Most of us are here because we don't feel like we belong. I never really understood having a body but since I have one, I'd like for it to work properly and make my time w it worth while. I went blind 13 years ago when I got sick and no one really knew why. They just labeled me w some vague illness w little to no hope for improvement and sent me home to deal with life w/o a fundamental sense and essentially robbed me of a full life. (Sounds like self pitty, I know some people excel we their disability but I want mire out if life)

I have this feeling, that I will get my vision back. I know I'm going to get my vision back but I'm not sure how so I'm here. Hoping the right person will stumble across this so we can get this show rolling! Lol. But in all seriousness, I'm ready to regain my vision and help the world(I'm going to do so either way but it's much easier to protect something you can see ijs)

Love always
Star Love

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Hi star, right now i just wanted to say that i'm rooting for ya. I admire your courage for continueing where many wouldn't and i hope you find those answers/people you are searching for. All the best!
Thank you

How did you write this if you are blind, or can you only see a Little bit?

If so I'm sorry for you. Maybe you can try some TCM. At least worth a try...

Speech-to-text and text-to-speech would be obvious solutions.

TCM=Traditional Chinese Medicine?  Good luck finding a local, legit practitioner who can make good on a claim to change the state of matter in another persons body.  Super rare.  When found though, totally legit, via energy manifesting healing.  If it costs a lot, that should throw up red flags for fraud. 

For OP: Best bet would be to meditate daily, as long as you can, in the deepest states you can (self healing/tissue repair/cellular regeneration is possible, much easier than transmutation and transfiguration of matter). 

Also determine if any environmental factors were in play, and see about fixing the damage they caused, see if any compound created by nature can assist in repair functions. 

Lots of new work going into CBD oil and Cannabis treatment, especially good results in cellular repair assistance and maintenance, showing healthy treatment and cures of cellular ailments.  Has even shown to assist in rejuvenation at the cellular and molecular level, especially when the recipient does inner work to focus the treatment through meditation.

There are going to be numerous possible solutions, you just must find your answers by searching them out, exhausting possibilities and concluding which path to take to attempt a cellular fix of your eye dysfunction.

Can I ask what kind of sickness caused the blindness? Symptoms? What test studies found? Eye or brain issue?

Living Light had a good suggestion to try as well; remember, couldn't hurt to give everything a go as long as it is non harming to you in other ways.  $7 is not harmful, fyi.  ;)

Thank you. I'll look into these options. I have nerve damage.

Hi, Star nice to meet you.   Here is a page with energy templates that cure most all diseases.  There is also one for Vision Problems and the description says it also cures blindness.  They cost $7.  Me and some friends have used these with much success, it is worth a try.  You can put them on the wall next to your bed and they will work while you are sleeping.  You also need to use a Universal Template with this, it will calibrate the other image to work especially for your body. Here are the numbers of the images you need to order..




I am happy to send healing energy...hopefully you will be able to utilize your third eye to see the inner and outer world than just mere normal vision. 

I'm working

Hey Star Love, 

I may be able to help you with this down the line a little bit, I just recently have re-activated my healing abilities and am still figuring them out. 

I can say that it feels to me like it is connected to that sickness you had. A sudden unexplained sickness and then the loss of your sight. It could have been an attack on you, possession, cord attachment type thing, have you looked into these things before?

The first thing I would ask is that you really analyze everything you can around the time you got sick, people you were talking to, maybe someone suddenly came back into your life or suddenly left your life. Maybe someone that didn't like you had died somehow and when they died that got in you. Weird phone call, weird run in with someone or something. It could be anything really whether it was big or small, but there will be a source cause and where it came from. If you meditate on it and really reflect you may be able to narrow it down and remember something that sticks out. 

So your first step is figuring out the cause/source/trigger that started that sickness hehe. I can't promise anything, but if you haven't gone this route before then I believe it's worth a try. 



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