I have another self, but now have problems with him

There is two of me, second me is a raptor. To understand him more, i can describe his abilities, those are: talking loudly, touching, appearing, controling energies, healing, being annoying prick.

We started normally, we shared mutual love and were helping each other, but also that time had some downsides. As example he refuses to meet me in lucid dreams, one time i tried to meet him, but he become angry and the skies of dream darkened and lightning come, he also never explained why is he so angry.

In time stuff got worse, as I have some mental problems, he become angry to me for it. Those angers slowly dissapeared, but still I had a lot of work until he started to help me. For sure one of his problems is not feeling empath or just acting rough.

Last night he deleted memories of pleasant dreams I had its also not first time when he denies me from joy and happiness. I tell him about my feelings and he don't believe me.
so if someone has experience with similar cases or know whats going on, please comment.

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Im my opinion this sounss akin~ similar to MK-ULTRA.
Something of the Casl i have researched.

Hi John Raptor
Here is what it get in impulses to help and try help with your problem.
Sounds to me that you need to clarify and consolidate your current split personality into a greater combined whole.
This might be done as en symbolic event of either combining "soul/spirit/body" for a set duration or parting with "each-other".
A personal walk-in contract and a mutual agreed set of rules of appearance and identification of active current is handy and much needed as it gives room for peaceful co-existence with other sentient entities.
It is in my view an "enlightened" approach to ascension and co-creation of your individual expressions of source.
Love and Blessings



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