There have been a lot of comparisons with every comet that comes by Earth, Now it is Comet ISON. I have been following this comet since before NOV 2012. Well, I just updated my blog and possibly for the last time in regards to Comet ISON. Comet ISON has turned green. Unless it does turn blue and or red. Then the updates will end about ISON.

If anyone is interested in the Hopi Prophecies. Please read my content and grade me on it. I would like it checked. I tried my best to be thorough and accurate. Also, any insights you may have in regards to the Hopi and the Meaning of ISON. I still think there is an important meaning to it and have seen some convincing information in regards to the crossing through certain star symbols. There may even be a prophetic relationship to the Christians and Jewish People. What do you think? Thank you John.




Hopi Blue Star Cometh?: (Unedited): 23 Nov 2012:

There is a Hopi prophecy about a blue star. So far every comet or asteroid which may appear to fit this old prophecy is claimed to be the Hopi Blue Star. But, none will have the predicted brilliance as the recently discovered "Comet ISON 2012 S1". This is interesting. What it means? The wise Hopi elders may have the answer.
This may also be an event which may be a non-event, purely enjoyable or something of profound meaning to those who are willing to contemplate.

When we all look up in wondrous amazement of the Universe. Within that single moment of outward observation. Each of us are not selfish, nor are we judgmental. Do not wait upon this comet. Do not wait to see which color it will be. In order to ascertain its greater meaning if any.

If this is the Hopi Blue Star. May this last Kachina dance not be one of death's sadness and suffering to come. But rather a new dance to be created of life's continued celebration of humanities unity as a singular family of one people. I hope and pray for the re-unification of all of the indigenous peoples, tribes and clans. To come forth as one and become the great teachers who brings forth the gifts of Love, Peace and harmony. So, that we all may live a life as defined by the great Divine. This is my prophecy for the whole of this and other worlds.  From me an insignificant one with tears. C.J.MacKechnie.
 07 Dec 2012:
Do not automatically assume that this comet or any other comet is the bringer of foreboding messages of dire things to come. Find it within your heart to love one another and in doing so will spring forth a new peace upon the world. Open yourself in learning to live in harmony with this world of ours and in doing so, we all may discover a life with great meaning and value. A depth of meaning deeper than any ocean and a value greater than any precious metal or rare gem. Begin to know, that the extinction of all humanity is going to be our collective faults. Know that of all of the prophecies of every culture, peoples and religions. Which predict our collective doom. Know, this they are all right, true and correct. Do not become like the many who anticipate the predictive mind set of our demise and do not look forward to it. We (All of Humanity) do not have to self destruct, to commit our own suicide. As the common people of this world. It is us collectively who gives the power and authority to all of the elites and rulers. Know that it is they these rulers who have continuously lied to the common peoples since the time of the great tower of Babel. All of these lies and layers of lies have only been for one thing. Their own selfish greed and thirst for power.
No matter the color of their skin.
No matter the climate or culture in which they live.
No matter their national or ethnic grouping of origin.
No matter their religion of divine goodness.
No matter of how and if they matter.
No matter what planet they are from.
Know that we are all to one another brother and sister. We are all of one human family. Just as the lineage of blood lines is of supreme importance in heritage. We are all from Noah's Family and Noah's family is from Adam and Eve.
Can you quickly transcend from fierce anger of learning how lies and deceptions have been taught as truths for thousands of years and into one of gentle love for your brother who may stand in a hide away place planning your death as you are planning his? Can you? It is not your fault and nor has it been his fault to kill and murder for a lie. Just go home and be the loving husband as GOD intended. Raise up all of your children, no matter their gender and whisper to them. The stars, the stars can be yours to grasp along with your brothers and sister from other lands and languages. Isn't this promise better than the prophetic prediction of our own extinction by our own hands? Because, that is the fundamental truth of all doom and gloom predictions. Especially in today's technological advancements. Where humanity can mitigate and manage most natural disasters. Those that we cannot prevent, mitigate or manage. We must have other homes on other worlds. Our direction of travel should be outward towards the edges of the spiral arms and the edge of our galaxy.
We are all one humanity, one species and one family. When all of the common peoples unite together to love one another, to live in peace with each other and to exist in harmony. Then we all can find a very rich life we all can live with great meaning.

If you cannot separate yourself from the lies and deceptions of the separation and division of the races. Then you, your family and your entire church will/may not be one of the elect, protected, saved or raptured. You must begin to know and believe that we are a single race of beings called humans. We are all brother and sister to one another.  
The DNA fingerprinting was established in 1984. Read it well. Believe the truth and reject the lies you have only known as truth. 
The history of humanity told by many different traditions. 
From about 8 minutes and 50 seconds to the introduction of the European leader. Listen good. This was in 26 June 2000. 
Research for yourself the Human skin. learn how it is the largest organ of the human body. Learn about all of the primary functions of the human skin. Then learn about the minor function of the coloring of the skin. Learn how if you lose a primary function of the skin. You can die. Where as if you lose your skin coloring. You will just be uncomfortable, but still living with possible social ridicule. Now, after you have learned all about your human skin. Ask yourself this. Why do we not compare other organs of the body with other people such as the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and etc. How come there isn't racial stereo types for those who can drink much alcohol and those who cannot drink? Why? Race or the coloring of the skin is illogical and without actual fact.

