major throat, third, and crown chakra blockages. can someone open them fully again?

In the past I've gotten destroyed which almost closed my third eye and crown chakra it's not fully open.. It feels weird as hell and it feels annoying and irritating when there not both fully open. I do experience a lot of anxiety in my throat chakra. If someone fully opens my throat, third eye and crown chakra I will donate money on papal if I feel a difference before and after. It's really just become a nuisance and my third and crown chakra itch like crazy. I'm alway scratching my head.

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If you studied human development, you would know that growing old is not growing feeble and senseless. Growing old is growing old. If you have a healthy lifestyle you will always be in your prime. There are people in their 100s who still work full-time careers.

Not necessarily, since I am apparently ascending into another false light dimension.

No, suffering is not necessary. We may learn through our joys as well. Living is not all suffering. What is necessary for growth is diversity of experience.

you can easily remove the death code from the DNA..and from your thinking.. one way is to throw out the idea that when you get older you get ugly and suffer.  The main idea is to clean these shadow ideas and mentality of lack from our thinking and this cleans the chakras and the DNA.

Morea, I really don't care what my body looks like. I don't judge others by their physical shell, and I certainly wouldn't judge me by mine. So long as my soul is happy and healthy, I am a beautiful spirit being. 

Besides, I don't believe my soul has any "appearance", per se. It is energy, and as such it "appears" with a wavelength unique to my consciousness. That is how it is identified. It does not look like a human in its teens or twenties. Likewise, my Higher Self has many appearances. I may take any form I please, and I favor my Arcturian form, not a human in its teens or twenties.

See, we are all very different. This may not be the right thing for you, but yours is not the only way. This may be the right thing for most of us, some of us, or perhaps just me.


Again the flower of life pops up. :) ive not seen it link to the kabalistic tree of life as such though.  This is another system that is similar to chakras, but not the same. I had a great deal of confusion when I was working with the middle pillar in the tree,  and trying to overlay the chakra system on top of it, as it doesn't quite fit. 

"I think the flaw is not in the energy centres but in those who seek to abuse them, and lack of understanding of them and how to use them."

Yes, that is an important distinction to make. Thank you. I agree.

"I have no idea if we could operate without the chakra system"

Certainly, humans have become dependent on them because chakras have become integrated within them. Removing them would be like removing internal organs. We would not function in a healthy manner-- we might all become sociopaths. On the bright side, it seems like a simple way to remove all attachments.

"Its like if I popped onto a forum and made the proclamation that all body hair is really something that we have been modified to have and is really a way for the government to control us and keep us trapped, and without me giving any real supporting theory, just expect everyone to just go " Oh really! Right im off so shave myself head to foot on just your say so!""

Haven't you heard, hairy people don't ascend? Shaving your body hair is the only way to ascend because body hair is a sign of animal consciousness, not god consciousness. Haha.

Haven't you heard, hairy people don't ascend? Shaving your body hair is the only way to ascend because body hair is a sign of animal consciousness, not god consciousness. Haha.

LOL :D  

only irked in a gentle way.. I was simply stating a point of view and I apologise if it came off negative and ego driven.

Thanks for taking the extra time to explain your views further, I will indeed research the site you mention and take it on board in the same way anything I hear that is new to me. I appreciate your time may be limited, so again thanks for using it to respond with further details on your view. 

Please dont react by removing all your comments and leaving.  They are indeed valued, as are you, and again I sincerely apologise for seeming dismissive.  I realise now it was unfair of me to do so... but Im sure you can appreciate that over the years I heard many odd ideas presented as "fact" only to find they are far from it, and that has resulted in a cynicism that probably is not beneficial or constructive.. its my human flaw.   The forum is about debate and discussion and we will all disagree on many points, but in future I will attempt to be less negative seeming in my responses and choose my words carefully to avoid offence and encourage positive discussion.

With deep respect and love, Sareyan

you are rising to your next level of order. The blockages are not really blockages they are your resistance to the light. welcome the feeling sip on cool purified water. You can stimulate the crown and third eye area by these three steps. With your right hand tap the top of your head in a circular rotation from right to left do this about five to seven times. Then with your right hand again tap the back of your head area in a circular motion from right to left again 5 to seven times. So on this step you are starting at the top back portion of your head then down behind your right ear area down again to the base of the skull moving then up to towards the back of the left ear area then once again your starting point at the back top of your head. The third step is just below your neck area tap once again in circular motion from right to left as you are doing this say out loud ha ha ha ha ha. What you are doing to these areas are rebooting them. You shoul feel a difference. Also to repeat the word relief in your mind will open these areas quite quickly. Know that you are safe. I will send light to you to help keep your light bright. The best to you always!



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