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I dont if this is a dragon trait but my maternal family and I are anemic we are low in blood and need iron foods
Hi 5 dearest I am glad we have something in common I was a staunch vegan before. Was very skinny now I eat meat again and feel like turning vegan again at times. I am like you too but I feel bad eating meat.
So true dearest :) I agree.

I am looking for a tail...

I was talkinf about someone else that time

Hey :)

i'm in the process of figuring out my galactic lineage, but I feel like I have connections with benevolent reptilian beings. They have communicated with me from mars (I'm not sure if they're benevolent) and I had a vision of a reptilian spirit guide of mine, smiling at me. :)

I am allergic to almost all nuts, they can kill me haha. I also have quite severe allergies to mammals like cats and dogs, even though I love them. xD I have had chronic asthma since I was born, and I'm extremely light-sensitive.

Psychic-wise, I have been reiki healing for 3 years, and I have been clairvoyant since I was a child. I am starting to develop clairaudience, and I can hear entities communicate more coherently with me.

I hope you are doing well :)

Are you racist?

Does dinosaurs count to? Hallo rainbow, they let me in.
For those who don't know I am a raptor otherkin, hehe, raptor means that people get headaches.

So I believe that I have dragon DNA in the soul level since I discover that I was a red dragon in one of my past lives recently. Right now, I have fair amount of dragons hanging around me now including this one black dragon that I believe is one of my soul mates. Also I am in contact with this lizard that lives in Andromeda. I believe he is a scientist which I am helping in his research.
With me, I am a very picky eater. I am quite sensitive, inside and out which can be a curse or a blessing. I am a fairly healthy person. If I get too stressed out, I will get sick though.
I love the sun too but it can to be too much for my eyes. Just this afternoon, I was sitting outside with my family. The sun started to bother my eyes so I ended up going inside. I wish I didn't forget my sunglasses. Oh well though.



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"Thankyou, Love and light. Namaste"
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check-up for hybrids

"can you please give me more info on how you got this picture? Do you know about the med beds that…"
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Misha I AM loved Suzanne's photo
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Alea Celeste replied to Dean's discussion Sivananda Daily Readings 17 March 2018 - Yogasara-Upanishad Mantra – 11: Dharana (concentration) is fixing the mind on an idea or a point or object either internal or external
"This is quite helpful!"
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Lucid Dreaming, Dream Work, Reiki Session and Energy Cleanse ASMR

Lucid dreaming and dream work are incredible experiences used either to control and create in your dreams, manifest, heal, receive messages, meet your guides...
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