Being a "starseed", I thought that I was born with some type of mission. But now that I'm older it doesn't seem like I have one, or any direction at all. I've been to psychics for help, but they say the same things, without much information to back it up. I keep telling myself, well, maybe my time hasn't come yet...but I feel miserable, each and every day without something to look forward to. Is this normal for other starseeds? Am I not truly awake to understand? I do help others the best that I can. But I feel like I am being held back from something big. To be honest, it feels like a curse. I am 33 years old, and turning 34 this month. I have no partner, no children, no job, no car, living with my parents, no friends....the list goes on...and believe me, I've tried to do things different to make it work, but it all seems to backfire, and I am stuck at home doing the same things every day.

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Hi G, I see you received many inputs from our fellows, all of which are great advice although I did not read them all in detail, so spend your time slowly to read them all carefully. Let me also share my views.

First of all, I think I need to emphasize the following two points.

1. It is very true every of us comes here with certain mission, but it does not necessarily needs to involve others, nor does it need to be a grand one like saving humanity or alike. In fact, it's of individual responsibility to help themselves, and in many cases, it's totally a waste of energy to help those who are not ready to receive help. Let them learn their own lessons in their very own way. Broaden your definition of "mission". Thing as simple as learning of accepting your self is already considered a mission. To me, mission includes all lessons my Soul sees fit for my evolution.

2. Refrain from using the word "normal" to judge others and your self, as doing so has already closed the door to knowing your unique self. I hate this word so much, to be honest, coz I'm unique in my own way, and it should not be judged against collective standards. See yourself from the viewpoint that is solely intended for you, then you will be able to see the true worth of your self.

Now, the challenging situation you are facing right now strongly indicates you are not connected to your subconscious self. For that reason, it will only let you down to seek enlightenment from outside. All the answers you need lie within your self. This may sound like a cliche, but it's only true if you don't fully understand what it actually means. Indeed, your subconscious self is the greatest guide you've ever had! To connect with your subconscious self means you need to get prepared to spend a considerable amount of your time in solitude. Don't worry, it's not scary. It simply requires you to talk to your self without distraction. I accomplish this with the "inner world" I created for myself, but I don't think this may work for you. You need to do it as creatively as possible, in your own way.

I recently read a psychology-themed book as I need more knowledge around this subject to add a creative layer to my "creation" (which is going to be one among the greatest works of my life, and I can't help getting thrilled by just thinking of the completion!), but we are not going to discuss it here. I think there's one technique introduced in the book that you may consider to deal with your situation. it reads something along "incubation technique". The key is to "let go". There's complex mechanism involved in your brain and hormones produced to understand how it works, so let's put the explanation on the details aside for the time being. I will try to make it as simple as possible.

What you need to do is only to ask your self, and let the question stay or "incubate" within you for a while. Don't push yourself, be lenient and patient. Keep brainstorming every possible answer you can think of until you can't do it further. When you get tired thus are no longer able to think, stop. And then, "forget" all the question and answers you have brainstormed for a while, and you may switch to other activities as you like. Of course, it absolutely doesn't mean you abandon them for good. You need to keep your perseverance in looking for the answer, but please, don't be hard to your self. Allow your self to procrastinate and relax, and to do things not related to your concern. It's alright to do so, even it may take days, weeks, months, or even years as for self-discovery case. When you are relaxed and not stressful, something interesting will usually pop up in your mind, and be convinced that it comes from your subconscious body. It's actually all "memories / inspirations" you got from somewhere else, consciously or unconsciously, in this life time or from other life times, in this dimension or other dimension (your dream is included), that are stored in your subconscious mind.

After that, listen attentively to what your physical body has to say, that is, observe the sensation happening in your body, or in other words, observe how your body reacts (hey, your body is a very intelligent entity, actually!). You will know whether or not it's the answer you are looking for. If you feel excited, or experience other bodily symptoms of positive indication, or are inexplicably drawn to certain idea popping up in your mind, most likely it's the answer you are looking for. Many genius individuals are accused of being great procrastinators, but that's actually how they stay longer with the problem, by which they are able to come up with very creative solutions in the end. The book gives an example of how Archimedes could arrive at his famous discovery, the Archimedes' principle, when he relaxed himself in a bathtub. 

