I've been seeing synchronicities constantly for a couple of years. They have taught and healed me in ways I'd need hours to tell someone fully about.  They will 'talk' to me until I burn out from overload, then leave me to recuperate for a few days, then start the process over again. They lead me to satori and extreme spiritual catharsis something close to... daily, or weekly at most.

I've had a couple-few times when it seemed like I asked them the 'wrong' question (such as "who are you?" and "did I incarnate here on purpose with a mission or was it a roulette (etc)?", and rather than even so much as a dim and incomprehensible sign, I'll hear a very stark silence from 'it' or 'them' for an extended period, and see very few syncs at all while I obsess about this single question that I think may turn any other pursuit on its head. I go to the root like that. It truly is like a spigot gets turned off. I'll give this (hopefully) higher power the benefit of the doubt, and think "I must have had unharmonious intentions" and the like even if I don't particularly believe I did; but If I've truly been 'chosen' by a benevolent force, it will be glad and proud of one of its 'chosen contactees' to see caution and skepticism such as this so I ask this with the straightest spine possible:

How do you know without doubt that your messages are with fully benevolent intentions, rather than being manipulations? All possibilities are on the table.

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Good question........we have an inner heart discernment that lets us know when things are true or not, it communicates with us through feelings. . Also some questions we have to answer on our own for the answer  to be meaningful to us.  My idea is that we get these sync numbers when our energy body is in sync with the universe, I guess much sync comes like this....we also sync with those we attract or those we are supposed to meet.  A lot happens because of our Destiny plan in the DNA.  So, I guess you are actually asking the questions to yourself. Perhaps you get the silence as a sign that something is wrong with the question, a sign from your intuition.  I get lots of information, too....I always assumed it was from the universe or from my higher self.  I have long conversations with the universe.

I couldn't have said it better Light. My only input is that the silence is a message itself and I believe you do know the answer to the question you're asking and that's why you're getting the silence. In a way, I think they don't want it to go to your head. I think a good option would be to store the energy in your heart first, store the question in your heart, and have only love behind it, no attachment to self, no ego, but love for the greater good, for everything and it's amazing perfection, and I think you will get an answer. And remember, be grateful :) Much love <3

Ask ´´who am I´´, the eternal spiritual question.....instead of asking who are you...

You get sync when you are in sync with the universe. To align with the universe simply align with our True Self...

I am just as confused as you. I've been seeing synchronicities constantly this year. It's really like somebody is having a good laugh with it because signs show me a complete opposite of what my mind is telling me that the truth is. So i don't know should I trust them. I just notice them and don't interpret them anymore. Still, they follow me like a reminder I'm not supposed to move on even though I am ready. Is it a test? Weird.

I feel the same way about what they are. I have been so deep into syncs that 'they' stop even being individual, and I sincerely know that I could read the 'synchronicity' out of every detail around me. The best I can describe it is that I can get into a frame of mind where I can take any cross section of time, any moment, and 'read' an entire universe out of it. Some would say that's just colorful, creative thinking, but I truly feel it when it's happening too. I think of it as.... any slice of infinity is infinity. That's the left brain version. The right brain version is that I can truly see how my inner world is connecting with the outer world in these states, and my barriers dissolve. It's very much like having a 'sober mushroom trip'. I assume all of this is made possible when my state matches the 'Tao' flow of life. I see the patterns of things, and the things are all simply signs or sigils of that pattern. The patterns not the things.

I also have wondered if I am receiving messages from 'the divine' or if it is myself, talking to myself, through the morphic field. I decided either explanation completely turns my conception of reality on its head, and made seeking these truths my mission. I know what you mean by "long conversations". I appreciate the idea for reframing the question. I did ask "who am I" and also "where did I come from" and after a long story, saw a sheer overwhelming number of synchronicities about the rings of Saturn (I come from there? Soul recycling conspiracy? :(  I had a feeling about it, then said to myself 'if this is really true, then someone in the car should abruptly say 'ring'; minutes pass, someone turns on the radio, and the first thing someone says is "...change my ring." No way. We get to our destination, do stuff, then get back in the car and again... first minute or so on the radio and someone says "ring" for no apparent reason. Impossible); and then about "3 stars" and 17 (star card in Taro) x 3 = 51 (Devil card 'flipped', 15) more than ever. I had been hot on the trail of 17x3=51 for some time and felt like in context of that.... long story.... I was being told I am from Sirius?? It was a heavy time.

