. . . It is a peculiar thing to ask for other people's advice n help, when your mind is already made up, n you're not going to listen to them anyways. I've come across many people like this. I do not freely give my opinion (for the most part), unless asked. But, if I know I am wasting my time, I let the person learn first hand, n say little as possible in a respectable manner. 


person one - "should I do this?"

person 2 - "no, I would not do that"

person one - debates why it is a good idea without getting more information from person 2?

If someone said to me, "I would not do that if I were you. . . " my automatic reply would be why? what are your reasons? what is your experience with this type of situation? do you know of others who experienced the same thing? is there anything else you can tell me that would be helpful? Thank you so much for your time! I appreciate having more knowledge about the situation. 

I am fully aware that some people just need to throw themselves into the experience, n learn by doing. I am not against this at all. But, wasting other's time by asking for advice, n closing your mind off, that is already made up in the first place, is not being very considerate towards others. 

That's just my opinion only.

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I think some are looking for validation of what they've already decided. So it was never even about the advice.

. . . you are right, that is the case, sometimes =]


I've been having the same exact problem.

It's called confirmation bias. You only 'seek' the information that you want to get to confirm your world view. Yes, every one has this problem, no one is immune to it.

And yes, referring to "that other thread" I had this impression all along that it was not about getting advice or help but rather that there was already a mind made up firmly looking for confirmation. The mind got a bit angry when it did not get a lot of confirmation. But this happens and is only very human.



. . . great point. I believe we instinctively know whether we're wasting out time with some though. Thank you for sharing your input! 

Love n so much light to you as well =]


Many times newly awaken people asked me things as "could you sense what i been, who i was? because i can't figure it out by myself"(as "i'll be whatever you say i been")... the only answer i always give (gave) is (was)... "you need to discover it by YOURSELF, because it's YOUR path and more than often, the path is more relevant than the answer itself" (even if i know/knew who/what they been, i'm only here to confirm everything once they did their part of the road). 

Personnaly, to learn about "who i was" it needed me to learned about meditation, astral travel, astral regression, karmic laws and chakra, energy manipulations, soul works (ect) ALL OF IT ONLY TO LEARN WHO I WAS... so to spoiled people's life/spiritual experiences/path by giving them all answers on a silver plate is totaly not a good thing to do (i would'nt had learned that much if some bozo had spoiled my path). So on such matter (and others who are life/spiritual experience/path'like matter), i also prefer to keep my opinion for myself... by respect and love for my friends.  :)

. . . exceptional share my friend <3

Thank you!!

Love n light,


it should had been ''innocence'' instead of ignorance.... thank you for sharing, really cool of you to bring lights on this one.

indeed dearest lovables :)

word =sound=power




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