I believe, you can apply similar technique to address your challenge and to get connected to your subconscious self. Stay longer with your questions, and spend more time with your self. Be understanding, and "let go" of them for a while if you feel getting stuck. Most of the time, the answer comes to you in the least expected moment. You have to make yourself relax and happy as much as you can. Spend your time on playing games and other activities you like without paying too much attention to how you may come across to others. Eventually you will find out to which direction you should head. I hope I explained it clearly, since I know I'm bad at explaining things. I wish you every luck on your discovery journey.


Do you have a spiritual practice? I would start with a good book and a spiritual practice. I think there are things happening in the unseen realms that we don't quiet understand. One time it felt like energetics around me had shut leaving me in a quarantine type of feeling - now if this is occurring I am not sure. what i do know it is frustrating.

I know for us starseeds/indigos we have to be on purpose or be living our mission of it feels like a bit of an implosion. I would begin with yourself and your vibrations, and living a spiritual life, because that is the beginning of it all.

Do you do Buddhism? I would get some good Buddhism books and start reading them and getting outside connecting with everything. I would also recommend volunteering with some organization - this helps put life into perspective because you are working or helping people with less than yourself. I think the trick is to not be concerned what you are getting in return. I think this is important, because when people do the law of attraction or a lot of these new age pop things they are so concerned what they- they are getting.

Live a compassionate life with yourself and others and that is the key to happiness. “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”
— Dalai Lama XIV

The key is to shift the energy.
1.) get some books
2.) start spiritual practice - meditation
3.) volunteer with people and places that need help
4.) connect with outside
5.) exercise - yoga especially or whatever calls to you

here is a good start. good luck.

I wouldn't put too much emphasis on being a star seed, honestly,its nothing special, we are all starseeds and all special. As per your mission, that is to live your souls self expression and express that as the individual that you are,
Thats it. Its simple.
Its just time consuming to remove the karmic blocks and out dated beliefs that are currently keeping you from expressing your divinity on earth and not allowing you to raise your souls vibration,so you can see a clear path.

If you isolate yourself in the home, you can not learn who you are and who you are not.

As per your curse comment, you most likely have one or 2 attached to you from past lives,or ancestral lines which you are picking up on.

Do what you are passionate about or find out what that is, what you are good at and find a way to make that into a independent career. Being spiritual is not allowing yourself to live in lack,this is yours and everyones else's so called "mission".

Often if you take action in one aspect of your life,(not doing the same thing in a different way) other areas will fall into alignment.

Living in perfect health, financial freedom and great relationships.
Easy ;)

If you go to my webpage and scroll down to the end, you will see FQAs Akashic records and FQAs DNA activations, which may provide you with some insight to move you forward.

talk to your spirits, and talk morre to them, then ask all possible questions especially about your destinny.

I feel the same way you do and I'm 30, have kids, a partner, and a car. I lack friends, and I live in my husband's mom's vacation house. I feel lost. I feel weak, at least, right now I do.

I went to online college, earned a degree, and now I have a debt of over $60k, which I can't even pay because I don't have any kind of income. I'm an artist, but my art takes me no where, no matter how hard I've tried. I feel like I'm in the wrong place all the time, ever since my family lost our house in 2005, resulting in it to be bulldozed.

I feel in my heart I know what I'm supposed to do, but I feel like there's too many places to go that I'm unsure how to get there because I'm held back by so much.

Kind of at this moment, I feel like it would just be better if I didn't exist.

I was at a point like this. Where I felt I needed to know my calling, that is what I called it, instead of mission. But it's the same idea. I was waiting for a calling.

And I got the message that life is always calling me, and I can answer any call I want. A call can be a pile of dirty dishes. I can wash them if I choose to answer that call.

I found that I could do what I had previously thought to be mundane things with a feeling of great purpose.

It was wonderful.