This is the kind of thing that happens every day. I joined this forum because talking about this with loved ones gets me either severely 'gaslighted' or a kind of 'oh that's nice' patronizing response. I've been going through this skepticism, then having my mind blown, then wondering about it, repeat, on my own for two years.

Perhaps my question even here is wrong and the only thing that matters is.... whatever they are.... what do we do with them other than just listen? What can we do to improve life on this planet with this new language we are being taught?

TY for your thoughtful response.

Hi Midrash, I will watch these with pleasure! I saw the first Electric Universe episode of that famous series and thought it was wonderful. It's the second time I saw some occult research of mine coincide with my astrological natal chart, namely that my Mars conjuncts my Venus. I also have Saturn conjunct my Moon, and learned this shortly after studying the "Saturn-Moon matrix" subject.

I appreciate the links but have to ask... what specifically made you post those references in response to synchronicity? I can see why in the second link ('we are in control of our EMF energies' makes very much sense to me), is that the takeaway you wanted me to have?

I think you are on a good path. It's a big deal you are so open to it for such a long time and you are noticing all of it. Yes, you can develop your own language by trying to decode it. Maybe write it in a notebook to follow patterns easily. You already know the message is clear and it's only fears and doubts who are holding us back.

I'la'ha, this sounds completely helpful, I appreciate that.

I have wondered if there are certain safegaurds in place by the force I believe is talking to me (I most like to refer to it as 'Tao', the very word makes me happy). I felt strongly as it was first 'talking' to me that when I go back into ego-led energies, it 'cuts me off' (or I cut myself off) until I can more safely and harmoniously integrate what I learned from it; when I let it go to my head, it swiftly stops. These times are obvious to me, but there are other times when it is not so obvious.

It has lead me through lessons that required me to feel a certain negative state, that I just never would have chosen on my own. The gain always outshines the pain, so as much as I can remember this, I do not resist my life circumstance as hard as that is (I am often extremely depressed, but states like that are what lead me to places like this for example). However I can distinctly think of a couple times when I was walking a very narrow line with everything I had in order to stay inline with the 'Tao' and was given complex lessons in one way, yet denied very simple basics by comparison. I spent a whole week or two adamant that I needed to find out who or what sentience I was communing with and was basically sacrificing all internal privacy for. I can't briefly explain it any better than .... that it just seemed to be almost offended by it, and went stiffly silent, almost bitterly. I couldn't see so much as a multiple of 9 with a serendipitious moment in that time period; it was like my Kundalini activation had never happened at all. I just had this distinct feeling that.... if there's truth to the Archons or Wetiko or similar, this is exactly what I would imagine a being who is hellbent on not being discovered would do. And talk about using your beliefs against you to trick you into consenting to a reincarnation trap floats around in my head; I am deadset on defending against that.

I hope that specific example clarifies why I feel suddenly... a bit skeptical about what otherwise has seemed like a constant friend. I wouldn't be such a good friend if I didn't make sure, you know??

I will try to hone the lie detector in my heart, that has been a trait I've long sought as it is. Perhaps that's the answer I'm pounding away for. I just don't want to be manipulated by anything that's not Source Consciousness/Prime Creator.

I'm very glad to hear from you, with similar feelings about it. I have a bunch of notebooks already full as well as math/numerology it has taught me that I may have been instructed by Thoth to make a book of. It can become just another labarynth and over the last few months I noticed that I do not take note of them very often because I just don't know what the end game is.

I've made ignoring messages my spiritual practice, on some days. I first tried this thinking "maybe the silence is telling me that following syncs isn't helping me serve life" or something. It helps to disattach from them when they aggravate me more than 'guide' me towards purpose and meaning.

That's a small thing though; the big question remains. I just cannot fathom why I'd be a good enough vessel to receive extremely incredible gifts, but somehow not fit to be entrusted with "wtf is going on?" levels of questions. That ignorance is 'used' to lead me does not sit well. I see ignorance as psychic compost to create growth, and not one thing more.

That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Just got to use the 4th chakra.

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