To long have i lived here in this third dimensional world full with greed anger sadnes and selfishness rule by the ego. I miss home i wanna go home can i should i quit this mission. What about my kids.? i ask. I love them but my sadness overwelhemss me

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I'm sending you power and love. Every one of us is so important in this whole game! No one else could perform your mission but YOU. It's so unbelievable how loving we all are and how we manage to stand strong against so much darkness. Keep shining!

Dear Openheart,

You are young person in this present time and newly awaken by your profile states...

I'm going to be turnng 48 this August & as among the 1st wave en masse incarnated Bearers of Light; all of us had the most difficult lives since our early years of our state of childhood transition of the kind of world we awoken to... and seeing the very opposite polarized world of such indifferences; we too wanted to return home but we carried onwards not alone but we felt so alone as we were guided by our twin flame higher self, our guides and star family to assist us and transform the notion of shock & discord to remain and follow through our very tasks for this greater humanity that includes many starseeds that are here within their duality seeking ascension...

All of us who are lightworkers & those starseeds that are here to be of service to humanity and their fellow starseeds; that we all knew before our incarnation upon this Earth what we will be facing of being in the lower vibrations & quarantine world.

The hardest part was being separated from our complete true-self that remains in the higher realms as the twin flame that is either the masculine or feminine energy as we to incarnate into physicality and as we also had to sever our fully conscious self in that process but we are linked to our higher self.

You have the tools within you to move forward - love yourself 1st of all and connect to everyone that you deeply care about and of the world that you want to change.

Your children; are beings that are in your care as you must nuture & love them - they are here also as within their experience that is apart of your soul group family...they may be the Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow, Walk-in, & the New Children beings to assist the new humanity?

You came here and was chosen for a higher divine purpose that is to bring love and raise the vibrations of humanity to become the galactic beings and to reunite with their star families.

Don't allow these negative emotions to consume you as these feelings can affect may not seem to appear to you and many others but all is indeed well - it will not be much longer for the evidence of change to positively reverse that collective consciousness that only knew of suffering into a new paradigm.

Many blessings and God's love unto you & family



If you quit your mission, you could incur karma which may mean a lot more deja vu experiences as you revisit the lessons you were meant to learn.  We're all here to learn as well as to give something back, and that's a lifetime process, which is an honour to experience....Plus, wouldn't it be terrible if you got to the next dimension and learned that your mission you knew about wasn't your main mission, but that there was another one, perhaps simpler but even more important, which you weren't able to fulfill.......


You're meant to embrace the ego, understand it, then become enlightened - so keep your feet on the ground and wave goodbye to the sadness. 

You must find more balance in your life between heaven and earth to find a way through, because you came all this way for a reason. 

What you're describing is an experience of being ungrounded, living too much in your own head, so you need to do things which affirm your connection to humanity and the earth, whatever your views or experiences of them are.  We all get tired of this world at times, but we just have to learn to change tack, navigate around it, and 'break the spell' of sadness, or whatever emotion is no longer guiding us but holding us back.

You're part of humanity and it's 'ego', whether you like it or not, simply because you exist, but that can't be resolved by quitting, because your soul still needs challenges to grow.  Part of our journey always involves embracing and understanding the dark side of life (even if it's only experienced on the outside of ourselves rather than from within) and somehow come to terms with it, because it can't be understood or evolved into something greater, otherwise, and so neither can we.

Try to appreciate the good things in your life and your ability to enjoy things.  You came here to experience the contrast of duality in physical form and to be a creator, (as so many people have said) and that meant also to have as much fun in the process of doing so. Don't give up on life just because of an emotion, however overwhelming it feels to  be right now.  Feelings come and go, and so do beliefs and perceptions about everything, but you only have this form once, which is a gift, so don't waste it!  Namaste.

