iam looking for others who share reptilian DNA wither you be dragons, dracos or reptilians.. iam a dragon soul but have draco and dragon DNA. i am needing info on if you have physical DNA if we have similar health issues, what can you not eat? or abilities you share..physical or energy wise? if you have soul how your astral body affects your physical body and the abilities you have? i know this is a lot of sensitive info but i need to know what powers, health and other things come from which one...we dont have parents here to show us what we are or how to be..our roots.. all we have is each other...if you feel to uncomfortable please feel free to personal message me of what you want to share..

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I dont if this is a dragon trait but my maternal family and I are anemic we are low in blood and need iron foods

i to run low iron normally and low metals in blood as well. much meat foods since i dont have to worry about cholesterol aperintly. i can eat my diet mostly nothing but meat for months and for some reason even with no exercise my body is like i got this. my chem testing was amazingly dead even except my calcium.

Hi 5 dearest I am glad we have something in common I was a staunch vegan before. Was very skinny now I eat meat again and feel like turning vegan again at times. I am like you too but I feel bad eating meat.

i understand that all life is precious but when you have life sense and the ability to talk or connect to plant synapses eating plants is no different than eating meat at that point to me. a life is a life and as long as one understands the sacrifice that was made so one can eat and survive then their death is not in vain. just because plants can not look you in the face does not mean they do not feel pain. lol

So true dearest :) I agree.

I am looking for a tail...

arnt you the dragon that ate yours? @.@

I was talkinf about someone else that time

ohz XD lol.

Hey :)

i'm in the process of figuring out my galactic lineage, but I feel like I have connections with benevolent reptilian beings. They have communicated with me from mars (I'm not sure if they're benevolent) and I had a vision of a reptilian spirit guide of mine, smiling at me. :)

I am allergic to almost all nuts, they can kill me haha. I also have quite severe allergies to mammals like cats and dogs, even though I love them. xD I have had chronic asthma since I was born, and I'm extremely light-sensitive.

Psychic-wise, I have been reiki healing for 3 years, and I have been clairvoyant since I was a child. I am starting to develop clairaudience, and I can hear entities communicate more coherently with me.

I hope you are doing well :)

Are you racist?



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