iam looking for others who share reptilian DNA wither you be dragons, dracos or reptilians.. iam a dragon soul but have draco and dragon DNA. i am needing info on if you have physical DNA if we have similar health issues, what can you not eat? or abilities you share..physical or energy wise? if you have soul how your astral body affects your physical body and the abilities you have? i know this is a lot of sensitive info but i need to know what powers, health and other things come from which one...we dont have parents here to show us what we are or how to be..our roots.. all we have is each other...if you feel to uncomfortable please feel free to personal message me of what you want to share..

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doing perrty horribly actually XD but i will not go into that cattiwompus part of my life on here.. i have hurd that there is reptilians on mars. but the ones i encounter never tell me where they are from..exspet my star seed family i know there origins. would be nice if they would tell me more about them. it took me along time jsut to get my star seed family to talk to me

How did Uze discover3d that Dragon has DNa?
I think I hav3 a dragon Because I once saw an egg in the toilet. It wasn't like chicken. more like snake.

first off i dont understand human sarcasm well so yeah if that was a attempt to make in fun of me...yeah lost me.... if you even took the time to read my bio or my threads its says how.



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