. We went back to the law of one, and it was peaceful and lots of wisdom. In the end, they killed us off, the evil priests, I was a female high priestess standing at the altar in the temple ready to fight to last drop. They were afraid of me as I was incosmic consciousness but decided to try anyway, it took them a while. I knifed eight I think before I passed. At least I made sure the records are safe. I was last man standing. And. I met death with no fear.

Can I ask which crystal you use, or at which point in time it came to you
I don't have any recollection, though I remember Thoth is me
Just like I remember a mathematician I see, is me, or the grass, the trees.

Sounds like you may be using Clear quartz

Or any special prayers or something you use to remember?

Maybe just naturally lucky to remember, or unlucky, depending on which kind of past life. Some consider them lucky, unlucky.

I got zero pastlife recall.
But when I see thigns in this world, i start to remember

How does it come to you?

it come to me in bursts....

I remember i.e. connection to dalai lama, eckhart tolle, beyond this world
Remember connection to egypt, beyond this world

But it's just such a strong feeling

May need to potentiate it, to remember

You use anything to remember?
I think when i used clear quartz, it aided me too , but it got lost recently

If you know that about 'losing crystals' ;-)

Some people remember past lives at 50 yrs old
Some at 10 yrs old, or 80yrs

I'm only 31 btw. Just wondering...

Was there something triggering your remembrance... because I think it is unusual to remember as detailed as you do
thats why i ask

I have been a high priestess many times and in atlantis law of one ive always had abilites seeing things, dreams, visions etc when i was a child i was before my time. Is all spontaneous. Visions, dreams. Its like watching tv. And i know when im in it or just observing. I have the observer controlled as well. Remember i was trained in all this, to the point of perfection and i lived in atlantis from the beginning til the end. Thats probably why its coming so easy. Ive had native medicine woman telling me i have a natural gift for the things people like her are doing, things she had to struggle with for years, I just have. She called me a natural talent. I was But anyway that might be why.
I would shoot on my high training. I still remember how to do dream work exactly how I was trained as I had flair for it back then. And of course all these stuff carried over to Egypt.

I remember using crystals but this life ive not when doing as it just flows.

Brother Toth was/is our closest brother in the law of one from atlantis.
Hi Hellen,do you remember a female alien named Kellima? I am asking this, because I was told I was involved in the Egyptian experiment. I also feel a conection to Toth.
No, but as a high priestess/royal i was in regular communication with the ets.

I resonate atlantis just as strongly
but only now due to meetin g atlantis people.....

everyone is like my own words, and what they value

but also the atlantis things resonated

i resonate with math, a mathematician i found 'randomly', then also thoth, and math this life too .... love it
i thik thoth was a mathematician too?:)

so if he was, it would explain my strong liking for math this life

that's 3x incarnations math, after all

but not sure i personally was thoth, just that i am thoth

just like i am what i see...

maybe i need to develop a self to find out , develop my self more, isnt that important to remember

i mean, we can only say i am... i am xx, if we have an 'I'

so the stronger i, better rememberance i would figure

without an i, we would have no need to remember

so i think remembrance is root,crownchakra

Do any of you remember Thoth having green eyes and pale skin?

I was Pharaoh about 3500 years ago :)

I remember the 'human' side of egypt and the side where the asetians/sethians were around. My only human life in egypt was as a high priest of Amon, the nonhuman one was with the sethians.



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