Looking for info on Reptilian customs, traditions, culture, etc.

Hey everyone :) I recently started a book series concerning Earth's limitations, and just the fact that it is a prison planet, in the process of becoming a prism planet(all colors/races unite in love). So far, I have written a lot about primarily felines, carians, a bit about elephant species, and even less about dragons, all coming to Earth to bring balance, and LOVE.

But I was hoping to get some insight into reptilian culture and traditions, as my next character is going to be a reptilian girl. Not yet sure her exact characteristics, but I do know that she will be good, and that she and her people have lived inside a mountain their whole lives, as they don't want to be found out, and labeled as evil because of their race and thrown into prison. Any information on any reptilian races is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance y'all <3

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I was literally about to say the same thing.
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I am not racist I am pragmatic, but your a Label-er you labile what you don't understand

Ha! Ironic.

@Malcolm Hazel

A. You call it fact while you are basically leeching off another persons perspective&experience, which is in this case david icke's. (if you can even call that experiences)

B. There is no physical evidence to support your statement, therefore it is not a fact.

I cannot take you seriously.

One of my books is about reptilians. But it's not meant to be an accurate portrayal at all. My reptilians have a kind of feudal empire built around honor and survival of the fittest with their religious icon being one of the first prehistoric reptilians to develop weapons which allowed them to dominate the natural food chain in ancient times, and are now thriving in a society that harvests fish farms. It is considered honorable in their culture to fight with only tooth and claw Amon peers, weapons being reserved for the lowest class of soldiers. They only use vegetation as a seasoning for food and food for slaves that do not consume meat as regularly as the reptilians do.

They have extravagant bathhouses even within the castle walls of each lord and they keep primitive amphibians as house pets like cats and dogs.

A province in the the northern parts of the continent teaches its people a type of qigong in order to survive the cold climates, becoming pseudo warm bloods through exercises. These become special ops soldiers who can wage war in cold climates.

But like I said. Not a representation of real reptilians.
Thank you, Empress. Have a blessed day/night

Fascinating! Thank you for posting this. I think it could semi be truth.

My draco kind are human shapeshifters and can range in many races. Alot I know are heavily vegan.

Here is some info I remember - old post.

Be in peace and with love always


Thank you all it is much appreciated



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