All my fellow starseeds/lightworkers,

This is my first time posting a new discussion here and I do read Cobra's posts, so I want to spread this info around about a synchronized meditation on Apr 11 (full moon). Try to join if you can at the specified time 8.08AM CEST as your efforts are critical for liberating the planet, and mainly the situation in Syria now. The aim is to reach critical mass of 144000, which was achieved in a similar peace meditation in end Feb this year. Soon after ISIL admitted defeat in Iraq on 1 March and as a result of reaching the critical mass the waiting time for the Compression Breakthrough to happen has been shortened by half! We can do it again <3 http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2017/04/make-this-viral-peace-meditat... Full details in his blog! Please remember to shield yourself well during this meditation! For starseeds here who have problems hindering them from meditation (like me), you can play a part by spreading this news on social media. Thanks a lot peeps <3 Love light and blessings, Gabby

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You can count on me.
Peace for all.

2:08 am EST

Might be able to swing this, shall do my best. :)


Thank you to all those who participate/spread this news to others! <3 Gaining momentum... <3 Victory to the light, blessings for all! Gabby

Definitely joining. Spreading this to others too!
~Lots of Love and Light on your way, always~ ^-^

Hi sweetheart,

The synchronized meditation is over already as it is a "special and urgent event" with the help of full moon and astrological configurations. Im sorry for not posting it earlier as Cobra posted it on 7 April, which was very sudden and surprising. But you can still join the weekly ascension meditation! The details are on prepareforchange.net.

I will wait for Cobra's update on what is the outcome of this meditation, stay tuned! He receives info from the Pleiadians physically, not through channelled info. Hopefully the critical mass is reached this time round too.

Anyway thank you so much babe <3 Love and blessings, Gabby

It's good, but thanks anyway! And yes, the other meditations seem like a great idea, thank you for telling! Will make sure to follow them. :)

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