Do we really think humanity is really ready for this information? I mean for us it would be a great day, but for many it would bring lots of fear, not to mention the fact that if hard proof is presented it will blow some religious ideas out of the water. I could see this being something wonderful, but I could also see it making lots of people afraid and then angry. What if this brought about an assassination or an attempt at Obama? And then what? We end up with a conservative government again?

I am ever the pessimist. As much as I would love love love this, I see it as causing lots of problems if people just aren't ready to hear it.


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Ok, thank you! I really hope your right. I asked my father what he thought about it and he said they would need to do it slowly and gradually so as not to send people into a panic. If they were to have an ET walk up on national television it would most likely cause pandemonium. With the Obama thing I meant that some religious fanatic might want to try and assassinate him over it. Though your right he is quite left wing as it is, and it would probably have happened already. And if there is cold hard proof what can they do? hes not throwing out a theory he believes in, he is stating a fact.
I believe the disclosure will go well.
I my self can not wait.
You know I was thinking.Like, gay people still cant get married. We still have like the KKK. My dad said something that made me think. I asked him what he thought about this and he was like I dont know, people are afraid of and cant even get along of their own neighbor. And its true. We are the open minded and most of us are educated. But what about the undeducated and the conservatives and the bigots? Not that bigots deserve their feelings recognized, but those are the same people likely to pick up a gun.
Of course, I mean theyre not all powerful. And we as starseeds feel akin to them. I just hope that the light ones reveal themselves first. And that we dont reject them. Because I can see humanity rejecting them and the help they might provide, only for the dark ones to come and wreak havoc upon us. And then humanity thinking that all ETs are evil and us going back into our little xenophobic cave. and for those of us who are awakened it could become a witch hunt.

I know I must sound like an awful pessimist, (which I am). But as an anthropologist, I have very little faith in humanity's ability to handle drastic change. And yet it always seems to take something drastic to catalyst change. Look how long the civil rights movement took, and women's lib. And the gay rights movement, that is still underway.

Looking on the brightside (*Forces brain in other direction as the gears grind wildly against it* ) Maybe the election of Obama as our first black president shows that America is ready for a change. His election alone shows that there are enough "liberal"(I wont debate myself on that) people out there to overwhelm the right wing nutjobs and bigots. If that is the case, maybe, just maybe, Obama is the ONLY one who could bring this information to us and this is the ONLY time we are ready to hear it.

I dont know about you, but I would much rather my 2012 consist of a grand revelation about aliens and the universe than calamity, woe and apocalypse. But I will prepare myself for the later. Just in case.
Fear is the major component that needs to be considered with a full disclosure. It is fully engrained into the common persons psyche and it also reveals human immaturity. They fear what they don't understand... as a natural reaction. So how do we quell their fears? How do we as Starseeds help them to gently open their minds to the amazing possibilities of disclosure? Organized religion has taught them to hold tight to their beliefs and then label everything that is not understood as evil. It seems almost unavoidable that at least some people will over react. Could their be a more natural solution? Could full disclosure happen along side of "the Awakening" that we all know to be happening right now and make the transition more peaceful?

...your thoughts?
This sounds like it would be a much better solution. I have studied time and again the things that happen because of human fear of the unknown. I really dont want this to backfire and turn into a witch hunt. While full disclosure 2 weeks after my birthday sounds amazing, I would rather wait a little while and have it go better than to have it all at once and have world wide panic. But again, like my father said, Its going to happen eventually, and it would be best if it were to happen in a peaceful way that gives people time to adjust than for someone to land in the middle of a city and tell us we are the H1N1 of earth and they're going to exterminate the virus like in The Day The Earth Stood Still.
I think that the world could never be perfectly ready but It's just the way it is.. There will never be a perfect time when people don't get confused and everything is dancing on the roses.. It's pretty much necessary that there is a lot of confusion, but then again.. isn't this suppose to shake up the system and change the world ? : ) It takes something huge and confusing!! But what I can see, world is ready enough!!

Love you all!
Too right. Many times change comes in the way of a "slap up side the head". But sometimes it is necessary to get ones attention. It's obvious that not everyone will be ready, but in this time there is more & more open minded people. If not now, then when? Not to mention...with the state of the world currently, don't we NEED this the most right now? I suppose that it is like any other lesson; some will get it and some won't. For those of who are ready, we can help the others and lead the way through educating them. I do believe there is enough of us to change the world.

Visualize it going well, and so shall it be!
You know what? Im angry. Maine got rid of gay marriage. Now I think your right. The world does need something to shake it up. Humanity needs a reality check. The multiverse is infinite. We are tiny specks on a tiny planet. Get over yourselves. What right do we have to vote against other people's human rights? None of this should matter. None of it will matter in the long run. All that matters is that we spread love. People are not being allowed to practice their particular brand of love because others have too much hate to accept it. And of course most of it is for religious reasons. Which makes it all the more grotesque. People call homosexuality an abomination to God, but I think the abomination is them using Gods name to spread their hate. So yes. Bring on the rapid change.

Sorry..rant over.
This is exactly what needs to be done in order for the transformation to take place. There will be a break in consciousness. Those who create the lower emotional band will stay in the old structure until upgraded. Those who realize that positive alignment and positive create in the future is the way, they will move to the higher platform. I love your response Laura. Very inspiring.

Visualize it going well and so it shall be is how we bring the new world in.


Laura Puglisi said:
Visualize it going well, and so shall it be!
I completely agree with everyone. I've been asking myself the same question, whether Earth is really ready or not for disclosure, however the reality is we haven't got much time and like it or not it has to happen sooner or later, I think that there might be much chaos and confusion at first which is to be expected for change to occur and order to take place. But I also think that apart from starseeds or lightworkers people on Earth are realizing that something is not right and are beginning to question the society they live in.

I think that this is the time that us as starseeds and lightworkers need to be prepared more than ever because we know about what is going to take place hence why we came here. We need more than ever to be focussed and stand our ground by being positive sending love and light to the world in this approaching times. There is going to be negativity around when it starts happening but we should not try to add to it Earth is in much need of our help at this exciting and troubling times.

Love and light to you all. Aishtair :)



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