Do any hybrids have issues with human doctors and wrong health diagnosis, such as
having higher blood pressure than regular humans? Rh negative blood types have higher
blood pressure I have heard. I have AB negative blood, the rarest of negative blood
types. I have a different body structure and my doctor does not understand. I want
to tell him What I am, but he would not believe me. Should I say I am a hybrid or
say nothing? Human doctors are not helpful! Let me know if any other hybrid out there
has experienced what I am going through. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have a question out of curiosity.......
, in what way is your body structure different from everyone else's and what is it that doctors can't understand?

Normal wetern allopathic doctors make lots mistakes because they are not trained correctly and fully in how the body works. They usually treat symptoms and ignore or don´t understand the real causes of health issues.
You will get a more correct diagnosis if you go to homeopathic or herbal doctors. You can also use ayurvedic or chinese medicine.....and energy work is always good and it is something we can do for ourselves. I´m a mix of 7 different star races (most people are a mix) and I have low blood pressure I think BP has more to do with body type (we all have human bodies) and has more to do with which element is dominant in the body (earth, water, fire, air). When you get the energies of your body balanced then the blood pressure should lower and become balanced as well..

Say nothing, stop going to a doctor and looking for diseases (you will find them eventually). The whole paradigm is flawed.

Why would you let someone else tell you how healthy or unhealthy you are based on tiny data points that are incorrect? It's very insane.

Is there a plan to change brain chemistry/neurotransmitters any time soon?

My body is unrecognisable from a year ago in a good way, and yoga is coming naturally without that much effort(The physical part).But emotionally still feel a little grey and unmotivated.

Getting medical advice from 'spirit guides' sounds like a dangerous and no offense but ignorant thing to do. Medical science just might advance further in given time, but telling someone to ask their guide about medical stuff sounds like you're asking to be screwed over. We can't say for sure that our advancement will be limited, as no one knows what will happen or what direction things will go.

^this exactly

There is nothing more dangerous than advice from the doctor. The record of medical/nutritional/pharmaceutical science is beyond terrible. See some of Ben goldacres work if you need logical references for something that is obviously true to anyone with an atom of awareness.

Either way we don't need advice. Fruits and veggies no processed food clean water and yoga. Do we need a doc to tell us to stop smoking and drinking and to get more exercise? We just like the feeling that an'expert' is handling it.

And you are acting like an expert now. so please.

No expertise is necessary. You simply open your eyes to the bastardizatio" systems put in place and see them for what they are. The great lie is that we need experts to live happily.

You don't need a doctor for health or an education system for wisdom. Same goes for the legal system. All traps which do the opposite of their purpose.
I left out the n just in case any children happened to be reading. Can't be too careful these days:)

As if a kid would not figure to put an N behind the word, it's not rocket science.

Also, conspiracy theorist spotted.

Your comment about veggies and fruits is also invalid because it really depends on the individual, hell some people even get stomach aches from vegetables.

The irony of a grey alien calling me a conspiracy theorist:)

The reference to an n, my emotionless grey friend, is called humor. I am sure a kid would have.

I think that's just bs tbh. People invent reasons to keep eating meat because they want to.



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