I have another self, but now have problems with him

There is two of me, second me is a raptor. To understand him more, i can describe his abilities, those are: talking loudly, touching, appearing, controling energies, healing, being annoying prick.

We started normally, we shared mutual love and were helping each other, but also that time had some downsides. As example he refuses to meet me in lucid dreams, one time i tried to meet him, but he become angry and the skies of dream darkened and lightning come, he also never explained why is he so angry.

In time stuff got worse, as I have some mental problems, he become angry to me for it. Those angers slowly dissapeared, but still I had a lot of work until he started to help me. For sure one of his problems is not feeling empath or just acting rough.

Last night he deleted memories of pleasant dreams I had its also not first time when he denies me from joy and happiness. I tell him about my feelings and he don't believe me.
so if someone has experience with similar cases or know whats going on, please comment.

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I help you to talk to him consciously. http://www.starseeds.net/group/subconscious-communication-tutor-group
PM me if you are interested.

No thanks, my communication is already strong, was time when used different taktics to communicate

When we have a part of ourself that is in need of attention, a part that we have ignored or suppressed for a long time, it want to make itself seen in order for us to embrace it and give the attention needed. It can be so that the need presents itself as a seperate though from or being of its own, for us to communicate and face it.

yeah he was surpressed for long time in other lifes I even had carma for him, for it

Does he experience joy and happiness himself? How does he do it? Does he do that through you?

Is it possible that he thinks you are refusing to help him?

Tell me more about your past good experiences with him. I think that will help you.

Love and respect,

Its hard to tell what does he experience, we are connected, still experience life seperatelly. Latelly he seems fine. As he can walk around he can do things on his own. It was and partially is problem with him sharing force with me, because whenewer we would meet it would be for him sharing, so he is also afraid to loose force.
At past we actually get in love with each other, we were playing in many dreams and helpt each other. The love between us grew so strong, that it was everywhere, also a lot of happiness, he was healing me by giving strong energies. He still refused to give any sexual energies, but this problem is now solved.

This is serious business John.
you need to learn how to control Raptor.
In time, you'll encounter more problems with him. This is just the beginning. Soon it will be hard to control him. And this might bring problems not only to yourself but also to your family and close friends. As you've describe, Raptor seems to have problem with his "anger" and in time, this might harm you and your family. Raptor is another image of you, he is you and you are Raptor but due to difference, your mind made an entirely different image of Raptor separate from who you usually are. I suggest you seek help from a professional. A psychiatrist perhaps. I'm not saying you're insane because I, too, go to a psychiatrist, I'm saying that the doctors might find a better way to help Raptor heal and in turn, help you heal too. If you're still in doubt better go to a psychologist, they offer counseling without the use of medicines.
Please John.
Please tell me you'll go ask for help about this.

Love and Light,

No its not a mind thing.
I can reveal that I had also problems with what you are saying and its solved in the way you say it, but this raptor is not going away, this raptor helpt me with my mind raptor

Most mental illnesses are spiritual in nature. Demonic possession. Demons will take any form,even pleasant forms to convince us they are benign. I used to be possessed,would have flying dreams each night, but usually fly away from shadows haunting me, or some I would fight and 'win over'.

They were a reflection of my fear, due to being possessed.

A demon had taken over my soul.

And they do to many people without they know, in our dreams we see them as these beings live there. In astral realm.

That's why strange creatures that we fight with are often demons, our ego self

It can mean a part of us not made peace with

Demonic possesion can give:
sexuality problems
anger randomly, at self,others
friendship problems,loneliness
hurting self
hurting others
hurting animals
overexaggarated self esteem (narcissism)
hurting nature
fancy dreams , that look benign, but are evil still. Incl ufo abductions, ets, shadow beings, sleep paralyses, and more

That is just if yours is a demon possession

It is often due to childhood trauma.

Shamans say that almost all cases of mental illness are demonic in nature. But it is also possible it is not.

Demonic means an intrusion on the persons will. Unable to thinkclearly
the demon has taken over the persons thoughts

To be free, they must control their own life again
They must drive the demon out, or find one to do it

In case it is a spirit. It can be very hard to tell!
Often only shamans, special healers can tell if it is mental illness or a demon.

Demons ar experts in masquerading as benign things.

Demons can give very strange addictions..
Addictions to things
Addictions to junkfood
Addictions to money
Addictions to working,, work, work,work 247 , or study 247 but no friendships
Addictions to gambling
Addictions to sexuality
Addictions to drugs


And demons split the thoughts of the person typically
Which causes looped thoughts, appearance of another personality once the entity takes over

it is as if the 'personality changes'

Personality changs are often demonic oppression

Must get rid of all demonic items in ones home, that could attract demons first and foremost.

Demons are great liars
They shapeshift

They will give you Abilities, fancy abilities. Tell you you are powerful.

But they take your soul in return!

Well its to late, since my spirit is demon. Some spirits evn say that i am demon, well I can't deny it. THe only real thing is to get free of reptile demonism, that I have some problems with, its told that my reptile side must be free. My demonism on other hand is reduced to ashes, its also one of raptors mission to do it fast but painless. Well i might get problems with less concious demonic aspects, it already happened, but I ate him.

Stop it! your not a demon! your actually made in the image of God, dont listen to them they are just trying to convince you to destroy yourself. they have no respect for us and they only want to drag you into sin where they can destroy you.

yeah i am kind of carefull, and cunning, hehe



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