Hey Starseeds, we must start to organize the 'new atlantis' instead of just complaining, like myself. Look at it this way: we can make it how we want! The angels will guide us. We don't even need to ask the angels too much because it will come naturally, we should just use our fantasy and creativety. (I spelled that word wrong to be creative).

I sit here in Scotland in a big roundabout in the middle of nowhere 15 kilometers east from Glasgow, just ate a salad. I have internet on my phone. I live in a tent at the moment, with electricity cables in to the tent, and I have a heater so I will not be cold. Today I bought loads of food at Lidl. A local friend and his dad helps me a lot.
I was sitting in the tent today thinking by myself: why not just raise the new Atlantis with my own hands? I'm not god, at least I hope I am not god. But with all the melancholy I got from the year 2013; the year nothing could go wrong; I feel I could use that feelings to raise a new Golden age. Is there more people out there who are feeling the same? I believe it was many stories in 2013 in the world that could have a different outcome; even the angels didn't know if we would get future A or future B. The Gods only knew it beforehand, I think.
Sorry if it sounds bullshit, it doesn't matter now anyways, except for the fact that I personally can use 2013 as inspiration.

I will probably end up traveling a lot between Luton airport near London and Kutaisi airport in Georgia, the country. Often it cost 30 euros with WizzAir. And from Kutaisi it is 3 hours to Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, and from Tbilisi it is 7 hours bus to Yerevan, capital of Armenia.

I love Scotland so far. They have so much traditions here, for example now at days it is bag pipe national competition in Glasgow, for the 70th year.

We are the citizens of the Earth. We must take the first steps, we can not just wait for the Landings, because they are probably waiting as much for us.

Just my little personal 'wake up call' for you all.
God bless everybody.

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I will start to do things now, I feel totally free and at the same time too much protected by the angels, I get 1500 euro/month the rest of my life from Norway. I know I sound crazy sometimes, but somebody must take the lead instead of just complaining all the time. Let's create Atlantis now, okay? <3
Let's say I am God, like the song One of us, see how you ignores my good ideas? Do you enjoy complaining? COME TO GLASGOW MY CHILDREN! Ohh but I am maybe not God but many times in my life I have been afraid I am God, whatever that means. I think I may have been God not so long time ago, that means I am un-developed in some ways, I must dig up the "power" from the past. "I GOT THE POWER". Everybody tells me I look like he-man because of my hair . Look at the pictures. So do you want a new Atlantis or not? Are you happy how the world is now? They say that now at days a lot of Atlantean people are reincarnated on earth. What that means my friends? Well, that's the generation after us! They think we are out of our minds! We are talking about peace and love too much and trusting too much in the angels, in their eyes we are crazy and unresponsible and in some ways they are right. We expect to get everything for free! The Atlantean people will think that they must be the leaders. And one day when we all star people are in our homes out there or in Agartha the cathastrope in Atlantis will happen again! And then from there the history repeats itself and yet again Jesus will incarnate in year number 0, and yet again I will be born in may 1987 <3 and you will be born in whatever year you was born. The 'bad' people are not living long enough to see this repetition so how can they know they lose all the time? But kind people in agartha can live for thousands of years
Come to Glasgow my friends. Just do it. We gotta start somewhere
Come to Glasgow or Liverpool and when u got here call ma number ‭‭+44 7934 843292‬‬
Blog post 1

I found out that in Glasgow and Liverpool it is gym for 17 pound/month, so I think I will register both places. In Liverpool it cost 27 pound the first month though. So when I am bored I will hang there. I have a good friend both places so I want to take the nightbus up and down. I dream about putting together a band in Liverpool.
Today it is sunny here in Glasgow. I just ate breakfast. In the tent.
It's a big theme park just around the corner, about 10 minutes walk from here, it is bowling too, yesterday I played one round bowling for 5 pound, I got 99 points, not very good but it's a long time since last time I played bowling.
I really hope it's okay I make this thread as a blog, instead of making new threads all the time. I have been moving around for 3 years, and every morning I am so confused, because I don't know what to do. I'm kind of just waiting for the big things to start happening.
Today I am not sure if I will either go to the gym to pay for one month or if I should take the bus to Glasgow to play FIFA for 4 hours for 10 pounds.
So if anybody want to one day come to Liverpool or Glasgow you are welcome. And we can go together to London and take the 30 euro flight from Luton airport to Kutaisi in the country Georgia, And from there its 3 hours to the capital Tbilisi and from there it is 7 hours to Yerevan, capital of Armenia. Also I want to take flight to Canada one day. And from Manchester it is flights to Norway for 16 euros. From Liverpool to Manchester it is only 1,5 hour with bus. And from Newcastle it's possible to take the ferry to Amsterdam.
What should I do up here in the U.K.? Suggestions? What you guys want me to do? How about making the first cosmic lounge like we wrote about before!
In Scotland not as many immigrants and refugees as in England, so I think they will not mind if we wore a little 'international' group of people here. I mean in scotland. Or Liverpool.
I have so much dreams at night, I believe some of the dreams are memories from long time ago. And I believe that when you have nightmares you already experienced this before so that you automatically don't do 'the same mistake' again so that the bad situations only happen once, BUT the GOOD dreams may come true! "Don't change a winning team!".

Hmm, what should I do today? Okay I think I will walk to the gym first and pay for a month.
Peace and love

Hi, Daniel....good to see you are still traveling and are more happy than before.. Here is a link to a site where the people are working on the cities of light.. Be sure to check his art in the Gallery pages, to....

Here is an interesting article on the return of Avalon at the solar eclipse on Aug 21..

Hi, all! I love Scotland, and all the energy up there! That Avalon will be returning...this thrills my soul! Another cool place is Wales...especially around Aberystwyth and Pembrokeshire!

There are already people creating and living in the "new world" ! This has been happening for years....just not always covered by the "news."

For instance, just one example, in Wales there is a wonderful place called Cae Mabon:


That is a wonderful place....but there are also moving places, like different festivals and fairs that move around in place and time. These, also, are anchoring the New World energies! Let's have fun with them, and do good at the same time.

Blessed Be, always!

You bring up some good points. I feel like it is my job to hold down the ship at home, finish raising my kids, and continue to putter in the garden. I've been interacting with the birds a lot this year ... my garden often feels like a mini-Lemuria. :) Blessings to you all!

Your home and garden sound like a beautiful oasis of loving peaceful energy, Iulia! Good for you and your family. We all have our parts to play in this moving miracle....X (Those birds are good friends to have!)

Hi, thank you for sharing all this links. 21.August already? Interesting, I believe it is true. God bless Avalon. But I suppose I can not physically go there since it is in 7th division and high 5 division?
And interesting about the Cae Mabon in wales, maybe I should go there.

I have been fuzzling with washing cloths today here at the camping site. Now it is sunny for a change lol.
I'm so confused what is my role in this world.

Hi, Daniel,
Don't worry about your "role" in the world. Just flow on.....love yourself, and love the world. You're all right!

Thanks. I just need to find out what to do. Thank you very much for support. I'm feeling little depressed and sad today



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