Pastor Paul Begley is the origin and inspiration of this content. My first thoughts were of the Hopi Blue Star.

Repent and flee from all sin. Reject the false notion that any of your sins are secret.
Embrace your brothers and sister. no matter where they are from or even who they are from.
Living and expressing Love, Peace, harmony all equals a life for all. Become the Holy people that GOD has intended for us all.
03 Dec 2012: I've been thinking about wormwood and the relationship to this approaching comet. I've got nothing in other words an absence of information. Which may only mean it is not for me to know. There is always meaningful content in the absence of information. So far, I have no idea. I think it might be a sign. Which means the people of the world will be looking up. Maybe, That is what is important. Looking up in wonder instead of killing and destroying our brother who we have been taught to be our less than human and our enemy. Question this and ask yourself who has taught you to hate and have justified to murder? Then question who will profit in the end? In warfare only the leaders and elites profit, while the common people return to their homes to continue on, to rebuild and to bury.  Maybe, the decisions by the worlds leaders have been put into action. Maybe, In the time of the comets showing, the world is in deadly crisis. Research the humanities actions and results of comets being seen.
GOD, always seems to put into place destructive and deadly natural events way ahead of the actions of evil humans doing awful things. Is comet 2012 s1 Ison one of those? I guess we will find out. You probably should pray and put yourself in a position to respond to the urgings of GOD.
I guess we will see what happens if it stays intact, if the orbit changes when passing our star. If it's orbital speed accelerates or slows. Either way the time is always right for you to pray, meditate on GOD, repent and flee from sin. (Edit on 28 June 2013).


You are warned: The content of the below is to be logically and objectively discerned by you:

06 Dec 2012:
What was the most visible sign of the Christ child who was born? The star of Bethlehem. This comet is projected to be the brightest ever seen in recorded history. Of course "if" all of the "IF'S"  happen as projected.
My opinion of the star of Bethlehem. My only comparison is that of the brightness or luminosity. This comet when it does come will not be a stationary object. As the Earths rotation and movement as well as the movement of the comet itself cannot be compared to the star of Bethlehem. As the Star of Bethlehem must have been a stationary orbital or sub-orbital brilliant light. Which was seen and followed by the three kings, from their homeland. The star of Bethlehem could not have been a meteor, comet, asteroid, distant exploding object outside of our solar system. Because those objects could not directly lead any person to an exact spot of a baby sleeping at some unknown farm house.
Could this be a sign of the second coming or of the return of Christ? We won't know until it happens. it must be considered. That if the star of Bethlehem was manifested at the exact time of Jesus birth. The three kings had to travel from their homeland to the place of Jesus. That travel time could take weeks or even months.
17 Feb 2013-Deleted Magi errors on 28 June 2013:
25 Jan 2013: Updates:
17 Feb 2013: Updates: Bethlehem Star Notes. You the reader are responsible to ascertain accuracies, comparisons and truths.
17 Feb 2013: Updates: HEO 437: You the reader are responsible to ascertain accuracies, science truths. Is this the Blue star kachina? Especially, if HEO 437 is leaving the galaxy we reside in at a high rate of speed. Whether HEO 437 is the Blue star Kachina or not. It's still way kool to consider.
17 Feb 2013: Updates: YU55: You the reader are to remain objective and not subjective. Be sure to check the arrival date and compare it to this posting date. The reason why I'm posting this dated information. Is for you to know that space is full of stuff moving about.
24 March 2013:  News opinions:
03 June 2013: Update:
I was just re-thinking about the possible comparison of the Star of Bethena and the Blue Star kachina.
Why and how did not the Roman King Herod did not know where to find the Infant Jesus.
You would think that a King with all of his resources would be able to look up in the sky and see a bright star. Then being able to point the way to His soldiers to kill one child and not just all of the boys under the age of two.
I think the star of Bethlehem, Blue Star Kachina and other incredible visions were only seen by a select few people and not by the worlds general population. What does this mean? Have no Idea. My speculation is that a chosen select people could see the events while the vast majority could not. Was and were the events real? YES. Could or would they have been proven by any modern day technology or scientists? NO.
When this next prophetic event happens? If it happens by modern day interpretations to our understanding. There may only be a hand full  of children who know not what is about to occur. Just spontaneously begin to move into the circle of dance and begin dancing the new dance. While the elders and witnesses remain unmoving to stop or prevent the children from dancing the new dance given to them.
Afterwards, the children will go in their chosen direction. The elders and other adults will not know what to make of this. It was some kind of flash mob routine. This will not be true. As the children who danced will they themselves not know why or the reason. They will be forever changed. Some may even be harmed and killed for uncontrollably dancing the new dance. Just as the Fatima children were imprisoned. The Chosen Children may need to be forever protected.
The description of the dancing children may not or will not be as your wise elders expect. The children may not or will not be prepared in ceremonial dress. The children may only be wearing the street clothes of the day. The children may not be exclusively from one accepted tribe or another. They may be white children or black children or even children of mixed skin tones. Regardless, these children are chosen by the great DIVINE. The Great Divine does not need your or my permission to choose to do what ever HE may do and in accordance to your or my understandings.

