Looking for info on Reptilian customs, traditions, culture, etc.

Hey everyone :) I recently started a book series concerning Earth's limitations, and just the fact that it is a prison planet, in the process of becoming a prism planet(all colors/races unite in love). So far, I have written a lot about primarily felines, carians, a bit about elephant species, and even less about dragons, all coming to Earth to bring balance, and LOVE.

But I was hoping to get some insight into reptilian culture and traditions, as my next character is going to be a reptilian girl. Not yet sure her exact characteristics, but I do know that she will be good, and that she and her people have lived inside a mountain their whole lives, as they don't want to be found out, and labeled as evil because of their race and thrown into prison. Any information on any reptilian races is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance y'all <3

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Thank you Setesh. :)
Much appreciated,

Also, all if anyone is an illustrator or artist who would perhaps be willing to draw out my characters, please do PM me.

You can try the E,T. Whisperer on Youtube, he's a Reptilian.

Thank you very much!

Reptilians have a hierarchy, and they live for a very long time. I see them, I interact with them on a daily basis. Mine thinks cuttlefish look like something tasty to eat. He loves video games, like WoW or whatever I happen to be playing. If there's an incarnate reptilian, chances are they cannot live without their tech or they are exact opposite and want to go live like a hermit somewhere in a cave lol. I imagine they are very handy with tools, and extremely intelligent, yet paranoid. They love to perform, and sing, and supposedly many celebrities are reptilian hybrids, to support this fact. You wouldn't off the bat think so, but many incarnate reptilians are very beautiful. I've been a reptilian many times, but I'm in the process of remembering. I hope this helps. I would be interested in your story. Feel free to ask me and my team more questions. There's subspecies of reptilians. The ones with wings and tails and horns are most powerful. Some just have tails and horns. Then some just have tails. Their eyes are yellow with black slits. They can be kind and nurturing. Their tails can be used as a weapon.

Thank you for that Nichi :) If you don't mind, I would very much like to ask you some questions over chat as well

have you tried David icke on YouTube

Yes but I want more on Benevolent Reptilians. He goes way too far into one side of the spectrum without even acknowledging the light in their race. I'm not going to feed into the fear and racism he creates and perpetuates.

Tbh light is just a form of energy rather than the starwars concept of it being "good" or "bad" Imo. Even then good and bad are a matter of perspective.

Also, I agree that david icke is creating fear and being racist.

True. Poor word choice on my part. 'Benevolence' would have been better.

if you was to say don't put you arm to close to that crocodile it'll bite your arm off that is not racist against the crocodile it's a matter of fact

We'really really not talking about crocodiles. We're actually asking about sentient beings with feelings. Sure they feel things in different ways than humans do, nevertheless they are still felt. Get off this thread if you're going to be racist about it.

@Malcom Hazel

That's ridicilous. I mean it's possible that he's just scared and confused himself thus creating fear. But saying things such as that would be equal to "Felines(the alien ones) are evil because if you come too close to a lion it will attack you" this is why I strongly disagree with your statement.



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