I DO READINGS. (No more readings for a while, I feel very tired.)

Hello beautiful ones,       


      I am practicing to become better psychic and since I love to help people, I think this is a good way to do so. If you need a reading (God-dess, Higher Self, Twin Flame, Guides, Star Origins, Star Family, past lives, Cosmic name, aura/chakra reading, etc.) just send me your questions and full name to my inbox. In a few days, I will bring the answers. Please, be patient with me because I need to recover my energy.      


      Everything is free and all of you can ask for a reading more than once if you want/need to. I just want to clarify that all of you, take this readings as a piece of truth or an "approximation", so to speak. Please, if there is something that does not resonates with you or it is wrong, do not think I have lied you; psychics can be wrong too. The best is that you, by yourself, contact with your Higher Self. Who better Guide than your Higher? ;) 


* If you also need some healing work, let me know! *


Thank you very much. I love you all. 


P.s.: excuse my english, is not my "native" language. ;)


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Hey LightStorm


I think I inquired about a star origin reading/message from my guides on your last thread and i've yet to hear back so I thought I'd post a gentle reminder here. Thank you for your service.



Hi Lightstorm, can you please confirm that you recieved my request, I was wondering if it got through? No rush I know how busy you probably are when offering these free readings and I know you have exams etc etc.

Thank you.

Hi Lightstorm you gave me a lovely reading on my twinflame but would love to know from him how I can find him? x

Sara Daigle-Stevens...

Am I an Indigo, Crystal, or Violet?

And can you tell me anything about my life purpose...

for example... teacher, healer, or artist

Hello lightstorm i see the other thread was deleted
but if it helps


my name is josh harris


i would like to know what my star origin is, what i am,  my mission, and whether my twin flame is here

Light Storm...I need to ask you something...

I feel like I was someone famous in my past life but I am not sure who...Could you please try to confirm this? I also feel like there is something more about my past lives that I need to discover and it has been bugging me so much! I have been reading about the Imperial Romanov family of Russia and I feel connected to them, especially Anastasia and I have always felt like a princess and like I am in the wrong century and belong somewhere else in a castle of some sort maybe and I also resonate so much with the show Sailor Moon since I was small and so has my cousin and we were best friends when we were small and still love that show. I feel connected to Sailor Moon the rainbow warrior on here who says she was a sailor scout and I feel like I was one too. Also I was feeling depressed and when I started doing research on the Romanov family I felt better and it is very difficult to make me happy in those situations...Also can you confirm if I was an Egyptian Queen and also lived in Atlantis? Do you know which gods I am connected to?

Sprry for asking so much but I have no idea who else to ask...
Oh..And my name is Angelica Thrasher...
Do you know what I am? Do you also know if I will be able to meet my vampire friends again and my family and friends have been having dreams of me being shot and I have been having dreams of the apocalypse...Somehow I feel as though I will become a vampire one day and be immortal or either be assasinated. Which of the two are most likely please? Have I also been in the fairy realm in a past life? Why do I relate to the name Serena so much?

Will I ever escape my family and live a life and start a huge revolution? I feel like part of my mission is to be like Joan of Arc and start and lead a worldwide revolution...

I am terribly sorry for all this but I have so many questions I need answers to..

Hiii how are you? My name is "cleyton ferreira de Oliveira" i would like to have a reading if its possible please!

My questions are; 


01. My cosmic name( i always wanted to know this )

02. I feel that i am a hybrid from Orion-Sirius and possible from Andromeda as well, could you check on that please? or could you tell me my star origins if you can!

03. What "race" am i really in my true origin? like reptlian, human, lion or hybrid from all of them?

04. I would like to know more about my star family if its possible and where are they?

05. Any message for me from my higher self or my star family?

06. Could you do an aura reading for me if its possible? i am sending my picture for you as well!

07. What is my true mission or life purpose here on earth? 

08. What am i exactly here on earth? a starseed? a blue ray? an indigo? angelic? or anything else?

09. Where is my twin flame? Any message from him?

10. I have this strong connection with the being called "Lucifer" can you tell me why? (only if you can)

11. And also a connection with the being called "Morgom" can you tell me anything about it? please! ( a friend of mine contacted him but he didnt want to speak!

12. What is my psychic gifts/abilities?

13. Did i have any life on ancient Egypt? Atlantis or Lemuria? who was i in that time? what was my purpose in that time?


I am sorry for the 13 questions! I never had a chance to ask them to anyone, i really need to know =/ 

I am a little shy because everybody seems to ask just one or 3 questions and i made 13 =( 

Please answer just what you can ok? i dont want to bother you.. They are very important to me, but i will understand

if you cant answer it all! If you can help me, i really appreciate it! I hope you understand... 

Thanks alot for your help!


Much love and peace for you always...




Hello there... i'm very grateful for your kindness.  I would love a reading. Just any messages from guides, ascended masters.  I've been experiencing some increased psychic abilities and am learning how to filter and control them.  Any advice i would be grateful.  Also, what do you see happening for me in the next few months? Any details or insight on my star family and my past life as a Pleiadian.  Am I a Blue-Ray? Love and light to you,

Jessica Lin Ross

Hello, I had a full reading about myself elsewhere. but I was wondering if you could deliver a message from my Twin Flame? I was told her name is Aisha Core, if it helps. I have been doing my best to help build up our relationship in anyway possible, and I am sure she would be honored to be able to deliver such a Clear message to me. (I am in tears after typing this)


Thank you so much in advance <3





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