two weeks ago i signed up for a free reading from a website. within two days i got a email of the reading, when i read it it seemed amazing, she told me my case was very important for my future and that if i didnt seek her help (and pay) that i would miss out and my life would pretty much crap. i sent the email to my aunty, who emailed me back right away and said, that as she was ready it all she could hear was blah blah blah and that her guidance said that is exactly what it was. she then sent me links of this women. there are hundreds of people around the world who has been scammed by this women.

i truly feel like this an embarrassment and offence that people think they can use our powers for such scam and fraud, when clearly we were put here to help mankind not steal from them. this is truly sad.
please if anyone comes across this women ignore her completely.

here are some links if you would like to see the similarities in the readings she sends.

there are way more complaints flooding the internet but here are a few.

desiree xoxoxo

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I say nothing about you when I say this, and I am saddened that you were targeted, though it feels like the right place to voice this opinion and know what everyone else thinks.

I personally am disgusted by the overwhelming amount of new age themed material as well as traditional practices such as readings and healings being offered for extravagant prices over the Internet. I think it serves only to encourage the way of thinking that money is the only way we can reach our true potentials, and that in turn serves to further the agenda of the rich, who have been in control of this planet for far too long.

It saddens me to see:

"instant spiritual awakening GUARANTEED"
"altered states with this new secret technique YOU ARENT SUPPOSED TO KNOW"
"DNA activation only $600 per session (2 session min)"

they all translate to this: "are you too lazy to think? Do you want all of your problems to melt away with no effort on your part? Give me a paycheck and I'll take care of it for you (if you really want it, if not it won't work, but no refunds)

these people read some words on the web or in a book, and started calling themselves healers, and succeed because of the gullibility of the human race, and I feel it is a sidequest of all of our missions to help deter people from feeding these machines of regression.

Again Desiree, I mean no disrespect to you in what I said. You're a target of greed, and I'm glad for you to have not sent that woman money
I could never charge people for my gifts. I realize that some people do this stuff for a living and have to be able to eat, but it just doesn't seem right to hold back unless they fork out the cash. Anyone who charges big bucks for a little helpful advice raises a red flag in my book.
i like to think of it this way:

this 'light work' in whatever way shape or form it happens, has no ties to the concept of money, because money represents the bondage that we are fighting to break.

so if you need to make a living and work the light, make your money in the dark, in the realm of money. (i.e. get a real job and dont take all these shortcuts that will land you with bad karma) then you can really work light in a pure way, because theres no money exchange involved in your light work.

Brittany Fishel said:
I could never charge people for my gifts. I realize that some people do this stuff for a living and have to be able to eat, but it just doesn't seem right to hold back unless they fork out the cash. Anyone who charges big bucks for a little helpful advice raises a red flag in my book.
haha, i did it too! In mine she copied and pasted the same thing over and over again for over 30 pages!! I took i as a sign from the universe telling me I already knew the answers and didn't need to seek it outside myself :P
Brittney I 100% agree with you. I believe that us starseeds/lightworkers etcetc are put on this
earth for the reason to help mankind. Therefore I would never charge someone for my help,
when I help someone I'm helping them from my heart not for money. its just an embarassmnent for all us gifted
Because we have people like this jenna who is useing these people. Truly a shame

Bless all
Desiree, xoxox
Willo tree, how disguesting is it! Most people got the same reading ,
and at the beginning of she writes she felt a connection between them, what a joke!
I hope you didn't lose money!
Its such a shame it makes it harder for people to know which ones to trust
And putting the real sidekick out of busniess beacause no one knows who's lieing or not
Sunflower sower,
Thankyou so much, I would most deffernetly love to have your help!
You can contact me through my page if you don't mind :)

Desiree xoxo
Thanks for sharing this, and don't be dismayed, .... the point now is that you can divert others from the same experience, and you may find help from other starseeds, with some insight, or look within, it's there inside you, it may come in a thought, or dreams.

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