Hey Starseeds, we must start to organize the 'new atlantis' instead of just complaining, like myself. Look at it this way: we can make it how we want! The angels will guide us. We don't even need to ask the angels too much because it will come naturally, we should just use our fantasy and creativety. (I spelled that word wrong to be creative).

I sit here in Scotland in a big roundabout in the middle of nowhere 15 kilometers east from Glasgow, just ate a salad. I have internet on my phone. I live in a tent at the moment, with electricity cables in to the tent, and I have a heater so I will not be cold. Today I bought loads of food at Lidl. A local friend and his dad helps me a lot.
I was sitting in the tent today thinking by myself: why not just raise the new Atlantis with my own hands? I'm not god, at least I hope I am not god. But with all the melancholy I got from the year 2013; the year nothing could go wrong; I feel I could use that feelings to raise a new Golden age. Is there more people out there who are feeling the same? I believe it was many stories in 2013 in the world that could have a different outcome; even the angels didn't know if we would get future A or future B. The Gods only knew it beforehand, I think.
Sorry if it sounds bullshit, it doesn't matter now anyways, except for the fact that I personally can use 2013 as inspiration.

I will probably end up traveling a lot between Luton airport near London and Kutaisi airport in Georgia, the country. Often it cost 30 euros with WizzAir. And from Kutaisi it is 3 hours to Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, and from Tbilisi it is 7 hours bus to Yerevan, capital of Armenia.

I love Scotland so far. They have so much traditions here, for example now at days it is bag pipe national competition in Glasgow, for the 70th year.

We are the citizens of the Earth. We must take the first steps, we can not just wait for the Landings, because they are probably waiting as much for us.

Just my little personal 'wake up call' for you all.
God bless everybody.

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Blog post 2

Hi all. Today I had a tuff start of the day. My shoes was wet! Much rain during the night, and some came in to the tent, under the shoes, totally wet shoes. Plan was to go to the gym, I waited instead. Rain rain rain, windy, I was angry with people in Norway, in the end I deactivated my two Facebook accounts. In the end I walked to the gym in my wet shoes. Was training for about 1,5 hours. Then I found out I could use the hand dryer at the toilet for my shoes! So I washed my shoes in the sink with clean water, and then voila!
Now I'm in a bar near the camping site. This is actually first time in my life I buy a beer when I go to a bar all alone.. kind of depressing isn't it.. because here I can watch youtube on wifi, I try to find some interesting inspiring things. Just watched this beautiful video then I decided to make another blog post: https://youtu.be/R0xoMhCT-7A

Well, to be honest I like a girl in Georgia. I was living with her and her brother and their parents and her brothers wife and her brothers+wifes little son. First 4 months from end of september 2015. Then I thought she was getting married so I runned away. But her brother keep asking me to come back. So after one year I came back to the guesthouse. And I was surprised she was not married. Then I was living there another 4 months. Then this girl 5.June this year told me "Today is my day, today I will get married.", and then I runned away again. Flight to Italy. Her brother told me she was not married but how can I know. Then I wrote a lot of messages to her brothers wife about everything openly, I thought she hated me for this stupid messages. Then she did not write me back for awhile I could just see that she read my messages. I wrote to her much about her brothers sister, the girl I like. Then suddenly two days ago she wrote me two short messages: "hello" and "please come". So I am very confused. Maybe her husbands sister likes me, and maybe she was not married. Well, I think a guy purposed to her during the first 4 months I was there, her driving teacher probably, and she maybe said Yes, and then they planned to get married 5.June the year after.

Now they are closing here at the bar so I must finish blog post 2. This girl she was a model before and now she study to become eye doctor like her dad.

God bless all!!

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