I've been seeing synchronicities constantly for a couple of years. They have taught and healed me in ways I'd need hours to tell someone fully about.  They will 'talk' to me until I burn out from overload, then leave me to recuperate for a few days, then start the process over again. They lead me to satori and extreme spiritual catharsis something close to... daily, or weekly at most.

I've had a couple-few times when it seemed like I asked them the 'wrong' question (such as "who are you?" and "did I incarnate here on purpose with a mission or was it a roulette (etc)?", and rather than even so much as a dim and incomprehensible sign, I'll hear a very stark silence from 'it' or 'them' for an extended period, and see very few syncs at all while I obsess about this single question that I think may turn any other pursuit on its head. I go to the root like that. It truly is like a spigot gets turned off. I'll give this (hopefully) higher power the benefit of the doubt, and think "I must have had unharmonious intentions" and the like even if I don't particularly believe I did; but If I've truly been 'chosen' by a benevolent force, it will be glad and proud of one of its 'chosen contactees' to see caution and skepticism such as this so I ask this with the straightest spine possible:

How do you know without doubt that your messages are with fully benevolent intentions, rather than being manipulations? All possibilities are on the table.

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Let me give some bit of advice, even if my experience was bad: If you do not know for sure that it is coming from infinite love, then do not listen or it could one day rip your mind apart. Imagine seeing these lighthearted signs for a year, then suddenly you look to them in your time of deep fear and worry, and you hear the worst. It is what happened for me and in that moment you will completely fail. You must find the infinit elove connection an dthe knowing (i'm not talking about feeling i'm talking about knowing), then you will be alright. 

I'm sorry. Thank you for your advice, it sounds extremely sincere. I will definitely up the bar on what I need to sense before I alter my life in any way as a result of these.

Here are common symptoms that possession gives in people..:

1. Depression (much pain in life)
2. Lack of energy to get out of bed
3. Suicide thoughts
4. Drug use.. big tendency to hurt body with drugs, alcohol,pills
5. Night mares, frequent nightmares, haunted dreams
6. Change in sexual orentation.
7. Eating disorders, or gambling with money...
8. Many become overactive sexually (promiscious), change sexuality (gay,bi,lesbian and more)
9. May feel as if "being watched", or feel a presence in your room
10. Feeling you may have an evil spirit/be possessed
11. May think of hurting others, self, or animals(pets) (evil thoughts)
12. May see strange shadow creatures/smell strange smells in room


Also this is my experience, since I've been possessed in the past for many years.

Hi friend, I have appreciated your messages very much.

I read that list and skimmed the link (I may have read it earlier this year) and as always see myself in many of those. But regardless, I will simply assume that I have attracted "archons" or similar energetic parasites simply b/c of the fact that I do not have "christ consciousness" for more than fleeting moments, inconsistently...I will simply assume I have a "monkey on my back" in some combination of ways.

What is the most self-sufficient way of shaking these entities off? More importantly.... How to shed them and keep them shed permanently? What do you think about this? We are not seeing reality, and we are all somewhat psychotic. That our psychosis would most effectively hide in our belief that we are sane seems like an obvious but extremely effective method they take as they abuse us. I have just assumed this is true for a long time.

What about us even allows this to drill its way into us? What keeps us constantly susceptible to these "trixter" energies? I have full faith in the 'Tao' way of things to simply naturally erase these parts of ourselves (alchemy) in "time", but I would much prefer to take an active role in accelerating this process in my lifespan (swim with the 'Tao' current and shed these entities with sovereign authority).

Your thoughts are much appreciated! Namaste.

I hear you. I acutely feel the sense of being in labarynths upon labarynths. The last link you gave mentioned the Truman Show (true-man) and what I remember from that is the allusion to Sirius when one of the lights falls on him. I have always remembered that and when I started to see unmistakeable "3 stars" syncs affirming my thoughts about "being a Sirian" I also steeled myself with the intention that "I will throw all of this away if it proves to be crap." (nonattachment, I like to believe)

How do you think you have dissolved your own false positive messages? That's how I'm hearing all this. That we are susceptible to illusion whether it's pain or pleasure. If I started this whole thread over, I would just ask this: how do we dissolve our illusions once and for all? Once and for all being prime.. are we speaking the same language? Am I affirming a false paradigm with these very words? I am willing to consider that there is 0 to do but to all commit to Metta-meditation and non-doing as much as harmoniously tolerable for each individual until our illusions (this concensus reality) dissolve(s). In which case we'd all grow out of talking and reading about this stuff, and truly all be "mountain top yogis"; but something else in me urges me to take cathartic, creative, loving action. Perhaps I am just exercising words, but I feel like I hear where you are coming from and perhaps that you felt much like I do now and have overcome some layers of "the" labarynth I have not. Are these words resonating with you? My throat chakra just spins and spins, I hope you see the truth over the illusion in them.

To be more brief, what is the surest way to dissolve these things? Best,


I will read them I can hear how much help they have been for you.

