major throat, third, and crown chakra blockages. can someone open them fully again?

In the past I've gotten destroyed which almost closed my third eye and crown chakra it's not fully open.. It feels weird as hell and it feels annoying and irritating when there not both fully open. I do experience a lot of anxiety in my throat chakra. If someone fully opens my throat, third eye and crown chakra I will donate money on papal if I feel a difference before and after. It's really just become a nuisance and my third and crown chakra itch like crazy. I'm alway scratching my head.

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Daily regime of chakra toning and circulation of light.  

Also do a body scan in meditation and notice any cracks or blemishes in each of the chakras, and see them smooth over and polish them until the shine clearly, and then in the toning see them spin at teh same speed glowing clearly with the correct colour.

 I personally remove all attachments and cords from each chakra as the healthy ones will always grow back, but some prefer to identify the positive cords, and only cut the unwanted ones.  To cut I use a sword of fire, like AA Micheals, and see the cords burning right back to its origin so you are not leaving any "bits" of you lodged in other people.  Even if you dont know who it is, just the act of seeing it fizzle to dust right back to the anonymous person will be effective.  Its also common to find objects or fragments lodged in your chakras from past lives, past loves or traumas.  Trust your instinct and remove anything you sense and place it in your sacred inner temple for contemplation or disposal.  I found a dagger in my heart chakra once, and it has become an item of sacred power for me.

Again I share my chakra toniing instruction vid, but there are plenty out there if mine isnt to your liking.


Another helpful technique is to create blessed water (starting with a glass of water with a small amount of rock salt) and after building up golden energy in the crwon see it flow down you arm into your right hand as you circulate it, palm down, clockwise over the water for a minute or two, charging it with the energy from the crown.  As your third eye heals you will begin to be able to see the water glow with a silvery blue hue. Then drink the water and do this daily until you feel your chakras are healed.

I think its important to work on all chakras at once, rather than just focusing on the problematic ones, although you will probably give them slightly more attention than the others, it important to check them all over. If you dont you could end up with imbalance again due to the healed ones working faster than the others.

Heart Chakra = tuna in water.

Crown Chakra = pumpkin seeds.

Third Eye Chakra = Apple cider or apple cider vinegar. 

(Eat and or drink these prior to bed )

Drink filtered water preferably reverse osmosis, stop eating anything with fluoride in it or high fructose corn syrup. try and find foods with less then ten ingredients in them.

If you astral project ask your higher self to show you what else you need to open these chakras, the answers will come in this form.

From my experience your state of being allows your chakras to open or blocks them. Your focus upon blockages will reinforce them. Relaxation and allowing and general well being are the keys to natural activation, but ofcourse there are many tricks you can try to shift your vibe to a state where chakras can be active. 

I would like to try a meditation with you, but I probably won't take your money)

I cut all the chords of ´´anything less than love´´ and then I don´t need to think of which ones to cut..

I don´t think you want tuna for it contains mercury and other heavy metals.  Fish would be good for the second chakra.  Natural apple cider vinegar is a good idea...

The easiest way to clear your chakras is to clear your shadow.  There is a group here on ISN with lots of info on this.  Blocks in the throat chakra also connect with blocks in the second chakra and blocked emotions....so, work on the 2nd chakra will help clear the throat.  The crown chakra becomes opened and balanced when the other chakras are balanced and working.....it is important to work on all of the chakras.

Yes that's what I'm thinking. I changed my mind about meditation. It's a general vibration thing, emotional "programs", "shadow". I basically never activated my chakras directly, I worked on them when they were active, but initially it all comes from clear consciousness.

Do you have things in life that you hate, that irritate you? People you cant stand? Do you have conflicts with people? Is your ego healthy? etc. Those are all indicators, as well as emotional pain and many others. Healing, resolving, understanding, aligning with your higher self perspective are the ways to unblocking.

It´s good to balance the chakras by adding the colors and adding golden light as well...for when you balance the chakras you balance the mind and emotions as well. They won´t be completely balanced until we clear our shadow, but balancing them every day is helpful so you don´t get too unbalanced or wobble.  The different frequencies of energiey are different levels of consciousness as well,,,so working with energy balances the mind.  The chakras also resonate with the brain and DNA and much more....it´s all multidimensional and interconnected..

cool chart! :) 

Singing helps for the whole body mind system!  Nothing better than a good sing, especially really letting loose and losing any self consciousness/ embarrassment.

 Also as part of my balancing and clearing techniques I try to find the sound that best expresses and really touches the issue, block or tension in the part of the body I feel it originates. .  Sometimes just expressing things through guttural groans, grumbles, shouts and roars at varying pitches and tones until you find it really hits the spot, can be very effective in releasing tensions you havent been able to verbalise.  It was something Antonin Artuad based a whole form of theatre on! :)

Just an additional thought...

I think its important to remember that although we are viewing this from a spiritual perspective the energy centres are intrinsically linked to emotional states and so working to balance and clear them will also require some emotional release and healing, and possibly honest reflection in a journal,  with a good friend, or even a therapist depending on you budget and preference.  

You said "in the past ive been destroyed".. and im very curious to know what that means.. but if its too personal I understand if youd rather not share.

Dealing with only the esoteric aspects ignores what can often hold the root of the problem, and that is past psychological traumas that havn't been processed correctly.  We often forget that its mainstream science that denies the effects / existence of spirituality and not the other way round, and to be truly effective healers we must be properly holistic, not exclusive.

With deepest respect i have to disagree. I think it is you who has been deceived.  I am of the very strong opinion that what you believe is actually the lies created by the false light system, in order to turn us against the very things that will heal us.  Its the oldest trick in the book to convince people what is good is bad and bad is good.

I have no single grain of doubt that the energy centres are extremely important and nothing in my spiritual development over the past 23 years has contradicted this.  It is through my work with my chakra system that I have managed to achieve the progress and healing that has brought to a wonderful period of stability, happiness, joy and contentment i have in my life right now.  I dont doubt that maybe at higher levels they become obsolete, but certainly not yet. 

Knowledge of the chakras in varying descriptions are contained within mystery teachings and ancient spiritual paths dating back 10's of 1000's of years, and is even contained in christianity if you look just a little deeper at the lords prayer.  I cant believe for a moment that all the many, many highly evolved great masters and adepts in the history of Earth failed to realise that they are used against us.

In disregarding, and worse still, attempting to eliminate your chakras will indeed leave you open to any amount of serious interference by entities with malintent, as it will leave yourself open and unprotected, and so then, yes, the chakras can and will be used against you.

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