Looking for info on Reptilian customs, traditions, culture, etc.

Hey everyone :) I recently started a book series concerning Earth's limitations, and just the fact that it is a prison planet, in the process of becoming a prism planet(all colors/races unite in love). So far, I have written a lot about primarily felines, carians, a bit about elephant species, and even less about dragons, all coming to Earth to bring balance, and LOVE.

But I was hoping to get some insight into reptilian culture and traditions, as my next character is going to be a reptilian girl. Not yet sure her exact characteristics, but I do know that she will be good, and that she and her people have lived inside a mountain their whole lives, as they don't want to be found out, and labeled as evil because of their race and thrown into prison. Any information on any reptilian races is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance y'all <3

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Fascinating! Thank you for posting this. I think it could semi be truth.

I can provide more detailed information if you desire it, but in general enough terms for a creative writing project, the Orion culture is reducible to a few patterns. 

Pride is the fundamental virtue. Pride as they conceive of it is closer to esteem or veneration than arrogance or ego in that it is a measure of collective opinion and not simply one's opinion of oneself. It is the sort of respect that one conveys to an apex predator or a force of nature, an entity whose power is self-evident. Individuals each seek to attain it in their own way. Cultivating strength. Exhibiting fearlessness. Exercising competence. These are subsidiary virtues which, if possessed in pure form and applied appropriately, merit proud stature. Competition among peers is fierce; necessarily so, if one is to convincingly demonstrate his or her superior ability. As a consequence, individuals boasting false pride are quickly humbled. 

The hierarchy is absolute. It does not need to be enforced upon the collective; the overwhelming majority willingly subordinate themselves to higher castes. This is a function of reptilian pride; caste is meritocratic, achieved rather than ascribed. Informally, groups and communities are striated according to ability. Deference is accorded to the individual who proves to be stronger, more cunning, more dexterous, or whatever virtue is deemed operational in the social context. Lacking a collective objective, strangers and acquaintances privilege physical stature whereas close friends privilege intelligence. This means that, in most circumstances, individuals move fluidly into and out of the dominant position. 

Rationalism prevails. Their thinking is predominantly utilitarian, oriented toward comprehension and problem-solving. Individuals are stoic, exhibiting a narrow spectrum of emotion. This is not necessarily a statement on reptilians' ability to feel a broad range of emotion; it is a matter of custom. Public outbursts indicate a lack of self-control and discipline. Frustration and anger are exhibited most often as they are free from sanctions, indicators that an individual is sufficiently challenging him- or herself. Happiness and amusement are also free from sanctions, provided they manifest in an appropriate context. Emotions such as sadness, grief, fear, anxiety, love, affection, and disgust are subject to censure, and individuals who exhibit them publicly will often reflexively mask their display with shame. 

All of this is to paint with broad strokes about a highly individualistic society, of course, but it describes the common condition. It should be said that often the most interesting characters are the ones who betray the normative condition. 

Thank you Zaikan! This will help me a lot

not everything said or disclosed.

But nice alignment or enlightened and inspiring insights:)

Love and Blessings


Though I kinda agree with Zaikan statement that dracos are emotionally strict when it comes to emotions. However, not all are like that my family displays love and affection fully but I have bern warned of other species of dracos whom I shouldn't intermarry with. Some got a great sense of humour and are vegans.
Krish I strongly suggest contact Asar Ciakar (I think I spelt it wrong) I was talking to him the other day how we are wrongly stereotyped.
I know some dracos display erratic display of foolishnes lol

Fully correct, specially around the main capital planets... it"s the reason why a few of us chose to move away. Still, discipline, hierarchy, dignity, self-control, pride-patriotism, rationalist-utilitarian mind are "cultural" traits almost innate to all draconian-directly-related races since these been respected and honored since ages. However, to live on the outskirts of the Empire had it's own advantages (specially concerning amusements and arts, at least in private at default to be openly publically expressed or tolerated). The proximity and exchanges with alien species in remote colonies however helped to soften these traits there ("In Rome, do as the Romans").

He contacted me in private!!  

I answered as i could. But the reptilian genre is too wide to be culturally generalized as an homogenous whole. Just thinking to the Nagas, or the dinosoïds, or the carians, or the draconians.... just there you can get 4 totally different types of cultures... and the reptilian genre counts at least 50 sub-species, races and sub-races... divided in factions and castes... on different isolated planets populated or not by natives. Character traits generally remain fairly the same, but for the rest... the reptilian culture is a complex patchwork.

I have a friend who been from a warrior caste (wing'less massive orange-reds), and instead of the hierarchical and disciplined mind, he's pretty rough on the edges and much less formal (like a viking mercenary could be?)... and kind of venerated some sort of primitive warrior god/hero of some sort. Reptilians comes in a wide variety of size and shapes, and along with castes and factions... some are "particularly unique in their ways"... and not always in a glorious fancy noble way... XD

Good luck on your writing!  It sounds fascinating!  Here's what I have:

An article I channeled about Dragons:


An interesting book about Reptilian Spiritual knowledge and tradition:

Return of the Serpents of Wisdom by Mark Amaru Pinkham


Also, you might check out this Belly Dancer, Le'ema Kathleen Graham:

Dancing the Inner Serpent: Memoirs of a Suburban Snake Priestess

Snake Yoga: Sacred Feminine Wisdom

you could check out the work of anton parks Ages-of-Uras-The-Secret-of-the-Dark-Stars-Anton-Park.pdf

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