major throat, third, and crown chakra blockages. can someone open them fully again?

In the past I've gotten destroyed which almost closed my third eye and crown chakra it's not fully open.. It feels weird as hell and it feels annoying and irritating when there not both fully open. I do experience a lot of anxiety in my throat chakra. If someone fully opens my throat, third eye and crown chakra I will donate money on papal if I feel a difference before and after. It's really just become a nuisance and my third and crown chakra itch like crazy. I'm alway scratching my head.

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Daily regime of chakra toning and circulation of light.  

Also do a body scan in meditation and notice any cracks or blemishes in each of the chakras, and see them smooth over and polish them until the shine clearly, and then in the toning see them spin at teh same speed glowing clearly with the correct colour.

 I personally remove all attachments and cords from each chakra as the healthy ones will always grow back, but some prefer to identify the positive cords, and only cut the unwanted ones.  To cut I use a sword of fire, like AA Micheals, and see the cords burning right back to its origin so you are not leaving any "bits" of you lodged in other people.  Even if you dont know who it is, just the act of seeing it fizzle to dust right back to the anonymous person will be effective.  Its also common to find objects or fragments lodged in your chakras from past lives, past loves or traumas.  Trust your instinct and remove anything you sense and place it in your sacred inner temple for contemplation or disposal.  I found a dagger in my heart chakra once, and it has become an item of sacred power for me.

Again I share my chakra toniing instruction vid, but there are plenty out there if mine isnt to your liking.

Another helpful technique is to create blessed water (starting with a glass of water with a small amount of rock salt) and after building up golden energy in the crwon see it flow down you arm into your right hand as you circulate it, palm down, clockwise over the water for a minute or two, charging it with the energy from the crown.  As your third eye heals you will begin to be able to see the water glow with a silvery blue hue. Then drink the water and do this daily until you feel your chakras are healed.

I think its important to work on all chakras at once, rather than just focusing on the problematic ones, although you will probably give them slightly more attention than the others, it important to check them all over. If you dont you could end up with imbalance again due to the healed ones working faster than the others.

I cut all the chords of ´´anything less than love´´ and then I don´t need to think of which ones to cut..

Heart Chakra = tuna in water.

Crown Chakra = pumpkin seeds.

Third Eye Chakra = Apple cider or apple cider vinegar. 

(Eat and or drink these prior to bed )

Drink filtered water preferably reverse osmosis, stop eating anything with fluoride in it or high fructose corn syrup. try and find foods with less then ten ingredients in them.

If you astral project ask your higher self to show you what else you need to open these chakras, the answers will come in this form.

I don´t think you want tuna for it contains mercury and other heavy metals.  Fish would be good for the second chakra.  Natural apple cider vinegar is a good idea...

Do as you please, but first read. You can try mentally clearing your chakras but I think it is a wiser choice to open the chakras first through proper nutrition. With a healthy mind and body it will be much easier to accomplish that which you want to do. I don't see how clearing your shadow, visioning light or singing will accomplish anything. All my chakras are open thanks to my higher self and his recommendations but everyone is different. 

powessy,,Of course eating healthy is important for wrong diet or low quality food affects ones thinking as well as their body. Everyones chakras are open to a certain degree or we would not be alive, for the chakras control the body functions as well.  The chakras are supposed to open and close,,they do this several times during the day...this does not mean that they do not have blocks as well.  Also the chakras can get stuck or be too open...they should be 1/2 way open and balanced..look at the chart posted below for it shows the negative qualities of having the chakras too open.

All sound and color affects the energy and the water inside the body and visualization is one of the best ways to bring your 3rd eye online... Each chakra resonates with a particular color and frequency, so this is a direct way to influence the chakras.  All thoughts, words and ideas have frequency as well, so we also directly affect the chakras with our thinking. Our shadow is negative thinking patterns that block the flow of energy through the chakras and thus the body.

here is a pic showing how the mind and sound changes the physical energy changes the physical (which is also energy)

I use pumkin seed oil on my salads, or I put it on veg...we produce a lot of pumkin seed oil around here ..

The last link you posted was good. We don´t have fluoride in the water here and the water comes from a spring inside a mountain.  I use Natural apple cider vinegar every day..

...All food and spices are medicine and food for the energy body as well.(unless you eat junk food and GMOs, then they are poison.)  One should eat food and spices for all the chakras, this is another way to keep them balanced....and it balances the mind as well.

Hello Living light

The three chakras that I listed can be cleared with the foods I have specified, The throat chakra will open with these being in balance.  The Root and solar plexus chakra's will also open as one can gain the clarity and calmness to make rational decisions as the mind quiets and brings us into balance. Dark chocolate can be consumed to assist in opening the sacral chakra this increases the blood flow to the body. I know their are many lists out there but this is my recommendation for who ever wants to listen. We are essentially a collage of what we eat so to me the first step to opening ones chakras is to eat the foods that will assist in this process, once this is done all the other really cool stuff begins. 

Not everyone's chakras are opening as you suggest or everyone  would be here on this forum asking the same questions we are talking about. It is when your chakras are open or have closed that we realize we have lost or gained something bringing us to seek answers.

If your chakras are in balance the so called shadow will disappear and your soul will then emerge or ascend to assist you in riding your life of all the unimportant noises.   

From my experience your state of being allows your chakras to open or blocks them. Your focus upon blockages will reinforce them. Relaxation and allowing and general well being are the keys to natural activation, but ofcourse there are many tricks you can try to shift your vibe to a state where chakras can be active. 

I would like to try a meditation with you, but I probably won't take your money)

The easiest way to clear your chakras is to clear your shadow.  There is a group here on ISN with lots of info on this.  Blocks in the throat chakra also connect with blocks in the second chakra and blocked, work on the 2nd chakra will help clear the throat.  The crown chakra becomes opened and balanced when the other chakras are balanced and is important to work on all of the chakras.

Yes that's what I'm thinking. I changed my mind about meditation. It's a general vibration thing, emotional "programs", "shadow". I basically never activated my chakras directly, I worked on them when they were active, but initially it all comes from clear consciousness.

Do you have things in life that you hate, that irritate you? People you cant stand? Do you have conflicts with people? Is your ego healthy? etc. Those are all indicators, as well as emotional pain and many others. Healing, resolving, understanding, aligning with your higher self perspective are the ways to unblocking.

It´s good to balance the chakras by adding the colors and adding golden light as well...for when you balance the chakras you balance the mind and emotions as well. They won´t be completely balanced until we clear our shadow, but balancing them every day is helpful so you don´t get too unbalanced or wobble.  The different frequencies of energiey are different levels of consciousness as well,,,so working with energy balances the mind.  The chakras also resonate with the brain and DNA and much´s all multidimensional and interconnected..



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