Check out the Tarot draw I just received, seemed very fitting:


A lithe, active figure holds a sword upright in both hands, while in the act of swift walking. He is passing over rugged land, and about his way the clouds are collocated wildly. He is alert and lithe, looking this way and that, as if an expected enemy might appear at any moment.

Divinatory Meanings

Authority, overseeing, secret service, vigilance, spying, examination, and the qualities thereto belonging.

Divinatory Meanings - Reversed

More evil side of these qualities; what is unforeseen, unprepared state; sickness is also intimated.

Additional Divinatory Meanings

An indiscreet person will pry into the Querent's secrets.

(note: it was not reversed)

Matrix or not... I am doing such things for sure.

Take care, spirit agent! I'm leaving this cafe-matrix-wifi-spot. We are well met and I'm very glad to know you. Namaste

This is very much the impetus for asking this. I have to take the idea that light itself (as we perceive it in 5-sene world) is like our prison bars, in the matrix perspective. And the new age being as infiltrated with "agenda-makers" (so-called "illuminati" or "NWO" goons... in fact I have to even thrwo this out there.... what is an anagram for now, right? Seeing "Mindfulness" on the cover of Time magazine and shit, right?). "Elohim" created light... light is 26 alpha-numerically, and 26 is numerologically "god" (lowercase) in several different ways in my research. Creating "Adam" = creating atoms maybe... that we are LITERALLY in a prison through and through, no matter how it looks or feels... I have a feeling we have the same sentiment about this.

Twisted, do you have a good idea of which are natural and which are manipulation?

No matter what the truth is, I'm feeling/seeing much that convinces me... whatever is True, the best thing we can do in any situation is retain our heart/brain coherence as much as posible. Right now, it's about the only thing (the other being friendship and the feeling of creativity/art) I can take seriously these days.

Heart centering fix; the only discipline I feel certain about keeping up these days:  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=quick+coherance+method&t=canonical&am...

Wow we are in very similar circumstances.

We do have tough jobs; learning to not-do was such a hard lesson, which I am most definitely still on... very strange how "easy" and hard the reality simultaneously is for us in this "21st century" ...hamster wheel (haha!).

And the idea of being sure about who/what we are praying too... hm, pray, prey... etymologically.... can't help but wonder. Anyway... that's been on my mind much this week. I've been peppering my attempts at answering questions with my syncs (I'll often ask a question, then take the next sync as affirmation of it and it's been often working; ditto for similar attempts with my dream journal) with sentiments like "...if you are serving the interests of love, growth, and truth" (etc) and feeling like... I am starting to sift the rot for the real better this week. Truth detection, to summarize everything I'm feeling... that's almost all I can think to be concerned about lately; what it feels like everything hinges on. hmm... thank you for your thoughts they are making me feel less confused.

You've gotta wonder too... why the phrase "lie-detector" and "detecting lies" are such the common phrases; what an obviously lie magnetizing way to think of it. Truth-detection, it's the difference b/w heaven and hell... probably just parabols for the polarities we're blind of in this type of existence. Like one of the polarities of reality is being "dammed up" beyond our perception (death?), given a word like "hell" or "bad" and letting our otherwise genuine desire to know Truth twist itself long after the initial hurt (lie). Spinning...

If youre hearing everything you want to hear, you might be under manipulation.

Truth does not equal good


good and bad are irrelevant

Empress, I have reason to think that I was just communicating with "Lilith" as relates to me when I saw some syncs that lead to me thinking that maybe seeing syncs around "M" has to do with the "Empress" card in the Tarot. The "M" as "Empress" angle struck me just as I randomly scanned my e-mail and saw your screen name. This was relating to the number 13 as expressed as 373. Does this mean anything to you?

I can relate to the wanting to hear things and hearing exactly them, but it's just as equally the other way too.... seeing a constant stream of "gibberish" sometimes (or at least, messages I'm not equipped to translate yet can see) then being nailed with a really obvious message.

Anyway perhaps this is the only thing to intelligently ask b/c I think what you say is true.... what does it feel like for you when you know something is true? Is the feeling of "True" the feeling of unconditional love and nothing mroe to it?

I don't want any psi potential I've been given to be used for any harm whatsoever. That is my highest concern with any of this, I could care less about my own desires with it.

TY, take care.

Holds no meaning. Though if it interests you, my phone malfunctioned as I read the numbers.

How I feel is irrelevant
Spinach is healthy
It disgusts me, but it is still healthy regardless

If you take yourself out of the equation and Truth stands for itself, without moral judgement, then it must be Truth.

If it cannot stand alone than it cannot be Truth.

Truth is amoral. It doesn't care how you or I feel. It sustains itself.

And if accepted it will sustain you. If you dont block it out and deny it.

Ah. Good question.

At the time you write this, I'm wondering about it too.

We simply do not know if we are manipulated.

We have simply no way of knowing it.

The way that these entities interact with you is signifiant... they do not answer question, and this an alarm signal for me... they have you being exhausted, another signal.

If, these beings were benevolent, they would probably see no problems in answering you... and they would not expect from you all these trainings.

I have no answer to offer you, to be honest, but I would advise you to be cautious and to not grant any entity that you encounter in first place (no judgment intended here) :).

Take care !



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