Do any hybrids have issues with human doctors and wrong health diagnosis, such as
having higher blood pressure than regular humans? Rh negative blood types have higher
blood pressure I have heard. I have AB negative blood, the rarest of negative blood
types. I have a different body structure and my doctor does not understand. I want
to tell him What I am, but he would not believe me. Should I say I am a hybrid or
say nothing? Human doctors are not helpful! Let me know if any other hybrid out there
has experienced what I am going through. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You are acting like a doctor now but saying people should avoid them, throw logic out of the window mater.

The joke isn't funny, get over it. Obviously nobody thought so. And throw the emotionless comments at me because that's what conspiracy theorist does, google ,read, believe, no think no nothing just blindly agree, If anything you proved my point honestly.

And that's the entire point "liking it" , you are the one bsing here because saying everyone should be eating the same food (in this case, fruit and veggies) is just ignorant.

Hahaha nice one. No it's nothing to do with me, it's to do with the hilarious failure of the methodology you are endorsing to provide any degree of health to unaware citizens such as yourself.

"My" natural and holistic approach is backed up even by " your" scientific approach. It's simple. Natural solutions have and always will work. Scientific solutions more often than not push the problem down the road.

And you have still dodged a couple of questions. Meat eating is bad for humans even by scientific standards. But you and many others hide behind" everyone is different" and can't admit you just like the taste. A rather strange phenomenon I must say.
I'm just asking you to explain your inconsistencies to me and to justify your statements.

Let us leave it to natural selection, the conversation did degenerate.
It was very funny to me, which is all that matters:)

I'm just asking meat eaters to justify and their defense is always the same. You are a vegan stop pushing agenda or else everybody is different.

I eat meat on occasion. Does not mean I delude myself into thinking it's good.
Who can't admit they like the taste. No self respecting meat eater would deny it tastes amazing.

Meat is the only place to find vitamin B12, anywhere else is artificially enhanced.

The diseases associated with meat have only existed for a hundred years or so while meat has existed since near the dawn of life.

Plant fibers are indigestable by the human body they go straight through the intestines which meat is completely digested for its nutrients.

Also empirical evidence, im perfectly healthy and my diet consists of meat and rice, with an occasional salad with more meat piled on the veggies.

Healthy as anyone can be.

Meat isnt the problem, junk food is the problem. My family gets unhealthier every day because they eat mostly fast food, where I prepare all my food from as close to scratch as possible
Ok. But I have extreme trouble reconciling the facts that:

a)Every single Ascension book and webpage indicates to stop eating meat
b) All current spiritual leaders (tole, sadhguru) advise stepping away from meat
c) I have heard( but not verified) that the majority of aliens think meat eating gross
d)It seems obviously barbaric. If we can survive without should we not?
e)Many spiritual texts and sects advise against, towards eating lighter foods.
f)We did always eat meat, as we ran in woods. Time for an evolution
g)Even human scientific mass studies indicate that meat eating increases risk of cancer and other diseases.

The argument that everyone is different seems to me very thin, and even somewhat lazy.

But to each their own.

Yes, very much so, and I too have an above average high blood pressure as my average blood pressure. My GP has considered this as my "normal" , which as even the same when I was a bit more fitter and leaner than today. I too have AB negative blood.
He wont believe you, because the concept of extraterrestrial life is still in question in mainstream science. If you do mention it , if he is empathetic he would probably say it may be a possibility, but wont agree with what you say but just consider you as being slightly anatomically different. If he is unempathetic and does not agree with your statement , and not take it as toungue-in-cheek , hope he does not think there is something mentally wrong with your from the statement. But he cannot deny that there are some physicallogical differences to the average person living on this planet.
Perhaps after a few blood tests in connection with fitness and body mass index tests should show consistant data of what your normal average blood pressure is.

Thank you for your comment, it really helps!!! I'm so happy to meet another AB negative blood type, there are only a few of us in the world and it's nice to meet another.

Its a pleasure and thank you, I just hope your doc takes your physical biology into account regardless if he agrees with your or not after running several determine your body averages, instead of comparing it to the averages of the general population of the planet, to what is considered to be your healthy normal.

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