You are AWESOME :D

You feel such desperation, yet you are here!!! :D
You are not ready to go yet, otherwise you wouldn't be here :D 
So, with you heads held up high, show your smile, cause I know its there :D:D

Here, a video for you :D

Crystal, I know exactly how you feel! I did read there will be alot of souls exiting here earlier than what was agreed upon because of to much sensitivity to being here. I totally hear you
Wools, sorry...I meant that for Openheart

Yeah I know.  I think it's getting more painful for all of us but that's to motivate us to raise the vibration for everyone.  Your kids are here to keep you tied to this world so you have to stay and assist it rather than leaving.  You probably decided this before you even came here.  Hang in there we all love you and so do your kids.  If we all leave they will still be stuck in 3d forever but if we stay with it and raise them and the planet to 5d we can all be happier and it won't feel so bad.  I totally want to go home too even my body's complaining more about being here.  I feel if I leave without finishing whatever I started I will probably just send myself back to try again. Better to complete it now and when I die I can just go home.  l n l xx

Openheart, nobody likes what this world has become. That's why we're here. You heard the calling and answered it, but now you must follow through. With the knowledge you've received, comes responsibility. You must help to provide a better future for your kids. Keep studying and learning, keep progressing with your meditations, and do your best to keep love in your heart, in your head, and from your lips at all times, and you WILL see your life improve.

Dear Oyasumi,

I dunno why I am saying this but I feel I need to lol!

As you work on yourself you'll get your self confidence and esteem should have seen me a 2 years ago.  I have more self confidence then I have ever had in my entire life and thats due to the work I have done on myself.  I still have a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go but I have come so far.  Keep working on yourself and take babysteps, you may not be in a position to help people/help the world now but maybe a yr down the line or 2 yrs you'll be in a much better place and able to help.

Oyasumi said:

I know how you feel...I have been in really abusive relationships in the past, and even though those were in the past, i have been crying my eyes out for the past couple of days because it just hurts so could people do such horrible things? How is it even possible for people to be that selfish? I don't understand it, I am so lost and confused and I don't get why I have to be here. It hurts so much. I have terrible self esteem and practically zero self confidence, so I feel like I am not capable of doing such a huge task as to help the world even though I really want to. But ending our life wouldn't solve anything... we would be hurting those that really care about us and who knows, it could be much much worse on the other side.

I hope we will all feel better soon


let out your feelings. cry when you want to cry. laugh when you feel like laughing. embrace yourself, Hun.. :)

life in Home is actually just like life in this place..

Leave it out, I sympathise with your emotional state, but u need to find your propose. For if you knew you would not want to leave at this criticle time. Please keep your chin up and turn your frown upside down.:) love yourself. I love you.
Ps, your children alone should be enough not to make you feel this way, tell friends and family how you feel, they will do all they can to help you and make you feel better. Here or anywhere else on the Internet is not the best place to disscuss this as there is a lack of true empathy. Bless you, I send you the will and strength of 50 hench men.x

You are so brave and so loved.
All the heavens look upon you, so proud, so loving

this love is with you always, also here and now

in the third dimensional earth.

But the old Earth isn't alone anymore,

step out of the old paradigm heart,

and embrace all that is,

even the pain, the greed, the anger, the sadness

with love.

Accept all that is, all that you are, all that everone is, all that is

all this dimension, this lack, this limitation, this seperation

with your love

and the love of the mother, the father, one, god, and all that are.

The old paradigm of limitation is already farly gone,

allow yourself now, to embrace everything with love

for that is what heals

i have two links here i want to show you:

as well as all messages of archangel michael

your are so dearly loved.

Hold on a bit, and realise that it is you that choses your experiences,

everything is divinely planned and decreed,

so your success is divinely guaranteed.

As well as the wellbeing of all of your family.

Let Go Heart


And ask yourself the question

What is it I want to experience?

What is it I long for ?

Search a vision inside you,

inside your heart

a vision that feels great

and carry it with you

like a present

that with every passing moment

unrapps itself a bit more

until you will find yourself with all that you want

and there is absolutely no limit.

Starfamily and earthfamily

love joy service or intergalactic holiday

there is absolutely no limit at all

we are there heart

we are here :)

Blessings and love

your fellow heart




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