I am going to give you a few exercises. Choose one, none, all, some. Choose.

1. Get a handheld mirror. Have a conversation with yourself. Spend at least 20 minutes. Take as long as you want.

2. Make a list of things you want. Put at least one thing on your list that is free.

3. Make a list of abstract values (ideas). Put them in order of most important to least important. Examples: Honesty, Love, Friendship, Honor, Health

4. Make a list of things you have that you are grateful for. They can be material things or abstract things.

5. Make a list of things you do not have yet, but will be grateful for when you have them.

6. Move the items from list 5 onto list 4, mentally or in writing. Use a different color pen if you want.

Your mission will unfold

youll feel better soon

I think that life strips away that which doesn't serve a higher purpose with people like us, we are lightworkers here to help shift consciousness. Having a ordinary life would defeat the purpose of coming here. I feel alone at times too but we are merely spread out and that's what makes a digital community like this such a sanctuary. Know that even by holding space you are making a difference. Much of the advice others gave is excellent, go inward, your heart is your compass. Learn to listen and feel subtle responses your body has it's wisdom. I am working on developing this guidance myself. I have felt similar at times, except now I have a clearer idea of my purpose it's just a matter of details and time now. We are all here to help shift this paradigm but we each bring a unique gift and service and we need to support and inspire eachother. I sent you a friend request, I'm interested in sharing with you more in depth the tools I use to elevate and move forward. Namaste

I know how you feel since I'm in a similar situation as you. I'm 35 years old. I have no job, no partner and still live with my parents. I believe that we are put on this Earth to learn lesson(s). We are just not aware of them yet. Once we are aware of them and learn from them, hopefully we can help other people with similar problems. With me, my mom had me diagnosed with autism recently since I'm having difficulties living on Earth. I believe the symptoms of autism is very similar of being a starseed. Hopefully I can use this diagnosis to get help in finding a job and keeping it. Also to get help in dealing with depression and anxiety. Plus, it is a lot more acceptable in having autism then being a starseed in society. Also I am in contact with a scientist that lives in Andromeda. I think I'm helping him with his research by being human.

Also starseeds needs to accept themselves for who they are. I've spent most of my life trying to be normal. It is causing me a lot problems right now since I'm trying to be someone that I'm not. Starseeds weren't put on Earth to be like everyone else. They have special gifts that they need to realize and use them to make Earth and humans better. They need to try to change humans' viewpoints and try to make them to be more open to different things. For example, humans place a lot of important on material things which shouldn't be the case. They should be more focus on forming relationships with other beings and trying to be the best person that they can. After all, we can't take material things with us in the afterlife.

i thought the same thing. and actually it only led me into bondage. i could not even go to the store without being drained of my energy. i had to sage every day and began to have symptoms like ptsd. the spirits always talk in confusing metaphors. i use to look up to them as being "more evolved" but they are really not. if you go to Jesus he will set you free. he speaks in plain English. loves me and gives my life a purpose.

I'm like a 6 year older version of you (for the most part) and gone is my great expectation that I was here for some grand mission to heal the planet, 2012, 5D ascension, blah, blah, blah...

I went through a pretty dark period of time after 2012 and what I've realized is that I'm tired of waiting for something to happen, and going out there following my passions (Videography, Filmmaking, Screenwriting, etc) and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. The day I decided to finally just go for my dreams instead of waiting for the right moment was the greatest decision of my life. So my only suggestion is this, figure out what your greatest passion/gifts are (or maybe you already know) and brainstorm ideas on how you can turn that into job/gig/company/etc something to get your moving forward. And if you have multiple passions that seemingly cross-sect, even better.

For instance, I was always "planning" on writing a screenplay and then making films. Finally, I decided to start making Short Films. So I set out on the internet to research, research, research on how to do that. Along the way, I discovered Wedding Videography and 1 year later have my own little Videography business and it feels phenomenal. I haven't made any Short Films yet, but they're on the horizon!



If ISN has helped you on your path to awakening and greater understanding...please consider a donation of your choice. Namaste

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