I was in flagstaff Arizona at a buffalo ranch about 12 years ago. So I was 7 or 8. It was super windy with big gusts of wind that day. I don't remember a whole lot but I remember I was walking to the white buffalo and and suddenly a huge gust of wind and the buffalo urinated and it sprayed all over me and my mom. My dad and sisters were dry and unaffected. We told a lady who I think owned the ranch and she said it was a blessing, which I believe more now. The native Americans thought the white buffalo was very sacred. They even had a story about it. Thought that was neat and had to share, sorry I can't remember more details about that day.

Edit: Here's the legend. http://www.legendsofamerica.com/na-whitebuffalo.html

Also It was at Spirit Mountain ranch in flagstaff Arizona.

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