Hello all...I am also new to this :) I was told by a chiropractor I was some what special because I have a 6th lower lumbar vertebrae. Can it be true this is a physical characteristic of a starseed as I have read ? Also The tingling on top of my head is becoming more frequent as I continue to learn all there is to know about our ascension...I want to know MORE.

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Oh yes I am also Left handed,I am VERY extremely sensitive to light also wear sunglasses even when its cloudy..my eyes seem to tear up like allergy's a lot more now... In my bathroom (due to no window )I have a cloth, like a swimming wrap I put over my bathroom light to dim the room when I'm in there (been this way all my life)...my Hubby always takes it off..then  I always put it back once hes gone for the day ;) And YES my feet stay cold almost to the point where they hurt they even stay cold w/ socks on ! Now it is getting worse..my hands are cold these days as well and the aches and pains in my lower back are coming back again some days are better than others :)...thank you Gold Wing ! And Geneva, I cant wait to hear your reading :)))

probably because your a starseed. starseeds have extra vertabres though some might have missing. I feel mine is missing on my neck..

Im trying to find out my origins... I have all Starseed traits *

see I come from sirius another galaxy that resides in that location its also a gate way to andromeda I have all the traits too but also the some of the traits of elementals as well as wise ones. So it can be difficult to even understand where you reside. By all means you will understand soo I promise you lots of love from teamoon :D

I get the tinglings right on top of my head...it hasn't traveled yet but I hear it will. And thank you Teamoon lots of Love to you as well ;)

Hey everyone, check out this article I wrote on my website, about Rh-negative blood and it's possible origins.


Does anyone know how you can figure if you have an extra one without seeing a professional?

Like are there symptoms, or can you feel it (please give direction)?

Namaste x

Neck and complete height measurements. :)
Hope said:

Does anyone know how you can figure if you have an extra one without seeing a professional?

Like are there symptoms, or can you feel it (please give direction)?

Namaste x

Yeah I have not taken any x rays on my back but I feel like I have a n extra one ando have to stretch all the time like a cat, and difficult to stand right when im sitting.. ando also in the lumbar area I feel like wings trapped :P, does anyone know whats the purpose of tha extra vertebrate? thnks

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