has anyone noticed just in the last 2 weeks a increase in visitations by star seed family or just abductions in general?

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i have read the incidents of abductions have gone down since greys had enough genetic material for their needs.

I have been visited by spirits/et's in the past month more so then ever in my entire life. I can't visually see them, just feel them deeply. I'm experiencing alot of ringing in the ears, different pitches & frequencies. I'm noticing alot of dark as well as light beings all around me. In the early weeks of July, I was being harassed by a dark being, (this happened not to long after a intense kundalini awakening, about a week & half after my awakening to my inner light did I notice dark beings trying to dim it. Filling me with feelings of loniness, anger, isolation, depression, sickness, etc. It was causing me to see the worst in everything, even my family. But these past few weeks, I feel like my guides/star family have been coming to me & chasing away alot of that darkness that came out of no where.. Now currently I feel safe, theres still darkness out there, but i feel like my guild is guarding my light from ill intentions, weather it be my own or something els's.

I get visited by the Tall white Zeta's, they just check up on my health since I am
a hybrid they are interested. I have been abducted by the military as well, I do live
by an Air Force base. I wake up with triangle marks. I document all my abductions.
Lately I find strange scratch marks on me and then they disappear. I have a lot of
ghost/spirits in my home and wonder if they are making the scratch marks.

Yes, UFO's have been hovering near my house every day for the past week or so and I can feel them more strongly now :)

Same here. Saw some very interesting lights in the night sky - definitely not shooting stars nor satellites.
Had an experience the other night: I was aware of being asleep and dreaming, but couldn't move, like something was holding me down. When I told it to let me go, this weird crackle screechy sound came from inside of my head and it felt like something left my body by slithering out of my spine.

I think there definitely has been an increase in humans interaction with our star families. I don't like to call it abductions, after all we did agree to meeting with them before we came here to Earth. Most don't remember this, and look at it as if they are abducting people.

Even the tests that have been run on us, have been done to see how living on Earth has effected us. It has not been done to scare or frighten us, but it can be very scary. For most of the people, they just remember bits and pieces in a blurred version. Just remember, nothing is being done to us that we have not consented to.

I have not had an extraterrestrial experience in almost a year since I relocated. Where I lived before I had about 4 experiences in my last months there. I am worried my family have forgotten me. :(
That or my vibration has lowered and they can't connect. Anyone else lost contact?

The ETs and interdimensionals tends to avoid me other than one critter in particular.

So I couldn't say much this way or that.

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