Please share your past life memories of Egypt here. I'll share mine later. Please don't post anything other than memories. I'd like to paint a bigger picture of what life was like back then.

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I've remembered quite a lot and have years of my own confirmation and other psychics. Deities is just one of many races not something of worship, and I know I'm not an ET, I go by 'otherkin' my pantheon family is from the etheric plane cross here either through projection or gateways before they became lost.

But it's completely fine that you experienced something else from myself.

Not quite I remember quite a lot, I'm going by what I have discovered and what they have confirmed. I do not believe everything is ET, and from my own experience I am not of another planet but of another plane entirely.

It's fine, I have been into my self searching for over a decade now.

These beings are mythological,its funny how people try to call everything starsed and alien

Personally I do believe sirians and the egyptian pantheon conversed but I do not believe the sirians are the egyptian pantheon. Though I do agree some starseeds do have a tendency to label everything E.T, but I think it's a lot to do with articles online, but then it's possible some ETs did get marked in history/mythology (like the Pleiades) but not everything in myth is E.T

I do believe one of Isis form was dark haired too coz I was shown an image years ago I might need to do proper past life regression. But I do know her current form atm is blue skinned with gorgeous curls.
True dearest

A respected reader/channeler told me that in one of my past lives I was a black magician practicing witchcraft in the king's palace in ancient Egypt. It's where I supposedly brewed potions to enhance the mind and senses, making them peek in higher realities.

That really is amazing =o do you remember using blue lotus? I remember it was used in correlate with wine to help enhance the senses and sometimes slip one into an etheric projection or astral projection whichever they chose.

when I did readings (mainly on myself) and had other readers/channelers do the same usually from an assortment of communities so there was no frontload or bias read me they all came to see my true self as Nun then rebirthed as Set/Seth rather than reincarnation, when I rebirthed I retained my personality, my energy (void/chaos) but I was rebirthed through Nuit. After that I wanted to experience a human life and became one from there was a Priest of Amon.

To this day I keep in contact with the pantheon in the etheric.

Can you go into further detail when you say "our" reality. Is this simulation localized to humans on planet earth, meaning other planets have different simulations/realities?

And are we "supposed" to plug out of this reality into a different simulation or something "real"?

And would intervention be needed if humans were not tampered with in the first place?

Phew. Huge relief to know that only earth is a hologram, not the universe. According to the Matrix, this is the 5th earth cycle?

I did not know that earth was definitely going to go through catastrophic events, thinking that was only a probability. Must avoid fault lines and coastal areas I guess.

When you say everyone would have died if we did not intervene, this is a different event to the modification of our DNA from 12 to 2 by Annunaki? I've read that they altered the DNA, but have also read that they are actually the oldest and most benevolent members of the galactic council.

Yes, I did hear that the world would have had many more nuclear bombs going off were it not for intervention in the past 50 years. I also read that the change is supposed to be excruciating if the bodies are not developed enough. And time is going ultra quick its insane.

Are you telling me you are actually winging the procedure? As in seeing what works on your bodies and then trying this out followed by that? Gotta admit I thought it would be a little more organized :)

Do humans have to "do" anything to make the process run quicker? It seems to me that the ETs are just making constant upgrades and I'm not really doing that much, at least in terms of physical development. How long before we have 12 strands and are fully multi-dimensional and DNA fully activated? Is everyone being worked on at the same time in sequence?

I'm 'otherkin' rather than ET but it seems when someone has a different experience from yours you attack their experiences not knowing how long and how far they have delved into it. Then say you're not trying to change their minds when infact you are by stating their experiences aren't that far and the likes, but I'm more of a believer that once you find out things about yourself to seek outside psychic confirmations not to get proof but to help one's self, but that's just me.

ET signifies things that come from other planets yes I'm sure this earth has had ET contact, but this world also has things from other planes of existence which are not ET. I do not understand your Messiah complex, but something to think about.



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