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I dont if this is a dragon trait but my maternal family and I are anemic we are low in blood and need iron foods
Hi 5 dearest I am glad we have something in common I was a staunch vegan before. Was very skinny now I eat meat again and feel like turning vegan again at times. I am like you too but I feel bad eating meat.
So true dearest :) I agree.

I am looking for a tail...

I was talkinf about someone else that time

Hey :)

i'm in the process of figuring out my galactic lineage, but I feel like I have connections with benevolent reptilian beings. They have communicated with me from mars (I'm not sure if they're benevolent) and I had a vision of a reptilian spirit guide of mine, smiling at me. :)

I am allergic to almost all nuts, they can kill me haha. I also have quite severe allergies to mammals like cats and dogs, even though I love them. xD I have had chronic asthma since I was born, and I'm extremely light-sensitive.

Psychic-wise, I have been reiki healing for 3 years, and I have been clairvoyant since I was a child. I am starting to develop clairaudience, and I can hear entities communicate more coherently with me.

I hope you are doing well :)

Are you racist?

Does dinosaurs count to? Hallo rainbow, they let me in.
For those who don't know I am a raptor otherkin, hehe, raptor means that people get headaches.

So I believe that I have dragon DNA in the soul level since I discover that I was a red dragon in one of my past lives recently. Right now, I have fair amount of dragons hanging around me now including this one black dragon that I believe is one of my soul mates. Also I am in contact with this lizard that lives in Andromeda. I believe he is a scientist which I am helping in his research.
With me, I am a very picky eater. I am quite sensitive, inside and out which can be a curse or a blessing. I am a fairly healthy person. If I get too stressed out, I will get sick though.
I love the sun too but it can to be too much for my eyes. Just this afternoon, I was sitting outside with my family. The sun started to bother my eyes so I ended up going inside. I wish I didn't forget my sunglasses. Oh well though.



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