Please share your past life memories of Egypt here. I'll share mine later. Please don't post anything other than memories. I'd like to paint a bigger picture of what life was like back then.

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I have questions.

- How does anything (i.e. Earth) get destroyed more than once? For me "destroy" implies erase from existance - to no longer exist at all.

- Why do ET types always float the attitude of doing everyone/thing a "favor"..? "WE'RE SAVING THE WORLD!" How about not playing god and letting things be? And if matter doesn't die and keeps transforming, then...

- On a similar note, wouldn't interfering with saving those who wanted to die constitute infringing on "universal law"?

Those are pretty legit and interesting questions

Stating "the universe is cyclical" implies a very different thing from the "earth was destroyed". One suggests a natural process such as the life/death/rebirth cycle and the other implies direct intent, maybe even malevolent.

Keeping people in some ET petrie dish simulation illusion bullshit and wiping everyone's memory as you claim is -- manipulation/control/entrapment -- hardly honorable work by "allowing them to live". But ya know, "details".

There's a very valid point to pain and suffering and as a scientist I would expect you to understand that better. But if that was a sincere motivator, there is still PLENTY of it on earth for you.

Saving people is one thing. Encouraging suicide something entirely different. Don't confuse. I never implied that anyone should encourage someone's suicide, HOWEVER I'm referring to interfering with someone's free will to die and is very much against universal law even if you do not agree with the choice - it's not yours to make.

...a superiority complex, meddling in other civilizations, control and manipulation disguised as "betterment", blind to the possibility of the mal intent you might actually be doing, a disregard for others choices... Congratulations my almighty invasive overlord, you are way more HUMAN than previously thought!

If humans are not intended for this planet, then NO, we absolutely should not be here. Natural law always rights its wrongs ...but by all means, keep tooting your horn and waiving your parade flag.

You make many valid points Alou.

I believe in serving the whole multi universe.

I second the "gross" part.

I don't have as many memories as I should but one nice Memory is from when I was Cleopatra the seventh. Caesar came home and was hiding behind one of the large stone pillars at the palace. He jumped out and surprised Caesarian picking him up into the air. I was so happy to see him I was wearing a purple flowing dress. I don't have any memories before or after that but it is a sweet one.
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