You evil elders who only want more for yourselves. You will not profit in any way. You will only know not. Be warned. You cannot plan for the Divine event. Only the Divine will make the event happen. It may happen where their is only a few who become present. Where the event is not even considered important enough for your attention. Even if you plan to go to some insignificant tribal dance. You will become sick. You may even become blind. Know in that day. Everyone will know your evil deeds. Repent, repay, seek purification and forgiveness. Even if it is from your prison cell of admittance. You would be better off in jail than homeless from discovery of your evil ways. Because, No one will give you aid. In that day, even the white and black man will know not to give you a penny or water to drink. It will be better for you to hang yourself as Judas had done.

The time to plan for your safety is at hand. The first step of your safety plan is to prepare your spirit. Then your mind. Then your physical protection. Then the protection of your willing relations. Your willing relations is anyone who shares your mutual agreements. No matter their skin tone or former places of residence.

No matter the religion. To gain a deep understanding of how the Blue star vision MAY play out. research all of those peoples and events who experienced something remarkable.  Find the commonalities. Have the heart and mind of a child. Regain your innocence. Return to pure living.
:Update 03 June 2013: Not sure if this is a repeat: From my friend Rose.
: Update 28 June 2013: I have no idea what I was suppose to put here.
:Update 28 July 2013:
Chris Patrick Videos  www.wings-of-life.com
Comet Ison Prophetic meaning:
Prophetic Meaning Of Comets C/2011 L4 PanSTARRS And C/2012 S1 Ison
 The Zodiac Code (Part 1) and (Part 2)
Other Information
Hopi prophecy Rock Image
Added on 10 Aug 2013:
Ongoing Comet ISON Information. Visit the work shops and view the videos. NASA Comet ISON Observing Campaign.
Added On 16 Aug 2013: Just weird: 
Comet Negra 1347:  Unable to find sourced official data on comet negra 1347. This could be a hoax. You gotta have sourced data.
Possible relationship or just a simple similar observation with:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Comet_of_1680

Added On 21 Aug 2013: Observations of ISON from another person. When watching any information posted in any of my blogs. Do your own research of sourced materials, Educate yourself and make your own logical conclusions. Yes, there is a difference between sourced and reported materials. I'm reporting on a report of alleged sourced materials.
Added on 25 Aug 2013: 
Explaination of odd images of ISON.
Added on 20 Sept 2013:
Is Comet ISON about to break up as it passes the orbit of Mars?  
A great place for news. If comet ISON does break up as it passes Mars or at any time through the inner solar system. Will it then be deemed as not being the Hopi blue star? If ISON is not the Hopi Blue star. Then that means those who are interested must continue to look for it through the 2040's. Assuming the people of the world do not turn away from their evil deeds. If the people of the world do turn away from their evil deeds and begin to Love one another, Live in Peace and exist in harmony. Then the majority of the bad and sad Prophecies ever spoken or written, shall not occur. This is ALL bad and sad PROPHECIES from all peoples throughout all generations. Including those from all religions. When the common people of the world become righteous and holy in the eyes of GOD. That is when humanity will finally pierce the veil of darkness which has surrounded us for many thousands of years and maybe more.

Go here to see all of the latest ISON updates.
Added on 23 Sept 2013: The horoscopes listed below are for information purposes below as some readers are very interested in this. 
An innocent observation of a prophetic meaning of Comet ISON.



If Comet ISON is the illuminated thread which crosses through the constellations of Virgo, Leo, Libra and Ophiuchus. What are the commonalities or what is the common meaning which connects those constellations together? ======================================== 
Added on 20 Oct 2013: Comet ISON is Green. Nope not red and not Blue. Maybe when and if it goes all of the way around our star. It may turn blue. So much for the fun of watching this wonderful sight in the heavens. I think it is interesting how the top words are green. Maybe spooky, weird.  Maybe, now we all can relax and just watch the show. Listen to the YouTube. I'm not a little girl. Listen to the words and how they may fit into this. 
Unless, something very blue or red happens with this possible great comet ISON. This will be my last update in relation to this comet ISON. Enjoy the show guys and gals.


Will Not be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”:


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Check out Drunvalo Melchizadek on youtube.  He has actually been with a lot of aboriginal people throughout the world and has lots of info. 

Personally, I no longer hold to much of the predications from any group, because I believe what is happening now is new this time around (with this ascention) and what happened in the past will not happen here again.  I have heard that other races have gone through an ascension also, but not like we are doing it. We are riding the big waves........

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