I've been seeing synchronicities constantly for a couple of years. They have taught and healed me in ways I'd need hours to tell someone fully about.  They will 'talk' to me until I burn out from overload, then leave me to recuperate for a few days, then start the process over again. They lead me to satori and extreme spiritual catharsis something close to... daily, or weekly at most.

I've had a couple-few times when it seemed like I asked them the 'wrong' question (such as "who are you?" and "did I incarnate here on purpose with a mission or was it a roulette (etc)?", and rather than even so much as a dim and incomprehensible sign, I'll hear a very stark silence from 'it' or 'them' for an extended period, and see very few syncs at all while I obsess about this single question that I think may turn any other pursuit on its head. I go to the root like that. It truly is like a spigot gets turned off. I'll give this (hopefully) higher power the benefit of the doubt, and think "I must have had unharmonious intentions" and the like even if I don't particularly believe I did; but If I've truly been 'chosen' by a benevolent force, it will be glad and proud of one of its 'chosen contactees' to see caution and skepticism such as this so I ask this with the straightest spine possible:

How do you know without doubt that your messages are with fully benevolent intentions, rather than being manipulations? All possibilities are on the table.

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No they haven't gone away, they've been here for about 2 years now. I expect with time they will cease, but I don't know. I tend to keep myself distracted these days because of it. 

Let me give some bit of advice, even if my experience was bad: If you do not know for sure that it is coming from infinite love, then do not listen or it could one day rip your mind apart. Imagine seeing these lighthearted signs for a year, then suddenly you look to them in your time of deep fear and worry, and you hear the worst. It is what happened for me and in that moment you will completely fail. You must find the infinit elove connection an dthe knowing (i'm not talking about feeling i'm talking about knowing), then you will be alright. 

I'm sorry. Thank you for your advice, it sounds extremely sincere. I will definitely up the bar on what I need to sense before I alter my life in any way as a result of these.



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