Being a "starseed", I thought that I was born with some type of mission. But now that I'm older it doesn't seem like I have one, or any direction at all. I've been to psychics for help, but they say the same things, without much information to back it up. I keep telling myself, well, maybe my time hasn't come yet...but I feel miserable, each and every day without something to look forward to. Is this normal for other starseeds? Am I not truly awake to understand? I do help others the best that I can. But I feel like I am being held back from something big. To be honest, it feels like a curse. I am 33 years old, and turning 34 this month. I have no partner, no children, no job, no car, living with my parents, no friends....the list goes on...and believe me, I've tried to do things different to make it work, but it all seems to backfire, and I am stuck at home doing the same things every day.

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Hello G,

you said you feel like you're being held back from something big... I remember working very hard to go to Germany, it was one of my biggest goals. I was planning on working as an Au Pair. I've had so many setbacks and felt miserable from them, but I couldn't stop fighting, because there was a sort of inexplicable determination in me.
It felt as though bad luck came along as soon as something important was about to take place and messed it all up for me. I failed my driving license test about 4 times. 3 of the times I failed it, was because of completely random and stupid reasons that weren't my fault. I failed once, because I made a parking mistake. But eventually I did it, haha :D

On the day I went to the German offices to apply for my Visa, we got lost and I came late, but thank goodness it was not a problem. I've been here now for longer than 2 years and still going strong. I still look back and wonder how I survived all the things I went through and how blessed I was to receive the power and motivation I did.

I realised later: Had I not been delayed, I wouldn't have met the host family that I am with right now, and probably would have been back in my home country, South Africa. Everything was meant to be :)

My story goes deeper than thatm, so I know it doesn't sound like much, but you probably understand what I mean.
Write down what it is that you want; that which lies in your heart. Your guides will help you if you ask them to (correctly! otherwise they don't understand you - think of it as someone asking you to make them coffee. You have to know if they take milk with it, sugar etc.). Most importantly, they are there to HELP you, not do everything for you. Set goals for yourself and while you work for them, you'll be helped, trust me. If some of them aren't meant to be, you'll be directed to something else.

What I can recommend otherwise, would be a beautiful and absolutely wise soul I encountered on this path. His name is Riaan Swiegelaar and he is absolutely brilliant at what he does. Look him up ;)
He helped me, a lot, so he must be able to do something for you.

Lots of light and love from my side. If you are interested in talking, feel free to drop me a message and we could talk about it on Skype. (I feel like you could use that)



My approach to situations like this , is to look for the clues. Set out everything that you are and have, as if on a make believe tabletop, and survey it from a distance..objectively, ...from above ..as if you were another person..or another aspect of yourself...and see what you really truly have there ?

There usually are clues.
Finding out everything about yourself is a start. It clarifies the clues/the pattern that emerges.

An excellent starting point might be to engage with people who seek the same indepth answers about how they tick, and why they tick that way.


This is easy, free and fun to do.
Beware however, of labelling and boxing yourself up as a type. I recommend using this only as a starting point for personal expansion of who and what you are...really are..can become !!

Contemplate these findings with your pattern of clues.

Next I suggest possibly seeking out suitable forums which come to mind, within which to discuss with others all useful sharings and suggestions as they too will be seeking like you are. Like meeting up in a " cafe " in which personalities can share findings. Certainly starseeds who try this out very often find that they are of, or close to, the INFP type, and there is often an overlap with ADHD, ADD, and autism here as well, all of which bear checking out for matches.

Any small part of this, can result in finding it difficult to get started in life, or " in step " with the majority of earthlings, and it is a constant pattern which emerges. You will find that you are not alone with this at all.

What does this mean, if it applies ..?.....well a great deal.

It will explain much. There will be no need to self critise, as others are all too ready to do that to such as starseeds ! The time will come to self build. You will find perhaps that you do not have to conform to being a caterpillar. Once you know why things work within you the way that they do...you can become a butterfly instead...if you want to ?

You have the time to seek..and jesus said " Seek and ye shall find !"

I was subjected to 20 years of ME, and this provided me with time to seek and learn and begin mission. The path simply opened up when I had done the preparatory work. You have the gift of time to seek your answers now. : )

This is one of the clues by the way, in your life upon your imaginary tabletop of clues. These clues are like celestial lighthouses or lamp posts showing you the way. Do enjoy the exploration . It is a treasure box of you, still waiting for discovery.

Your light will shine forth. Open the box. Light of love for you. : )

Your heart is Happiness

want to find your true self and true life values? go to your heart
want to lose weight? follow your heart
want to find fun and joy in daily living? heart knows the way

feel burdened by sorrows? trust your heart

long for something? heart way 444


Rose Quartz..

"Rose quartz is an amazing crystals that opens the Sacred Heart ... find your inner child today!

Many people have forgotten their inner child

and true life values

Rose quartz is a very healing crystal for the heart

It will remind us how to live our life to achieve happiness any moment. Happiness is all that ever were.

Just be yourself. Don't try to be better or worse than you truly are. Noone is a bad person, when he or she does what he wants. You don't need to show anyone, what a good person you are. You know it, because you even Held yourself back for so long. Do what you truly desire and when you think you don't have money or it will get too hard, think of how hard it was all the time until now. Just do what you like and everything will be fine ;-)
I got ENTP what does that mean? You're right that personality types are just paperweights to your real personality embedded inside all of us. I don't think it matters what specific type you get because it's all confined to the 3D dimension, feel, touch, taste, see, hear. It's all definable by physical nature. It's funny that supposedly Merlin had this personality too and he apparently was a great wizard of his time.
If you are a starseed you are privy to abilities and traits that you aquired. Learn and grow as a person and find yourself

Sounds like starseed problems
Or indigo

They usually dont fit in with many people

Well I can recommend this:
1. go to church/be member of church
2. sign up for community, gaming community, nature organization to reduce pollution

Remember we are all from the stars
We are all special

God only put us here because we are special

EAch human, each insect, unique... from their dna

You are only hereb ecause you are special, totally unique

Look back and remember what made you most happy in life. There is always something we excel at.

I like studying. It has always been what I loved to do.

Be careful going to psychics, many are fake... there are as many fake ones as real ones. Getting fake advice can set you back. And being set back leads to fake advice -- seeking fake psychics. We all want to be special too... which again leads to fake psychics.

The way seems not to seek to be special, or appreciated by others

But to do what your heart longs for

We can join all the others,,, get education, they tell us we get all we ever wanted, even food on table. Other admiration.

Or we can do what the heart wants

I think, being starseed is not about age, its about your mission and how u can achieve, if u feel 'old' but u had a mission, you can do something like teaching any people to be a good heart, good attitude.. is it the same, right? The point is we are had mission to change this world to be better, we are noot see about age, gender, religion or else.. so, don't give up.. God in here, u can do it, although only small.

Btw sorry if my message getting wrong, i'm not fluently english lol.. btw nice to meet you :)

Hello G.

I am back to say just what a range of helpful answers you have, and that I love what " Peacetothe world " has said. : )

As starseeds, appreciation is key, and to speak out our appreciation is a positive energy surely ? I appreciate the beauty in the answers, and the caring energy as well. You receive much beauty.

I hope that you are beginning to find a way now ?

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