First of all Im interested in if you all have any dreams with these beings, as that is their favorite way to communicate I learned. Please share them below if youd like.

December 14 2016

I had a dream last night where I was spending the night at my aunt's house, which I have done almost every Friday since I was a child. It is like a tradition. But I saw a short being walk by my door way at night. I followed him into the room next to mine and faced him. He was 3-4 feet tall and bluish. He had big black almond shaped eyes and some sort of geometric shape or symbol on his forehead. He proceeded to show me galaxies and star systems on a holographic projection of some sort and spoke about them, by mouth. Although we communicated telepathically also. I asked him where he was from. He said "Intirite" or something similar.  Everything he's told me was captioned at the bottom of the screen and I think that is how I remember it was spelled. 

Some of the star systems and galaxies  he showed me were Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, and possibly Arcturus, and maybe others I can not recall. 

I can not remember most things he said as I was not paying attention to him in the dream for some reason. 

When I woke up I did some research and decided it could have been an Arcturian from another dimension appearing to me in my sleep. According to different sites, which may or may not be true, they are very spiritual beings and non judgmental, and also emotional healers, who prefer to communicate through dreams.  

After doing some deep research and translations, I realized the word wasn't "intirite". It was "interite" which translates to "the destruction" in Latin. So basically he said he was from "the destruction"

My friend who's an energy healer thinks the word could translate into "new era" which is defined as the belief of humanity saving itself from self destruction.

I didnt even know what an Arcturian looked like before this. It's amazing.

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When I was 15 years old I lived in Raton NM and I stopped at a rest stop and think I had an experience with my self from when I was an Arcturian. It wasn't scary, it was a grentle transfere? I had just lost a baby and my family thought I'm crazy. I have to keep all of this to myself.
Oh wow, sounds like a really cool experience. I'd be interested to know if this dream visit will be followed by any others. How did he come across energetically to you?

Interesting Glenda, thanks for sharing.

Mine was also gentle and I was not afraid of him. It's energy was calming, and I felt like I had known him for years.

I am documenting all of these experiences and dreams and may share significant ones on here, cuz this is an exciting and wonderful spiritual journey for me and I like to get feedback and see if anyone on here has had any similar experiences. I May share all when I'm ready. Plus it may help people out in the future if they experience something similar they'll know they're not alone.

If anyone has any thought on this, please let me know.

Later on after I posted this discussion, I had visions of an echolocation sonar rings in travel. I then asked for whoever is in charge of giving me these visions to show themselves in it. I then saw a tall being with a large bald oval-shaped head, more so than humans, but not like a grey ET. Anyways he was sitting on a throne type chair with fancy clothing or armor on. I am unsure who and what race he was. If anyone has any clue please let me know, I just didn't want to make a new topic...

Thanks, any thoughts on the vision or the Arcturian dream would be great.

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