the best thing about dating an empath is there always in the mood when you are! XD

when people ask me what i do for fun in my spare time, i try to survive.. lol 

as an empath these are my jokes, tell me yours :)

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Sometimes I can see myself in the mirror.

Wanna know the Truth? Hit yourself in the head with a hammer really, REALLY hard. Didn't work? Try again and hit harder. Keep trying until you know the Truth.

Some say God is imaginary. I say "It's a good thing I believe in the power of the imagination then."

lol first one is epicz

This website is a joke :P


The first one is good..

The second.. not a joke but a reality... so need to find a humorous way of expressing it.. :-)

Maybe the second should be

I spend my spare time pulling away from the soap opera going on around me. Still not a joke.. to early in the morning to put together a joke..

An empath spends their spare time trying not to be in the mood.

Still not working...

Why so Sirius?

What did the Grey say to the Clone? "Where do you get your good looks?"

Why was the Hybrid afraid to bend over? He was afraid of splitting his genes!

Why did the energy being cross the road? Because it was easier than crossing dimensional plains.

Knock knock! Whose there? Pleiades. Pleiades who? Pleiades open the door; it's cold outside!!!

Someone asked me, "What's your best joke?"
I replied, "You're the joke already."

How did the hipster burn his mouth?
He drank coffee before it was cool!

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