Please share your past life memories of Egypt here. I'll share mine later. Please don't post anything other than memories. I'd like to paint a bigger picture of what life was like back then.

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Do any of you remember Thoth having green eyes and pale skin?
There is a possibility we might know one another cause I have a connection to Osiris he came and visited me he is Horus father who is Jesus Christ. The Osiris I know had brunette redish hair I believe that was one of his forms. I also have a connection with Seth.
Isis mother was blonde hair and blue eye.
I may have spelt Set name wrong
I do believe one of Isis form was dark haired too coz I was shown an image years ago I might need to do proper past life regression. But I do know her current form atm is blue skinned with gorgeous curls.

A respected reader/channeler told me that in one of my past lives I was a black magician practicing witchcraft in the king's palace in ancient Egypt. It's where I supposedly brewed potions to enhance the mind and senses, making them peek in higher realities.

These beings are mythological,its funny how people try to call everything starsed and alien

Can you go into further detail when you say "our" reality. Is this simulation localized to humans on planet earth, meaning other planets have different simulations/realities?

And are we "supposed" to plug out of this reality into a different simulation or something "real"?

And would intervention be needed if humans were not tampered with in the first place?

"it seems" - Only to you I'm afraid. And it is you who is reading into my comments what you wish.

I asked 3 questions. I'm just looking for information. Nothing aggressive in any way. What on earth are you talking about?

"It seems" that you need to chill out and perhaps use your brain to think before you post.

Please see below. He says it better. You do tend to project your own faults onto others and accuse them of undesirable traits which you embody.

Phew. Huge relief to know that only earth is a hologram, not the universe. According to the Matrix, this is the 5th earth cycle?

I did not know that earth was definitely going to go through catastrophic events, thinking that was only a probability. Must avoid fault lines and coastal areas I guess.

When you say everyone would have died if we did not intervene, this is a different event to the modification of our DNA from 12 to 2 by Annunaki? I've read that they altered the DNA, but have also read that they are actually the oldest and most benevolent members of the galactic council.

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